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A Frame for Your Name

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

We’re always thinking of new ways that you can decorate your camp trunk. Here at Everything Summer Camp, the Maker of C&N Footlockers, we know that your camp trunk means so much more to you than just some random storage unit.

An attractive space that’s totally your own to hold your needs and other belongings during your travels, your trunk tends to become an extension of you for your adventures. You develop a personal connection with your trunk.

We encourage kids and camp families to choose a color or design for their footlocker as well as decorating options that really ring true with your personality.

We have 20 colors to choose from along with a seemingly endless options of images, patterns, and designs on our Designer Trunks. Along with that we have our trunk decorating options with awesome products like custom Nameplates or our Lid Skinz print that turns the top of your trunk into something that’s dazzling!

Our Signature Signs are our latest options added to our Trunk Decorating options. Constructed of solid metal material and backed with adhesive, Signature Signs are essentially glorified Nameplates, but they’re even bigger than our biggest One-of-a-Kind Nameplate.

Type your name as you want it to appear and choose from a great variety of border designs. Then apply the personalized sign to your camp trunk with ease! These also look great and add a part of your personality to a bedroom wall, door, or school locker.

Yes, you can dress up a camp trunk anyway you like so that it’s sure to be a wonderful extension of your personality! And there’s no better way to express yourself than displaying your beautiful name. Design your own Signature Sign on our website when you click right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Children's Book Day

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Hey, Booklovers!

Today is Children’s Book Day, made to honor all the youth books out there, written for kids and preteens. While summer camp is brimming with activities that are a blast and tons of fun games to play, there’s also the opportunity for downtime where you can just take in your surroundings and enjoy reading a good book.

Between our selection of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books and the very nearly complete series of the Camp Confidential books, we have some pretty awesome title available here at Everything Summer Camp that are perfect for campers to take along for their stay!

Choose Your Own Adventure
The only books where the reader decides how the story goes, the classic Choose Your Own Adventure series introduces us to strange worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. These interactive tales tell a story a number of times over so the story goes differently based on the choices the reader makes. Then, ‘reread’ the book and make other choices to see the plotline change and end up entirely different.

Choose Your Own Adventure books have been proven to aid kid’s growth through experiential learning. Click here to learn more.

Camp Confidential
You're bound to chew through the books in the Camp Confidential Series like bubblegum! These tales of summer camp are all written by Melissa J. Morgan. With a sizable selection of the books from her ongoing series, catch the all the drama, gossip, and fun times that go on at Camp Lakeview as well as Camp Walla Walla! Check out all the titles we offer by clicking here.

Mad Libs
They’re not exactly books, but they ARE awesome for kids. Short little stories with key words left out, Mad Libs aid kids in learning their parts-of-speech in a hilarious way. These stories request that you fill in the ________ to turn simple tales into hysterical riots. Mad Libs were created one fateful night back in 1953 and have been cracking us up ever since. Have a gander at our selection and click right here.

The Rest
Not to shortchange any of our other available books—if we carry them, it’s because we see the value in them. It’s just the others don’t quite qualify as Childrens Books (Mad Libs were already a bit of a stretch). But Activity Books are a great means of quality downtime whether you’re with anybody or by yourself.

We also offer The Summer Camp Handbook—a treasure trove of awesome advice in all departments of all things summer camp, brought to you by summer camp experts Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski. There’s also a great guide to survival skills available right here.

And don’t forget to put your pen to some paper yourself with our great Journals as well as our fun Stationery including camp-themed mailing items like Greeting Cards and Postcards.

Enjoy Children’s Book Day with a review of some of your favorites. Maybe you’re currently in the middle of one of these books you got from us right here at Everything Summer Camp. Hope you’re loving it! Happy Children’s Book Day, Readers. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


The History of Dry-Erase

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Hey, Camp Kids!

You may assume Chalkboards have been around for as long as school entirely! Teaching without a Chalkboard would be pretty difficult, wouldn’t it? Well, that’s how it was for a long time. Students used to have their own small slates and the teacher would have to stop by every seat to write down a math problem or some other question on each student's slate. Teaching was much more tedious back then.

Chalkboards, also referred to as Blackboards, have actually only been around for a brief blip in the history of education—since 1801 to be specific. It didn’t take long before every classroom had a Chalkboard in it.

Until the Whiteboard came along…

Yes, even younger than the Blackboard, the Whiteboard has taken its place and Replaced Chalkboards on the walls of elementary, high school, and college classrooms as well as offices in the workplace. The Whiteboard, which also goes by the name of Dry-Erase Board, is a glossy and typically white surface. Much like the Chalkboard, Dry-Erase Boards are ready to hold markings of the non-permanent variety and can be wiped away.

