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Ride in Real Comfort!

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Hey, Riders!

We’re always adding more camping gear of all sorts to our selection here at Everything Summer Camp! Each year brings new products and fun stuff that we want our campers to have available to them. From camping gear to games and stationery, we’ve got a whole lot of the gear to help you make the most of your summer camp stay!

Horse Riding is a favorite activity among many summer campers! It’s a display of mastering the partnership between yourself and your horse. It’s a sport that works the rider’s core muscles and builds abdominal strength, as well as strength in back and pelvic muscles. It sharpens coordination as well as stability and increases focus on anticipating the motion of the horse.

In order to ride on horseback with comfort and enjoyment, shop our horse riding gear when click right here. One of our latest additions to our horseriding department is our mid-weight, mid-rise classic fit Riding Pants, the Kids Endura Classic Knee Patch Horse Riding Tight from Ovation. You’re sure to reel in awe while you ride in the total comfort of this classic-fit Jod.

The Kids Endura Classic Knee Patch Riding Tights from Ovation is made from a four-way stretch polyester and spandex called EnduraKNIT™, this Riding Tight likes to sit right at your natural waistline and provide comfort along with functionality when you’re riding!

This Neutral Beige Kids Tight wears easy with a faux closure and snap. This Tight has a mid-rise waist with washable knee patches that feature Syn-Tec™ stretch suede. Treated to resist odor-producing microbes and provide UPF 30 sun protection against 96% of long-wave light, these Riding Pants are just what you want for perfect comfort!

Ride without hindrance in this Kids Tight from Ovation and enjoy your time on horseback when you get out to summer camp! Shop the rest of our horseriding gear and, as always, thanks for riding  I mean, reading!


- John

A Look Back on Laundry

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Hey, Wishy-Washers!

Doing the laundry nowadays is as simple as loading a machine and pressing a few buttons, but this chore used to be much more involved and labor-intensive. The further back you go, the longer it took to do the laundry. And our methods of cleaning our clothes have shaped how we store and haul our dirty laundry.

In ancient times, people would tend to settle in spots nearby water sources since water is such an essential part of our lives—not just for consumption and survival, but for cleaning ourselves and our clothing as well. And back then, cleaning laundry was something practiced only by those with servants to do the chore.

And what a chore it was! A lot more than adding detergent and applying the right settings, washing clothes involved beating clothes over rocks and then scrubbing with abrasive sand or stone. After that, the clothes went into a process that we all know as the spin cycle: pounding the wet clothes with wooden tools or simply stomping them underfoot.

By the 1800s, wooden washboards had become popular to help make the chore less of a production, but, it still wasn’t until the early 1900s that the electric washing machine really cut this chore down to actual convenience. But where were laundry bags this whole time?

There’s not much record of them existing for a very long time. It seems that people stuck to wicker baskets for much of the evolution of laundry cleaning. Baskets and hampers are still the preferable choice for domestic use. However, the rise of community laundry services like your local laundromat brought people out of their homes to do their laundry and that’s when laundry bags found their time to shine.

While baskets can be beneficial to carry not just dirty clothes to the laundry room, but it can hold the clean, folded clothes to be carried back. To actually transport clothes out of your home and back, however, laundry bags are much easier to haul. As you can imagine, laundry bags are a popular and often times required item for summer camp.

Check out all the cute, stylish, and printed laundry bags we have available at our online store and enjoy picking out your favorite of our plentiful options! Bring convenience to your camp experience with your laundry bag and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


These Boots were Made for Hiking

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Hello, Hikers!

Hiking is a staple to pretty much every summer camp across the country! Taking a rigorous daytrip  through the camp trails doesn’t require much except a backpack packed with water along with anything else you want along and a good pair of shoes! We’ve got you set here at Everything Summer Camp when it comes to quality hiking boots and trail shoes from leading names such as Northside.

Take a look at one of our latest additions from Northside with the Gamma Mid Hiking Boots. We’ve got a pair for boys and we’ve got a pair for girls, but aside from the look, they’re the same Hiker. Both are designed with an athletic appearance and given top notch construction.

