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The Tale of Table Tennis

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Hey, Sports Fans!

A popular enough sport that most summer camps across the country offer it in a rec. room or maybe in a gym, Ping Pong—also known as Table Tennis—is, rather obviously, the lawn game Tennis adapted for playing indoors on tabletop. Tennis, which was invented in 1873 France, only took about a decade to make its indoor transformation in Britain.  

The term Ping Pong is typically the one you’ll hear used by amateurs while formally trained players refer to the sport as Table Tennis. But the two names refer to the exact same game. The name ‘Ping-Pong’ was coined by the English firm J. Jaques and Son at the end of the 1800s and later became trademarked by the Parker Brothers board game company which popularized the name.

The game caught on quick in England. By 1901 tournaments were being held, bringing in more than 300 participants. It was a Japanese college professor who encountered Table Tennis during his visit and introduced the game to his students. Soon after, a British salesman named Edward Shires introduced the game throughout his travels to Vienna and Budapest. Table Tennis was suddenly gaining popularity the world over!

In roughly two decades, The Ping-Pong Association was formed and was quickly renamed as the more official-sounding Table Tennis Association. Interest in the game steadily grew for the next 30 years or so until around 1950 when it exploded with the invention of the sponge.

Also called ‘sandwich rubber’, the Japanese used this new material for their paddles which proved a much higher capacity for command over how you hit the ball. Putting spin on the ball was hardly a part of the game until this new material made it that much more possible.   

Whether you call it Ping Pong or Table Tennis, enjoy playing wherever a table is available. You can even play when you’re out camping with our awesome Backpack Ping Pong Set! Intended for play on a picnic table, check out our backpack set we offer by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Bug OFF!!!

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Hey, Buggy Boys and Girls!

We all know bugs go back a long way. Longer than people do! Bugs have a history that surpasses even dinosaurs—back to a time when some would grow to the size of a soccer ball. Fortunately, they don’t get so big anymore, but bugs are still a big botheration and they always have been for people.

Insect repellents help prevent and control the outbreak of insect-borne diseases such as malaria, Lyme disease, dengue fever, bubonic plague, river blindness and West Nile fever. But our bug repellent formulas are less than a hundred years old.

So what did we do in the past about the bugs and how did we arrive at the handy dandy insect repellent we use today?

People and animals alike have been employing some means of bug repellent for a long, long time—likely back to prehistoric times. Multiple species of primates have been observed smearing one another with millipedes and a few different types of plants. Birds have been seen performing a similar anointing behavior. Both birds and primates are thought to be doing this to deter bugs.

The use of repellents was first recorded around 450 BC by the writer Herodotus who saw Egyptian fishermen use oil they extracted from the castor-oil plant. Other remedies of the time were the burning of a slew of different items such as fish, shells, bones, dung, snakeskin, and feathers.

One of the earliest means of keeping the bugs at bay is still widely used in the modern day—smoke from

wood-fires (sometimes with herbs like mango wood, coconut husks, and wild ginger leaves thrown on the fire). People used to stand in the smoke in order to cloak themselves in the deterrent.

It was only in the 1950s that military research started concocting formulas they could spray on themselves and ‘wear’ like the Repel brand you can find right here as well as the all-natural route the Ranger Ready brand which is also available at Everything Summer Camp. As advancements continue, you’ll find some apparel is made with built-in repellent so you are quite literally WEARING the repellent just by getting dressed!

Be sure to protect yourself with the most convenient means of the modern day found here at our one-stop camping gear shop, Everything Summer Camp and enjoy the outdoors without all the bites! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

How Hammocks Help

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Hey, Swingers!

Such a simple contraption, hammocks are nothing more than a sling made from an assortment of fabrics which you suspend at both ends, fastening them to trees, posts, or anchored hooks. Nevertheless, these simple inventions have their own holiday: today—National Hammock Day. In past posts, I’ve covered the history of hammocks as well as they’re inarguable convenience and comfort.

