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What's Brian Tryin'?

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

We all get great enjoyment out of a hard day’s work here at Everything Summer Camp but, just like all you, we want to have our fun in the sun as well. I’ve been asking people all around the workplace to see what kind of summer camp activities people would be most interested in returning to or trying out for the first time! I recently stopped by the office of our Operations Manager, Brian, to see what his pick would be for favorite camp activity! 

Without the need to deliberate on the question, Brian responded with Archery. This was the camp activity he was most excited for when he was a child headed to summer camp. But back then, he almost didn’t get the chance. He had been denied for being too young. 

The disappointment crushed him! Archery became that much more tantalizing now that it had made the move to forbidden fruit. To make matters worse, the alternative activity the camp had lined up for him was wallet-making. “I really didn’t want to make a wallet,” he told me. 

He had to do something about his situation and he had to act fast. In a frenzy, young Brian threw up his arms and made just as much of a temper tantrum as he had to before the counselors reassessed their stance on his eligibility for Archery. 

“I had fun,” Brian told me. It sounds like he wasn’t too bad a shot either, but—truth be told—I’m just glad he didn’t wound anybody! 

Will you be participating in Archery this summer like Brian wants to? If it’s something your heart is set on, don’t let anyone deny you the way Brian didn’t. Happy shooting. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Till next time. 


- John

Ed's Activities

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

It’s been interesting, going around the office here at Everything Summer Camp and asking what camp activities people would be most excited about if they had the opportunity to go to summer camp now, as an adult. I’ve talked with a handful of people so far including Anita, our Shipping manager, about going camping and our Vice President, Mark, about going up a mountain. Today we’ll go over the activities that Ed, the president of our company, would be most interested in. 

Ed’s immediate first answer hearkened back to his own summer camp experiences around the age of 13 when he and his camp friends were introduced to Capture-the-Flag. “We took it to new levels of strategy and trickery,” he smiled. 

Mountain Biking
Ed enjoys seeing the sights on a bike. He said he recently got the chance to ride an electric bike which was a really cool experience. Electric bikes assist the rider’s pedal-power, coming in extra handy for strenuous mountain biking excursions! 

Ed’s always been naturally drawn to woodworking as you may gather from his position at a factory that manufactures trunks. Ed himself has built a number of very cool pieces from wood like his live-edge table from a rough slab of wood. He plans to build his kids farm tables from trees felled on his own land. Pretty cool! 

While he didn’t have as much to say about other activities as he did Woodworking, Mountain Biking, and Capture-the-Flag, Ed also expressed interested in other common summer camp activities such as Horseback Riding, Gardening, and Trapshooting. 

Do you love the same camp activities as Ed? His picks are very essential summer camp experiences—likely to be found wherever you’re headed for camp! As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John

Best Camp Activities for Bob

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Bob’s been in our Shipping Department since 2018. Always ready to attack the workday, he goes through each order he ships with a careful eye and efficient consistency. He comes from a laundry list of experience, so he comes in pretty handy out in our warehouse—one of few at our company brave enough to drive the forklift. But enough work talk! Today we’re talking about what camp activities Bob would sign himself up for if he were to go to camp right now. 

Without much hesitation, Bob gave me two activities that he would try his hand at nowadays if given then opportunity: Zip Line and Snorkeling. 

Bob’s never zip lined before and it sounds like a real thrill to him. He had the chance to do it back when he was 14 but he opted out. When the time came that he had his own son, he watched him do a zip line and really regretted not doing it when he had the chance. From that point on he’s always regretted not having done a zip line. I happened to write a recent Blog post about zip lining that you can check out by clicking here

Bob went snorkeling in the Bahamas when he was 52 years old. He said he was absolutely astonished at all the cool sights to see like the coral reef, giant sea shells with sea creatures living inside, starfish, and an endless list of other foreign creatures and landscape. Bob was blown away by the abundance. “All this stuff LIVES down here?!!” he said, imitating his initial reaction. 

These were the only two activities that he had anything to say about, but he threw out some other activities he would sign up for like Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Cooking, Gardening, and—of course—Baseball. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer! What camp activities are you excited for this season? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Happy camping! 


- John

See What Amy's Into

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

Staying hard at work with an assortment of responsibilities, Amy is our Graphic Artist—a role that keeps her very busy with creating graphics and managing them on our website, photography requests to show off our great products in clear detail, laying out emails as well as our brochure, and a laundry list more. But we’re not talking about work today! 

Today we’re going to find out what Amy would do if she got to go to summer camp right now as an adult. Amy couldn’t settle on any one camp activity so she gave me a laundry list of fun stuff. Check out the busy schedule she would make for herself: 

At the top of the list, Amy gave me Archery. “I’ve had archery experience though other camps/activities (girl scouts and high school gym class),” she told me. “I really enjoyed that.”  

A very close second was Softball. “I played in high school and bar leagues and miss it so much!” she said. “My dad spent many hours in the backyard teaching me all of the basic skills before joining the high school team.” 

Pottery was one that Amy’s always had interest in and wanted to try. She’s simply never had the chance before. It would definitely be on her list of camp fun. 

Fishing and Canoeing
“I’ve always loved to fish” Amy told me. “It’s always been a family activity – starting when I was about two years old! Every year our family vacation was spent fishing on a lake in Northern WI. We are hoping our kids enjoy it as well. We recently bought a canoe and I have found it very relaxing.” 

Knitting, Sewing, and Woodworking
“These are all skills my parents have and I’d like to learn more so I can pass those skills onto my own kids,” said Amy. “My mom taught me to sew but I really expanded my skills when I started at my first job in 2007 (at Nancy’s Notions). I’ve since taught my husband some basic sewing machine skills! I can do basic woodworking that I learned from my dad, but I have no knitting skills.” 

She’s off to learn and have a bunch of fun! Do you love any of the same camp activities as Amy? Will you be enjoying any of these essential summer camp experiences this coming summer! Comment below to let us know. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John

What Art's Into

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Hey, Art Fans!

Art is our Handyman and Maintenance guy at Everything Summer Camp. His position is a little difficult to hang a name on as his jobs range from repairing and maintaining equipment around the factory to electrical work to mowing the grass on company property.

I’ve previously posted on the Blog about how Art has enjoyed providing Everything Summer Camp with his services for the last ten years. Today we’re talking about what Art enjoys outside of work—specifically what kind of camp activities he’d like to participate in nowadays.

Without much hesitation, Art gave me two activities that he still loves and tries to get out for with some regularity: Trapshooting and Hunting/Hunter Safety.

Talkin’ Trap
Art’s been shooting trap since he was a strapping 19-year-old. All these years, he’s been developing his skills involved in the sport: patience, watchfulness, readiness, focus, leading accuracy, and more. Click here to read a post I wrote a while back about Trapshooting. You can read another post about a couple of the best Trap Shooters in Trapshooting history when you click right here.

Happy Hunting
Art’s father was a hunter and he taught Art from a young age how to practice Hunter Safety. If you know Art, you know he’s a ‘safety first’ kind of guy, so you know his dad did a good job! Art’s a good teacher himself and has assuredly taught the basics of hunter safety to his son. Art’s hunted a little bit of everything…ducks and quail and other poultry are his go-to game choices. Check out yet another previously written Blog post that covers Hunter Safety—click right here.

Art is sure to continue having fun with these activities. Do you enjoy learning hunter safety, going trapshooting, and going hunting? Let us know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans. And happy camping!


- John