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Duffels for Adventures!

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Happy April First!

It may be April Fool’s Day, but there’s no joke here. Instead of playing some practical prank on you, Devoted Reader, I’m here to give you some practical information about our latest products we’ve recently brought on board from Lewis N Clark—a leading name in travel gear.

Now offered among our Duffel Bags at Everything Summer Camp, we have these two new beasts, the Heavy Duty 40" X-Large Duffel with Neoprene Gear Bag as well as the slightly smaller Large Heavy Duty 36” Duffel with Gear Bag. Take a closer look at the construction and features of these bags:

Go big or go bigger!! Just like the intrepid explorers that this brand is named after, you’ll need a means of storage for clothing and other gear while you’re off on your summer camp adventure. You can’t go wrong with the Heavy Duty 40” X-Large or 36” Large Duffels with Neoprene Gear Bags!

Boasting water-resistant WATERSHED™ fabric that provides protection from the elements, these Heavy Duty Duffels’ SPLASHGUARD™ base repels mud and dirt that you’re sure to encounter at camp, maintaining its clean look.

To add to the awesomeness, these Duffels flaunt the WATERLOCK™ weather flap which keeps rain from soaking in through the top because, just because it storms doesn’t mean you want your belongings all wet!

The neoprene gear bag not only maximizes your storage capacity as an organized spot for items like sunglasses, sunblock, bug spray, and other smaller supplies, but it all fits your entire Duffel for a handy means of storage when it comes time to be put away.

Ample space and incredible accessibility, you can find the contents in this Duffel without having to tear your packing job apart. Of course, Duffels of this nature offers a number of carrying options. Carry it by its dual webbed grab handles, reinforced main grab handles, or its removable shoulder strap with a SOFTTECH™ shoulder pad.

Knock out all of your summer camp needs with our one-stop shop and pick up a Heavy Duty Duffel for your summer adventures. Have a blast, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Give Yourself Eyes in the Nite!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Just as you must be, we too here at Everything Summer Camp are getting excited and gearing up for the approaching summer camp season! And when it comes to getting ready for summer camp, there’s no better shop than our online store. We carry a slew of different lighting sources here at Everything Summer Camp. From handheld flashlights to headlamps as well as camping lanterns and even flashlights that are able to clamp onto most anything!

We have a large Flashlight Department and an important part of that department is the Nite Ize lighting equipment. Creating quality products with a healthy glow—brighten the darkness at summer camp with any of the Nite Ize products available here at Everything Summer Camp!Nite Ize Flashlights and other lighting sources!

Glow Little Glow Worm

Upgrade from old-school glowsticks with long-lasting LED Mini Glowsticks as well as Necklaces that use replaceable batteries. Give yourself quick and convenient light with the Mini Gloswstick and provide 360° of colorful illumination all around you with the LED Necklace.

Just Radiant!

The Nite Ize Radiant 3-in-1 LED Flashlight boasts a serious 250 lumens at maximum level while it’s miniature 3-in1 counterpart boasts 80 while still being able to fit inside your pocket!


Appreciate hands-free light guiding you through the dark with a whopping 200 lumens! The Radiant 200 Headlamp wraps comfortably around your cranium and is super easy to use!

Light in the Nite

Waterproof and durable, the pyramid-shaped NiteGem LED light is made to cast a soft light—and it floats! The NiteGem is great for a quiet light, but go with the Radiant 200 Collapsible Lantern when you really want to light up an area. 

Take a look at all our Nite Ize lighting products available here at Everything Summer Camp. Make sure you head off to summer camp fully prepared and ready to light your way in the dark for those walks, hangouts, and play around the campgrounds past sunset. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Bright Thinkers

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Hey, Light Lovers!

Flashlights are essential to every camper’s packing list as you prepare for the overnight summer camp experience. We always want to offer the best of the best in child-friendly camping gear products and so we’re proud to offer flashlight and lantern options from one of the leading brands in quality lighting gear that’s incredibly effective and easy to use!Get the Hybrid Light Lantern for your camping convenience!

Always fans of ‘Bright Thinking’, we knew Hybrid Light was an obvious fit for our collection of flashlights and other lighting sources in our camping gear selection. Hybrid Light masterfully combines brilliant quality with a design that’s easy for kids to use. And, on top of that, they’re conscious of the impact they have on the environment!

Lighting the way since 2003, Hybrid Light’s products are made to generate power from sunlight. And, truly mastering their craft, the engineers at Hybrid Light have developed flashlights that store solar energy for years!

