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A Hair-Raising Read

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Hey, Scare Enthusiasts!

Keep the spirit of Halloween alive within the spooky walls of our Seasonal Halloween trunks. These trunks are great for safekeeping all your Halloween decorations but it’s an eye-drawing piece of decorative furniture as well. Keep it out in your hallway or at the front door for Trick or Treaters to see!

And when the season comes to its close, you can pack up all your fake spider webs and lawn ghouls and trick or treat baskets and pumpkin-carving tools and keep them organized in one, tidy trunk! These Seasonal Trunks are sure to frighten your friends and family (especially your baby brother or baby sister)!

Made of heavy-duty birch plywood, these ever-watchful, harvest-spirited camp trunks contain cats, bats, goblins, and ghouls of colossal creepiness as well as cuteness featured on an aluminum-plated exterior with an extremely scary and high-definition print directly embedded into it! It's pretty cool.

Our Seasonal Trunks are the same size as our best-selling Happy Camper trunk and they include the same high-quality metal hardware to keep the lid securely shut. Use the trunk for day camp, Halloween storage, Fall décor, and more. The Creep Show Designer Trunk also includes extra wide handles on the sides to make carrying your ghoulish goodies even easier.

Keep your cavernous trunk neat and orderly by snagging a Grab a Glide & Go Tray and LidMate Organizer. The accessory organizers are perfect for pairing with your trunk to bring some order to the chaos. If this trunk doesn’t scare you too much, go ahead and order a Seasonal Trunk for yourself today… I DARE you! You can get a closer look when you click right here. Happy Halloween! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

The On-the-Go Desk

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Hey, Camp Fans!

A flat surface is something you should never take for granted! Of course we have desks for a home office and classrooms full of school desks, but where can you turn when you need a hard surface and there are no desks available? This is liable to happen in plenty of settings like a warehouse, sporting events, and—for sure—summer camp.

With the Storage Clipboard from Everything Summer Camp, you can head off to summer camp complete with stationery, pens, and stamps. Writing materials store right inside the clipboard! Its hinged lid opens to reveal the handy storage bin below. Keep your stationery, pens and more organized with this great clipboard that doubles as a makeshift desk.

Yes, our Storage Clipboards are cool, colorful, and convenient, but clipboards weren’t always so. In fact, just 150 years ago, they weren’t around at all. And when the first ones emerged, they weren’t referred to as clipboards; they were called board clips.

It was George Henry Hohnsbeen who patented the very first ‘clipboard’ by name

in 1908. Of course there’s not a whole lot to a clipboard in the first place, but the earliest models were about as basic as they can be—a wooden board with a metal hinged clip.

It didn’t take very long, however, for different materials and variations to be included in the construction. Aside from the original wood, people began making clipboards out of heavy-duty aluminum, PVC, high-impact polystyrene, and more. Storage clipboards were an obvious expansion to add to product to create convenient safe-keeping for documents that belong together.  

Clipboards are perfect for taking along on day trips in the woods where you can sit with Nature and write a letter, or a poem, or draw a picture of your surroundings. The paper on your clipboard offers a whole world of possibilities! See where your artistry and imagination can take you! Thank goodness for clipboards. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Goofy Campy Games

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Hey, Camp Kids!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we’re pretty serious about making sure that you have fun during your camp stay. That’s why our online shop has everything from trunks to duffels to sleeping bags and water bottles. But sometimes our selection of camp gear and other camping supplies gets pretty goofy. Like our AvoCampo Designer Trunk, for instance—or our collection of ridiculous sleeping bags from iScream.

Outset Media, however, takes the cake in the goofiness department. Just have a look at a few of the games of theirs you can find on our site:

Fart is the eruptive card game that calls for the players to release a flatulent noise from their mouths (…or other means..) as they lay their cards down. The game ends when somebody hits 200 points; the player with the lowest score wins. Get your flatulent friends together at summer camp and get ready for some hysterical fun!


Silent But Deadly
Pay attention—there's lots to cover. After all, farts come in all different shapes and odors. And they make a broad range of noises on their way out. Some whimper out little squeaks as they make their stealthy escape while others come barging out like notes on a tuba. Of course, as the title of this game notes, there are those that make no sound at all, and it's those that are often the deadliest! Sit down with your flatulent friends for a game of Silent But Deadly. It's a toot and a holler!

