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I Have the MPOWERD!!!

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Hey, Powerful People! 

We pride ourselves in offering the best in child-friendly camping gear so it’s no wonder that a leading brand in lighting gear such as MPOWERD is available here at Everything Summer Camp. This brand has combines brilliant quality with a design that’s easy for kids to use. On top of that, they’re conscious of the impact they have on the environment! Always fans of sustainable methods, we knew MPOWERD was an obvious fit for our collection of flashlights and other lighting sources in our camping gear selection. 

Take a gander at the lighting options we have from MPOWERD

Solar String Lights + Mobile Charger
It might be a stretch to say MPOWERD hung the moon, but what they did do is make it so you can hang these warm Solar Lights that they've strung together. With 10 points that shine 2 LEDs each along an 18ft cord which winds up into a compact unit, Luci Solar String Lights pack 100 Lumens. This Light String Unit is ready for mobile charging capabilities and gives you 50 hours from a single charge. 

MPOWERD Luci Connect Inflatable Solar Light + Mobile Charger
The Luci Connect is the first smart light to be released from the MPOWERD brand that can be paired with your phone! Enabled for use by app with no WiFi necessary, your phone can turn the light on and off, create light from unlimited color options, select preset colors, control brightness, categorize colors, set schedules, and show you the battery level. Waterproof and lightweight, yet virtually indestructible, the Luci Connect is ready for whatever your adventures bring! 

MPOWERD Build Your Own Luci: Solar Light Kit
The BYOL (Build-Your-Own-Luci) Solar Light Kit from MPOWERD comes with three modular disks, a transparent cover, two USB cables, a booklet of activities, and a whole bunch of LEDs. Start by simply connecting the solar panel and battery disks by the USB cables. The customizable LED lightboard will light up! 

Get a better look at these incredibly practical products by clicking right here and order the lighting sources you’ll want along for your nightly navigation throughout your camping experience! Stay bright and, as always, thanks for reading! 


- John

A Bit on Bandanas

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Hey, Bandana Boys and Girls! 

One of the most versatile pieces of clothing in our wardrobes today, the bandana can be worn in an infinite number of ways! It’s such a simple design! Just a small square of about twenty inches by twenty inches of cloth. It’s such a simple piece that you may not think about it as something that was invented. But it certainly didn’t come around by accident. 

So where did the bandana come from? 

The word ‘bandana’ is likely an Americanized version of the Sanskrit word ‘badhnati’ meaning to bind or tie. Originating in Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome, the name found its way into the English dictionary around 1750. The Portuguese language turned ‘Badhnati’ into ‘bandannoe’ which has slowly morphed into the word we all know as ‘bandana’. 

Taking after its older brother, the handkerchief (which has an even deeper history), the bandana and hankie are very similar at first glance. Same size. Same shape. They both even have a plethora of uses.  the bandana separates itself from its predecessor by its printed cambric construction—a plain-woven material (more often than not, cotton). Handkerchiefs are traditionally made from unprinted linen. 

Over the years, bandanas have proven themselves to the world, booming in style and popularity. Not only are they a versatile garment, but they work for a variety of different generations and walks of life. Throughout history, you’d find bandanas on the heads of sailors, farmers, cowboys, bikers, miners, and plenty more types of people…like summer campers! 

Break out your bandanas when it comes time to compete in the Color Wars. Bandanas work great for supporting your team’s side in the Color Wars at summer camp. If you’re into horseback riding, they make for a great liner under your riding helmet. Be sure to check out our bandanas for yourself. Stay cool. Stay in fashion. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! 


- John

Time to Top your Trunk

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

We pride ourselves here at Everything Summer Camp on our C&N camp trunks and the accessories we offer so you can get the most out of our footlocker trunks. Accessories like our Wheel Away System, the LidMate Organizer, or Glide & Go Tray allow your trunk to offer you simple transportation as well as extra storage in an otherwise unusable space! 

We offer plenty more like our Trunk Liner, Snap-On Duffel, Packing Cubes, Nameplates, Padlocks, and even more than that. 