Products like these are exceptionally valuable to the avid camper. That’s why you can find a flashlight like the Entrada 80 Lumen Solar Powered Flashlight here at Everything Summer Camp. Never find yourself stranded in the dark with this flashlight by your side. It’s self-charging when left in the light, it’s durable, waterproof, and it even floats! Have a closer look at it for yourself right here.

In the market for a lantern? We have the Hybrid Light’s PUC Expandable Lantern available as well. This lightweight lantern cranks out 150 lumens to light up an area and it doubles as a flashlight when it’s collapsed too! Water-resistant, you don’t need to worry about keeping this around the pool or out in the rain. It generates 40 hours of light from just one full charge and the 4000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery will hold its charge for 7 years!

Get a better look at these incredibly practical products by clicking right here and order the lighting sources you’ll want along for your nightly navigation throughout your camping experience! Stay bright and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Cool School Products

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Hey, Back to Schoolers!

Everything Summer Camp has an excellent selection from the Three Cheers for Girls brand. And where there’s Three Cheers for Girls, there’s bound to be Back-to-School products! Lo and behold—backpacks, lunchboxes, and locker décor for the return to your education. But you won’t find these products on our website.

What’s going on here?Bring your girl power to school with you this upcoming year!

No, I’m not trying to trick you. We really do have these products and you really can’t find them on our online store. We’re doing something a bit different. Normally, we’d announce our back-to-school products on our website, but this year we’ve sent our products over to Amazon.

Knowing that a lot of our customers are also Amazon Prime members, we thought you might appreciate saving on shipping fees by shopping Everything Summer Camp products on the Amazon site. See, on our site you can get free shipping for orders that reach $49 and over. At Amazon, however, you can get free shipping simply with Prime Membership.

Check out the awesome Three Cheers for Girls Back-to-School products available on Amazon right now! We’ve got:

Locker Wallpaper Sets
Decorating your locker makes the little world inside more fun, more functional, and, of course, more YOU! It adds some spice and pep to an otherwise gray, monotone landscape. Every glammed out locker starts with the Lockers 101 Wallpaper Set! Get your pick from pretty patterns like Unicorn Stars, Mermaids, Celestial, and Aquatic Scribbles.

Magnetic Mirror
You’ll love checking your glamorous self in this 6″ Magnetic Locker Mirror! Pick your favorite pattern to cover the frame of your mirror with the cutesy Aquatic Scribbles, or Celestial Glitter, or Unicorn Stars and enjoy your own image when you go into your locker.

Backpacks and Lunch Boxes
Everybody needs a Backpack and Lunch Box for school! Keep with the Three Cheers spirit and get yourself covered with the awesome available designs they’ve designed. Bring your textbooks and lunch to school in style!

Enjoy getting your cool school products for the returning school year. Shop the links in this post from now until the end of September while supplies last. Good luck in the coming school year and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Ready, Set…ReadyBrush!

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Hey, Brushers!

Just like you, we want to see campers wearing their best smiles. Whether you’re home or away at camp, dental hygiene is incredibly important and linked to heart-health! But the more removed you are from the frills of modern living (indoor plumbing, for instance), the harder it can be to remember to brush! That’s why we enjoy providing novel hygienic products here at Everything Summer Camp such as the VioLife Slim Sonic Battery-Operated Brush.Brushing at camp was never easier!

But if you’re looking for an even more temporary solution to your on-the-go brushing concerns, check out our new ReadyBrush Disposable Toothbrushes! 30 Toothbrushes come in each Pack and these Toothbrushes have already had toothpaste applied to the bristles. Nothing more for your camper to do but wet the head and brush those chompers!

Alongside the standard 30-Pack, you can also get the Ortho 30-Pack ReadyBrush Disposable Toothbrushes—an alternative for kids with braces. These Toothbrushes are not only pre-pasted, but its bristles also have a V-cut to make for more effective brushing.

Kids are bound to keep up with their dental hygiene when you send them off with these Packs of  Pre-Pasted Disposable Toothbrushes. They make dental hygiene that much more convenient and help kids to remember to brush their teeth that much more! And they couldn’t be simpler to use; simply throw these Disposable Toothbrushes away after use.

Such an innovative and convenient product is sure to keep the reminder to brush fresh in your camper’s heads throughout their time away. Get the proper tools for your dental care at camp and beyond. It all starts by clicking here at Everything Summer Camp. Healthy gums lead to a healthy heart and a healthy body all-around! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! And definitely don’t forget to brush your teeth!


- John