My Word! Card Game
With this deck of letter cards, The Dealer starts setting out cards letter-side up. The players compete against each other after the first three cards have been dealt. The dealer continues laying down letters until a player shouts sees a word that can be spelled with the letters laid down. Those cards go to the player who called out the word. Make as many words as you can. Make more words than any other player and you win! Awesome for creating some laughs as well as friends at summer camp!

There’s plenty more you can check out from Outset Media that we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out other fun games like Kids Charades, Mindtrap Brain Cramp, Professor Noggin Card Games, and more! Take a look when you click here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Can You Handle these Sandals?

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Hey, Camp Folks!

The classic summertime footwear—nowadays, sandals may be made from rubber, leather, wood, tatami, or rope. You can find them in cool colors and sweet styles, available on our online store and displayed for you when you click right here for everyday, casual wear and then when you click here as well for our selection of sport sandals.

But it wasn’t always like this with options and fashion and availability. Sandals have been around for a long time, yet there was a time when they hadn’t been invented yet. The oldest pair of sandals ever discovered were found in the state of Oregon in Fort Rock Cave. They were carbon dated to be at least 10,000 years old.

Crude footwear for sure, the original sandals were made of natural elements which were handy to folks of particular regions. Tree and other plant leaves, twigs, fibers, dried grass, and non-processed leather were all used in constructing the world’s first sandals—literally whatever was lying around. Take a look at how people got around in ancient times. 

Walk like an Egyptian…sandal
Ancient Egyptian sandals were made out of the leaves of palm trees and their trademark paper-like invention, papyrus.

You can spot their old sandals depicted on the feet of Egyptian statues and reliefs.  

It’s all Greek Feet to Me
Greek sandals were made up of multiple layers of cattle skin for the sole which proved to be much better quality. After that, they were a mess of straps that wound around the ankle for a secure. The top of the sandals were usually made of colored leather.

Sandals of Biblical Proportions

Ancient Levant sandals—also known as Biblical Sandals as these are the style worn by folks of the times and regions covered in The Bible. These were typically made of leather and dry grass and given strings or ropes made of simple, cheap materials. Some sandals for royalty, however, were ornamented with gold or silver beads and gems to add decoration.

Today’s sandals are much more focused on comfort, functionality, and fashion than sandals from the days of old. Material availability and construction methods of our current day create high-quality, convenient, comfortable, and cool-looking sandals. Thank goodness improvements kept coming along the way. Enjoy wearing your sandals today and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Can I Write on That?

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Hey, History Buffs!

Summer camp products are all made to be packable and mobile. How do you turn something like a desk into something you can take out into the wilderness? Put a cushion on the bottom of a flat surface and you got yourself a Lapdesk! We carry Lapdesks from this awesome brand, iScream. But how did we get to this point of providing a camping desk? Let’s take a peek at the history of desks and the transformation they’ve made over the years.

We don’t need to go back to ancient times like we did for the desk’s partner in crime: the Chair. Desks appear to be a much more current necessity, going back only to the Renaissance Period—as early as the 1300s. We get the word ‘desk from the Latin word ‘desca’ which in English means “table to write on".

Just for Scribes
We see desks of the Medieval and Renaissance times in illustrations, depicted as large, cumbersome contraptions with giant storage spaces dedicated to the large and dense manuscript volumes from back in the day. These desks would be equipped with slots and hooks for bookmarking as these desks were utilized by scribes who would spend their days reading and writing.  

Take Your Seats
For a long time, most children either attended their small, village schoolhouse or were given their education at home. But by 1880, schools had grown more popular and bigger. It was an Ohio man named John Loughlin who invented the first school desk with chair attachment that connected to the desk. It’s undergone some changes since the original, however, but it became an extremely popular style for students and is still used in the classroom today.

This is Business
In more recent times, the business boom exploded with certain fields that

involve call centers, computer work, finances or any other profession that requires sitting at a desk (desk jobs). The sudden demand for an infinite number and style of desk sparked mass production and steered desk manufacturing away from finely crafted office furniture as woodworking machinery could rapidly assemble batches of desks.

Maybe your home is still adorned with a desk that’s a work of art from some craftsmen of the current day or a long time ago. No matter what desk you typically sit at, appreciate the function and purpose it provides you and, as always, thanks for reading.



- John