Our latest trunk accessory, the Reversible Cushioned Trunk Topper turns your trunk into a cushioned seat where you can take a quick moment to lace up a pair of shoes or get comfortable as you go around a circle of camp friends playing “Truth or Dare?” 

The two-inch-thick foam cushion is a dense, yet comfortable material. We designed this Topper with a cuff along the bottom to stretch over the lid of your footlocker top. It features an elastic cord within the polyester fabric covering so it can stay in place on top of your trunk while remaining just as easy to take it off as it is to put it on. 

Whether it’s a solid color to give your camp trunk a different look or the graphic print, this Reversible Cushioned Trunk Topper creates a whole new mood for your environment. Flip it from its printed side to the complimentary solid color side when you want to go for a new look and change things up! 

Increase your comfort at camp and afterward as well with this cushy trunk cover! Pull up a trunk, have a seat, and get comfortable! Be sure to peruse all the other trunk accessories we offer so you can maximize your camp trunk! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks. 


- John

So, Moso...

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Hi, Camp Fans! 

Never fear; the All Natural Moso Purifying Bag is ready to bust up those bad smells that can sometimes get trapped in a closet or maybe your footlocker trunk! Made from 100% bamboo charcoal, this bag is a perfect odor eliminator! This fragrance free bag will remove all odor, bacteria, allergens, excessive moisture, and harmful pollutants in an area as large as 90 square feet. 

Derived directly from the bamboo plant, the main ingredient in a charcoal bag is called Activated Charcoal. Here’s how it works: 

When you burn bamboo, there’s not enough air to allow it to combust into flames. As a result, the carbon inside the bamboo distills into the coals that remain. When the charcoal interacts with steam, activation occurs—the surface area of the carbon molecules gets much bigger and develops deep pockets where dirt, oils, and other undesirable stank gets trapped. 

Activated charcoal is said to have been used by the Egyptians for as long as 6,000 years ago. It wasn’t used for air purification, though, but rather for smelting ores to create bronze. Around 3,500 years back, they started using it for healing ailments and, in doing so, discovered that it would absorb unpleasant odors. Further use for it was found about 2,500 years ago as a means of water purification with antiseptic properties. 

Keep only what you want in your footlocker! Throw a charcoal bag in your trunk to prevent mold and mildew and keep things clean and odorless! Care for a Moso Air Purifying Bag couldn’t be easier; simply set it out in the sun for an hour once a month and the bag is ready to use again! This bag is non-toxic and eco-friendly—safe around pets and children—and will last you up to two years.  

As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John

Double Berry Celebration

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Hey, Health Heads! 

Did you know that today is a double holiday? Two different celebrations rolled into one day. It is both Watermelon Day as well as Avocado Day! Two very summery treats also turn out to be very healthy foods. Both the watermelon and avocado are quite unsuspected but technically accurate members of the berry club! That’s right. They’re both technically berries. 

A surprising sidenote is that strawberries don’t actually qualify as berries. You can read more about that confusing matter on this previous Blog post containing some little known strawberry facts. 

We know full well that watermelons and avocadoes are somewhat iconic of the summer season. That’s why you can find these popping and cute prints depicting these delectable pieces of produce on select products here at Everything Summer Camp! 


That high contrast from the deep green of the rind to the pink with black polka dot seeds throughout is a head turning print that we love to dress one of our Designer Trunks. Of course, you can find watermelons elsewhere on our site like icons on nameplates and name labels along with our iScream Rhinestone Watermelon Decal


The main ingredient of guacamole, avocados are a wonderfully versatile food. Avocado toast is one of my favorites in the morning! With so many lovers across the board, we figured we better put this trendy theme on a laundry bag


Dish up some avocados and watermelon slices for yourself today to celebrate BOTH Watermelon Day and Avocado Day! Enjoy these delicious foods and pick out some of our products that feature these foods! Have fun shopping our online site with plenty more fun products like these and, as always, thanks for reading. 


- John