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Get No Itch from 'Squitos or Ticks!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Don’t bug out this summer season! Keep those pesky, buzzing and crawly insects at bay with the proper insect repellent! We have lots available here at Everything Summer Camp from trusted brand names such as Repel and Cutter. Today, I’m highlighting a new bug protection from a brand that’s new to our camp shop: Ranger Ready Repellent.


This bug spray uses an active ingredient called Picaridin, a synthetic compound made from piperine which is a natural compound found in plants. Black pepper is made using it. Picaridin was first developed in 1980’s Germany in attempts to find a safe alternative to DEET with comparable effectiveness. Picaridin tested highly!

Mosquitos and ticks find this natural concoction offensive. Applying it to your skin makes it much harder for them to recognize you as a host. Ranger Ready is a convincing disguise to keep you protected and bite-free. 

Ticks have been projected to be worse in the coming years and you don’t want to be careless when it comes to your measures of tick bite prevention! Ticks carry germs that can cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and a number of other undesirable illnesses. Use Ranger Ready Repellent to significantly reduce your chances of being hit by a tick.

Avoid ticks and mosquitos for 12 hours per application as well as 8 hour protection from flies and very small insects like gnats and no-see-ums. There’s enough for 30 applications in this bottle! And this 3.4 ounce travel-sized spray bottle is TSA compliant.

Available in a few different scents, take your pick from the woodsy Amber-Wood, Night Sky which is reminiscent of Axe Body Spray, and Ranger Orange which has a faint citrusy scent. Smell nice and safely avoid the irritation of insect attacks!

This Spray is safe to use for children over a year old as well as pregnant women. But it’s not just nice to your skin. This spray is non-greasy and designed for fast drying ability to keep from damaging any clothing or camp gear so it really is the perfect spray for summer camp. Click here to order a bottle or two for yourself! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John







Grand ol' Osprey

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Hey, Backpackers!

Lucky for you, we just brought some of the best packs in the world onboard our great camping gear selection available on our online shop! Responsible for some of the best packs in the world, get a quick look at some of our latest in adventure packs for your exciting expeditions during your summer camp stay from the famous brand name Osprey!Osprey is a fantastic brand name.

Along with these five backpacks—highlighted here—we also just brought on two new Osprey Duffel Bags as well as a convenient Packing Cube Set from them! Look into these practical products and enjoy the following rundown of our new Osprey Packs!

First up—Ace it

We have our 50 Liter and 75 Liter sizes. Made using Osprey’s award-winning LightWire frame, these Packs offer you balance and load stability! These Packs have hipbelts for additional carrying support and provide perfect back panel ventilation to keep you from getting to warm or sweaty while carrying your pack.

Next…Gotta Jet!

A compact Pack, the Osprey Jet holds 18 Liters and is designed wisely to maximize the storage space of this simple kids backpack. A daypack gives you all-day comfort with a mesh back panel that creates ventilation. The shoulder harness is lined with fleece for cushion.

Last, Viva la Volt

Made in particular for girls, the Osprey Viva 50 flaunts a design of simplicity and ordered design. Taking on a pared-down shape, this Backpack for girls is not only durable, but comfortable too. And never feel insufficiently prepared when you hit the woodsy, winding trails this summer with the Osprey Volt 60 Backpack! This amazing backpack is sure to withstand the tribulations of outdoor adventures!

You can order any one of these backpacks by clicking the links above. Be prepared for whatever summer camp has in store for you and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

New Lounge Accessories!

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Don’t scream…

But we just brought on a whole slew of new products from iScream. More than doubling our collection of this fantastic brand name, we now carry even more awesome novelty Pillows, sweet Slippers, cool Cosmetic Bags, Journals that jump right out at you, and more! To name just one more set of new products, allow me to introduce you to the new Sleeping Bags from iScream.