Made of steel with a coating of enamel fused onto it, Whiteboards were invented and made commercially available in the early 1960s. They didn’t catch too much interest, however, for another 30 years. For whatever reason, their popularity suddenly skyrocketed, landing Dry-Erase Boards on many walls of meeting rooms, offices, classrooms, and other workplaces.

They started showing up on the doors of college dorm rooms for friends to leave quick messages when you’re not around. You’ll find them on refrigerator doors for an inventory on food and other family notes.

Two men have been credited with the invention of the Whiteboard and the mystery remains of who it truly was. Maybe they both had the brilliant idea independent of one another. The first inventor is a Korean War veteran and photographer named Martin Heit. The other is Albert Stallion, an employ at an enameled steel production company called Alliance.

Check out the Dry-Erase Board we have available from Three Cheers for Girls here at Everything Summer Camp when you click right here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Packs of Prey

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Packs are important to us at Everything Summer Camp. We carry a diverse selection of both Duffels and Backpacks because we know how different sort of camp stays call for different features from your packs such as length of camp stay as well as the activities you choose and the equipment they require. Osprey Packs are shining examples of Backpacks and Duffel Bags. Today I’m highlighting a couple of our latest packs from Osprey—the Hikelite Backpack and the Daylite Duffel Bag.

Let’s check ‘em out:

Hikelite 32
The Osprey Hikelite 32 is a versatile pack—ready to spring into action whether you’re going for a day hike or using it as more of an everyday kind of bag. It offers an AirSpeed backpanel which means it is well-ventilated so you don’t end up with a soggy shirt. It’s got a stretch mesh side pockets as well as a zippered front pocket and the pockets on the inside and outside of the top lid for easy access to all your smaller items. The Hikelite can help you can stay hydrated with its 3 Liter reservoir. And it’s got a number of other handy features too like upper side compression straps to reign in your pack size, a sternum strap with whistle, a removable hipbelt so you can use it when you prefer it and keep it out of your way when you don’t. It also comes with an integrated raincover to keep your pack dry in rainy weather as well as trekking pole attachments.  

Daylite Duffel
Always ready for the job, the Daylite Duffel 60 from Osprey is a great choice in your midsize Duffel Bag. Brimming with convenience and functionality, this bag offers easy accessibility to the contents by way of its large U-Zip front panel. It boasts several pockets including a stretch mesh one for your water bottle. The EVA foam padding hook-and-loop harness can convert to offer you different carrying styles: backpack, over-the-shoulder, and grab-and-go. Made from recycled materials and bluesign®-approved, this duffel is a delight to travelers of all walks of life!

Get a closer look at these Packs right here on our website; click here to see the Hikelite and you can click here to see the Daylite Duffel. Be sure to browse all the rest of our Osprey Packs selection so you’ll be prepared for whatever summer camp has in store for you! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Pleased to Greet You

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Hey, Camp Folks!

At Everything Summer Camp, we understand the importance of correspondence with your camper during their summer stay. It’s incredibly important they know that you’ve been thinking of them while they’re away. And since most camps limit their campers’ contact with the outside world solely to letters in the mail, we thought we’d offer the Summer Camp Greeting Card Pack.

We just worked on a bunch of new Cards—writing and designing them—so there’s a great new selection for you to pick from when you click right here. These Summer Camp Greeting Cards are a great sentiment and such a great show of thoughtfulness. Write a little message inside the card or just send it as is. Either way, it’s sure to put a smile on your camper’s face.

Not only is it good for a smile but it helps kids cope with a little homesickness. Let’s them know that everything is A-okay back home and their loved ones are thinking of them. Summer camp expert Dr. Chris Thurber discusses the importance of camp correspondence in a previous Blog post he supplied us with called Write Right. Check it out by clicking here.

From general camp-themed cards to other themes geared toward specific interests like fishing or horseback riding and, of course, all those magical camp moments, you’re sure to find a set of cards that speak to you for your camper. There’s a card for campers to send home as well!

Five cards in a set. You won’t find cards like these anywhere else. Pick the Set of 5 Cards (with their colorful envelopes) that fit your camper best and drop a warm hello with these cute, campy cards!

Enjoy these cute cards with your kids and get your Summer Camp Greeting Card Pack today. You can browse our Postcards too and other Stationery products right here and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John