You don’t have to hold back on your adventures at summer camp when you sport your Northside Gamma Mid Hikers! These rubber sole mid high rise hikers are made with athletic lightweight knitted nylon upper with breathable riptstop nylon inserts, molded high-frequency injection, and an abrasion-resistant molded rubber toe guard for great protection as you traverse the wilderness terrain.

Constructed to keep kids' feet cool, dry, and comfortable, Northside gave these boots a cushioned EVA insole with moisture-wicking lining, a gusseted tongue, and a padded collar. Boots like these are no joke when it comes to comfort! Your feet would never know you were trudging through the woods or crossing rocky terrain.

For trips that lay a long stretch of trail ahead of you, make sure to keep your feet comfortable on those long journeys and get your Gammas on! You can browse all the rest of our Northside footwear collection when you click right here and consider all the options we have to offer. Enjoy hitting nature hikes with the proper hiking boots and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John

Check out all our New Pillows

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Hey, Comfortable Campers!

Summer camp is all about getting outside and being active, but that doesn’t mean it's not about comfort too. After exerting yourself all day, you definitely want to take advantage of your rest and lounge time! Get the most out of your respite time and have a look-see at the crazy comfy new pillows we brought on board for you to try out this summer!

Everything from new lounge pillows to microbead pillows and a number of other softies, this new plethora of pillows have some serious personality and character!

The Lounge
Also known as ‘Boyfriend’ Pillows, our new Lounge Pillows come in a bunch of new crazy characters. Find yourself with a new pet pillow llama, or caticorn (a cat/unicorn hybrid)…maybe you’d like to keep a furry rainbow around your camp bunk! These cozy pillows from iScream are constructed with open, welcoming arms and ready for camp!

Micro Magic
With our Gamer and Baseball Microbead pillows being a level up as well as a homerun, we thought we’d expand our selection with some more beady pillows from iScream. Check out these pillows filled with scented beads that smell like vanilla or bubble gum. Check out the Narwhal, Axolotl, Rocket, and VSCO pillows for a great way to relax after a rigorous day at camp!

Creative Comfort
In addition we have Furry Pillows from iScream and a Tie-Dye Narwhal pillow which are all too cute to resist! Also, make sure you leave room for dessert with our extra squishy and extra sweet S’more Pillow from Top Trenz!

Comfort is, of course, a big part of summer camp so be sure to pack the proper Pillow before you head out the door and take a perusal of our whole collection of cozy iScream products by clicking here! Stay comfy and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


A Pillow Post

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Hey, Comfort Lovers!

Who doesn’t love resting their head on the soft loft of a nice puffy pillow? It’s a pleasure known to most in the world today, but did you know that pillows weren’t always soft? Let’s take an in-depth look at the pillowy part of our past and find out how they came to be the cushy, decorative, and squeezable part of our lives that we know so well. Pillows go way back—as far back as 9000 years—but they weren’t soft until about 200 years ago.

That’s right! Pillows weren’t soft to begin with. And they certainly weren’t commonplace. It wasn’t just anybody who had a pillow. It was the kings and pharaohs who had such frills.

But even the upper class had it rough. What exactly were pillows made out of if they weren’t soft? People originally crafted and carved cradles for their heads out of stone or wood. This kept the neck in place and off the ground. But it certainly wasn’t the cushy night of sleep that we’re so well-accustomed to nowadays. The idea behind the pillow was based much more in head protection rather than comfort. Comfort was only an option.   

Things stayed much the same all throughout the Dark Ages. Kings enjoyed hard pillows with little cushion while the majority of the world rested their heads simply on gathered piles of straw, leaves, twigs that was maybe covered with a woven fabric.

But that all changed with the swing of the Industrial Revolution when fabrics became much more affordable for store purchase gave just about everybody the ability to make their own pillow. Most folks filled their fabrics with hay or maybe chicken feathers. Hunters were fortunate if they could fill their pillows with soft goose down.

By the 1960s, polyester filling was invented and led to the new standard of synthetic stuffing for pillows along with the introduction of advanced synthetics. Pillows are still changing with today’s further advancements with Styrofoam pellets and memory foam, but pillows seem to have gone through their major transformation by this point.

That doesn’t mean they can’t still be more creative, and cozier, and crazier! Check out some of our latest pillows from brands like iScream and Top Trenz, available here at Everything Summer Camp. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John