Definitely don’t let the simplicity of hammocks fool you; they provide a plethora of purposes that you can employ and enjoy! Here’s a few easy ones:

More often than not, outdoor activities call for lots of ‘doing’. Be sure to enjoy your time outside with some good old-fashioned non-doing. Hanging out in a hammock is a great time to focus on breathing (through your nose is best) and meditate on the simplicity of existence.

The suspension and gentle sway of your hammock on a breezy day is the ticket to an awesome nap in your hammock. When you’re looking to relax, there is no better means than hanging a hammock and drifting away. Lose yourself in a daydream, a good book, some solid sleep, or whatever else helps you relax!

Cozier than a classroom, hammocks can be conducive to learning. Promoting focus, they make a cool setting for you to learn a thing or two when you crawl inside with your schoolbooks or personal research. Get smarter while staying comfy and hit the books inside a hammock.

We offer awesome hammocks and hammock hanging accessories from the quality Eagles Nest Outfitters brand name. You can check out our ENO selection by clicking here. Enjoy National Hammock Day by spending some of your day in a hammock if you can. Meditate, relax, and learn some stuff while you keep cozy and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John


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Hey, Camp Folks!

Everybody knows one of the best parts about an expedition out into the wilderness is bringing some food along. Whether you’re just looking to refuel after a long adventure or you have a plan in mind to sit down and enjoy a picnic, eating in the great outdoors is a crucial element of your excursions.

We know this very well here at Everything Summer Camp and keep only the best in portable food storage available on our site. Take a look at some of our great means of food storage right here. One brand you’ll find is GSI Outdoors. Let’s take a look at how this brand was born. It was back in 1985 that the Canadian siblings of the Scott family, Don, Ian, and Kathy made the migration more than 1500 miles south along the West Coast all the way to San Diego. In that same year, they founded GSI Outdoors.

Just a tiny, family company that was inspired to offer a product they were passionate about, these brothers and their sister were all passionate about food and they loved enjoying it in the great outdoors. Naturally, they began creating their own outdoor cookware.

Their blue enamel tableware was their first and only product in the beginning which saw successful results. But ten years on, they changed headquarters to Spokane, Washington (much closer to home but still in the U.S.) and grew a vast array of dining products that let us connect with one another over a nourishing meal in the great outdoors.

Since then, they’ve only continued to expand! Still that same family company, GSI Outdoors is now a worldwide provider that loves playing their part of bringing people together. They now offer a slew of camp-friendly gaming products like a Bocce Ball Set and Table Tennis (intended to play on a picnic table).

We’re delighted to offer these fun and practical products from such an awesome brand name as GSI Outdoors. Look over all their products available here at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Bringing a New Label to the Table

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

When it comes to labeling your gear and belongings at summer camp, it simply can’t be stressed enough…which is why I plan on repeating myself frequently throughout this post because labeling your gear and belongings is of the utmost importance to ensure that everything you bring to camp goes back home with you. We have a whole department on our website with all of the most convenient means of getting your gear labeled!

Label everything!

That goes for water bottles, flashlights, toiletry bags, a toothbrush…label it all. We’ve always offered our waterproof Stick On Name Labels for these items. But then even your camp clothing needs labeling. Your clothes are probably most important, actually! Labeled clothes are required for lots of camps that offer laundry services to their campers.

But clothes are a different story for labels. Clothing requires more than just a stick-on printed adhesive. At least it always used to.

But not anymore! Our New Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels are here! These amazingly sticky labels will stick to everything—including your camp clothing! Create your own personalized label with your choice of font, font color, icon, and background and enjoy tagging your camp gear AND apparel with the easiest labeling possible!

We’ve always offered Iron-On Name Labels as well as our Clothing Stamps. Or just a simple Artline Marker. While these methods will remain available on our site, we strongly urge you to design and order a set of our New Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels for one of the easiest labeling jobs you’ve ever had! Label all your gear, all your clothing, and any other belongings you want to bring to camp with just one simple, single method!

Get a load of all our labeling methods by clicking here or hop right on over to our Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels when you click here. Label everything and make it as easy as possible! As always, label everything…I mean thanks for reading!


- John