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Classic Plastic

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Hey, Camp Folks!

At camp, you can never have too many means of carrying your camp gear, equipment, and other supplies. So we went kinda crazy when we discovered Romanoff Products. Now available on our camping gear shop, find the Romanoff Vented Folding Crate, Jumbo Tote, and Toiletry Caddy. Plastic innovation—one after another. Check ‘em out!

LetterCase Clipboard
Perfect at camp, you can write on the surface, then tuck your letter away in the convenient storage bin under the hinged lid. It’ll hold more than 250 sheets of paper and it has two smaller compartments for stationery items like paperclips, stamps, erasers, etc. When the LetterCase is closed, it's secured with the flip up closure and the handles lock together. Pick your favorite from our available popping colors and order yours when you click here!

Jumbo Flexible Tote
Ideal for trips to the beach or a picnicking adventure, this Tote carries your shower accessories to the bathhouse. You'll find many uses for it throughout your camp stay and beyond! It's sure to exceed your hopes in both construction and design. Eliminate your hauling struggles and check out the Jumbo Tote right here!

Toiletry Caddy
This Deluxe Small Toiletry Caddy is a perfect tote to carry your shampoo, soap, and other shower items. It features a reinforced handle for simple carrying and provides you with three compartments for organized separation. Use it to hold arts, crafts, gardening, cleaning supplies, and other accessories for fun projects as well! Look further into the stylish and practical Toiletry Caddy by clicking here.

Vented Folding Crate
The plastic Vented Folding Crate takes up next to no space when collapsed to make your pack job easier. Break it out and fold the two ends outward so it shapes into a colorful crate for carrying many pieces of camp supplies or what have you and it’s great storage for those items as well! Provides great storage and easy to store itself! Get a closer look at this fantastic Folding Crate and click here!

A plethora of practical storage and transporting means, these new products from Romanoff Products provide impeccable services at summer camp as well as around the house! Acquire the convenience for yourself and check out the whole collection when you click here. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Stamps Before Camps

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Hey, Camp Kids!

Leaving your mark in one fell stamp is always a satisfying feeling. A handy little piece of technology, people have been using stamps for a very long time. Stamping is still widely used today to designate documents or show ownership. Our customers at Everything Summer Camp love the ease of stamping their kid’s camp clothing with our convenient Clothing Stamp! But as you mark your camp clothes, have you ever pondered how this little handheld wonder came to be?

Used to press an inscription or a picture into clay throughout ancient times, the first stamps date back to roughly 4000BC and they were made of stone or metal. These devices were simple handles with the inscription piece fit on the base—typically made of brass. The bottom was dipped in ink and used to transfer the inscription to any paper. Back in the day, mailed envelopes were enclosed with a brass stamp dipped in wax to seal the document.

These stamps were nothing like the folding tuck-away Clothing Stamp contraptions that we offer at our shop. They stayed in this old-fashioned manner and it took all the way to the mid-1800’s when something interesting happened.

It’s not settled exactly when it was that the first rubber stamp was invented. Some say it was in 1844 when Charles Goodyear first witnessed the process of vulcanization when he accidentally dropped some rubber and sulphur on the stove. Others say it took until 1866 when James Woodruff applied the manufacturing technique of rubber molds for dentistry to the printing stamp.

They've come a long way over time! The rubber on the stamp that we offer comes as a liquid gel to begin with. It then gets 'baked' with a negative that has your name printed on it. The gel that got baked had your name on top and the rest was unexposed so it remained liquid gel. We wash away the unbaked gel and there you have your Clothing Stamp rubber print!

Get your own by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Lovely, Lovely Laundry Bags

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

Not all camps require that campers bring their own laundry bags, but some do—and, whether the camp requires it or not, it’s always a handy item that will help ensure that your kid brings all their camp clothes back home after camp is over! And if you’re kid’s camp stay is any longer than one week, then a Laundry Bag will be much appreciated by the laundry service at camp. 

Of course, you can find a bunch of cool laundry bags at Everything Summer Camp; we carry a variety of fabrics, styles, and brand names like Mint and Buckhead Betties.