Each of them unique, these bags have the same, general rectangle-shape with hoods that are large enough to pull up to cover your entire face if you’re so inclined! Check ‘em out:

iScream Sleeping Bag

You’re sure to sleep like a baby in the plush exterior and faux sherpa-lined interior of these colorful patterned Sleeping Bags. Decorated in a cool print, these Sleeping Bags are the perfect addition to any campers bunk! Check it out in Rainbow Camo as well as the Gamer options available on the Everything Summer Camp shop!

iScream Sloth Sleeping Bag

Hang out in this hairy Sleeping Bag when you want to sleep like a sloth! This beast of a bag covers your entire body in its warm, faux fur Sleeping Bag! Designed with maximum cuteness for camp, stay warm in your bunk with this hilarious, hooded Sloth Furry Sleeping!

iScream Unicorn Sleeping Bag

Make some magical Zzz's in no time tucked inside this Sleeping Bag that looks like the beloved, mythical beast—'The Unicorn'! Cover yourself from horn to toe in this great big, faux fur Sleeping! Designed with a cute face and warm body, this hilarious, hooded Unicorn Furry Sleeping Bag is bound to be a hit among your bunk mates at camp!

Pay a visit to our entire collection from iScream by clicking right here and some of the cutest camp accessories you’ll want to have along! Enjoy getting ready for your summer fun and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Duffels for Adventures!

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Happy April First!

It may be April Fool’s Day, but there’s no joke here. Instead of playing some practical prank on you, Devoted Reader, I’m here to give you some practical information about our latest products we’ve recently brought on board from Lewis N Clark—a leading name in travel gear.

Now offered among our Duffel Bags at Everything Summer Camp, we have these two new beasts, the Heavy Duty 40" X-Large Duffel with Neoprene Gear Bag as well as the slightly smaller Large Heavy Duty 36” Duffel with Gear Bag. Take a closer look at the construction and features of these bags:

Go big or go bigger!! Just like the intrepid explorers that this brand is named after, you’ll need a means of storage for clothing and other gear while you’re off on your summer camp adventure. You can’t go wrong with the Heavy Duty 40” X-Large or 36” Large Duffels with Neoprene Gear Bags!

Boasting water-resistant WATERSHED™ fabric that provides protection from the elements, these Heavy Duty Duffels’ SPLASHGUARD™ base repels mud and dirt that you’re sure to encounter at camp, maintaining its clean look.

To add to the awesomeness, these Duffels flaunt the WATERLOCK™ weather flap which keeps rain from soaking in through the top because, just because it storms doesn’t mean you want your belongings all wet!

The neoprene gear bag not only maximizes your storage capacity as an organized spot for items like sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray, and other smaller supplies, but it all fits your entire Duffel for a handy means of storage when it comes time to be put away.

Ample space and incredible accessibility, you can find the contents in this Duffel without having to tear your packing job apart. Of course, Duffels of this nature offers a number of carrying options. Carry it by its dual webbed grab handles, reinforced main grab handles, or its removable shoulder strap with a SOFTTECH™ shoulder pad.

Knock out all of your summer camp needs with our one-stop shop and pick up a Heavy Duty Duffel for your summer adventures. Have a blast, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Give Yourself Eyes in the Nite!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Just as you must be, we too here at Everything Summer Camp are getting excited and gearing up for the approaching summer camp season! And when it comes to getting ready for summer camp, there’s no better shop than our online store. We carry a slew of different lighting sources here at Everything Summer Camp. From handheld flashlights to headlamps as well as camping lanterns and even flashlights that are able to clamp onto most anything!

We have a large Flashlight Department and an important part of that department is the Nite Ize lighting equipment. Creating quality products with a healthy glow—brighten the darkness at summer camp with any of the Nite Ize products available here at Everything Summer Camp!Nite Ize Flashlights and other lighting sources!

Glow Little Glow Worm

Upgrade from old-school glowsticks with long-lasting LED Mini Glowsticks as well as Necklaces that use replaceable batteries. Give yourself quick and convenient light with the Mini Gloswstick and provide 360° of colorful illumination all around you with the LED Necklace.

Just Radiant!

The Nite Ize Radiant 3-in-1 LED Flashlight boasts a serious 250 lumens at maximum level while it’s miniature 3-in1 counterpart boasts 80 while still being able to fit inside your pocket!


Appreciate hands-free light guiding you through the dark with a whopping 200 lumens! The Radiant 200 Headlamp wraps comfortably around your cranium and is super easy to use!

Light in the Nite

Waterproof and durable, the pyramid-shaped NiteGem LED light is made to cast a soft light—and it floats! The NiteGem is great for a quiet light, but go with the Radiant 200 Collapsible Lantern when you really want to light up an area. 

Take a look at all our Nite Ize lighting products available here at Everything Summer Camp. Make sure you head off to summer camp fully prepared and ready to light your way in the dark for those walks, hangouts, and play around the campgrounds past sunset. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John