The brand name I’m highlighting today isn’t necessarily known for their Laundry Bags, but perhaps you’ve heard of them, they’re called Everything Summer Camp. It’s one of our very own Laundry Bags: The Everything Summer Camp Premium Laundry Bag!

Available in eight colors as well as three patterns—Blue Camo, Green Camo, and Tie-Dye, complete the look by choosing how your Laundry Bag strap contrasts with the color or pattern of the bag! That’s right! You can pick the color of the strap as well from multiple options. This gives you more than 50 color combinations to test out and decide which you like best.

This is not some cheap lightweight laundry bag! The bag is made to last through multiple years at camp. Cinch your bag shut with its drawstring to keep your dirty laundry out of sight and out of mind. This bag also features a large shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.

Manage your camp clothing with a fashionable means of containing them and design your own Premium Laundry Bag by clicking here on the Everything Summer Camp online store. You’ll love the look as much as the convenience at summer camp. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


Happy Hydrations

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Hey, Nalgene Lovers!

In this day and age, it’s pretty common for everybody to have their own water bottle, but that wasn’t always the case. And folks seeking the rugged, camping lifestyle didn’t know much better than to burn aluminum cans and bury their glass bottles in the wilderness and other recreational areas. But by the 1970’s, conservationists had begun to spread the word that such means of disposal were not cool with the environment. Campers and thrill seekers needed a solution.

The Nalge brand (named after the creator’s wife’s initials NLG) was started way back in 1949. They produced plastics that were originally intended for use in the laboratory. They constructed containers like bottles, jars, test tubes, graduated cylinders, and Petri dishes. These products were lighter than glass and sure not shatter if dropped so they were far superior to glass.

Scientists of the company who also had an interest in the outdoors slowly realized what a convenience these products would be for their outdoor use. That or it was the Nalge Company president who discovered his son’s Boy Scout troop was using Nalge laboratory containers for camping (though that may just be company lore).

However it came to be, these plastic laboratory equipment had found another purpose. For some time, hikers and alike who were in the know about Nalgene would contact suppliers of lab equipment or perhaps found access to these products in workplaces of their own.

But by the 1970’s, Nalgene had repackaged their plastic products and marketed their items to the wilderness-loving subculture that was delighted to get their answer to their camping disposal conundrum. Of course, it only makes sense that you can find the classic 32 oz Nalgene Wide Mouth Water Bottle available right here on the Everything Summer Camp online shop. Stay hydrated and be nice to the Great Outdoors! And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

You Brush Your Teeth—Ch ch-ch Ch ch-ch-ch-Ch

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Hey, Brushers!

Whether you’re home or away at camp, it’s incredibly important to maintain your dental hygiene which has been linked to heart-health. Just like you, we want to see campers wearing their best smiles and feeling their best. Such a domestic habit as brushing your teeth can be difficult to keep up with when you’re away from home. So we try to find products that make brushing during our travels as convenient as can be!

The Go Sonic Toothbrush from Pop Sonic adds some serious pop to your brushing routine! For that clean and fresh dental feel, nothing gets the job done quite like this battery-operated toothbrush (besides maybe the dentist). You simply need to take the time to head to the bathhouse to brush. Let the Go Sonic do the rest!

Have your preference between two different vibrating speeds. This brush is smartly programmed to pace your time spent on different areas of your mouth and counts off a 2 minute brushing session. Dental hygiene doesn’t get any easier than this. And the handle is slim, streamlined, and lightweight to make it comfortably handheld too! What a brush!

Simply pop the top cap off and unscrew the bottom where you'll find the port to load the single AAA battery required for this brush's great 30,000 brushstrokes-a-minute capability. And the motor on this baby has been designed for an efficient use of energy and long battery life.

The compact case is cool, colorful, and makes travel extra convenient! For the easiest travel brush around, Go Sonic and get the proper tools for your dental care at camp and beyond. It all starts by clicking here at Everything Summer Camp. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Have fun when you head to camp and don’t forget to brush your teeth!


- John