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Unveiling Our New Seasonal Designer Trunks

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There's no better way to showcase your love for the current spooky season than with a trunk from the Everything Summer Camp Seasonal Designer Trunks Autumn collection! We're thrilled to introduce the latest five additions to our Halloween-themed trunks, featuring five captivating designs of a spine-tingling spectacle: Halloween Fright, Harvest Delight, Monster Mash, Zombie Attack, and Mummy Mayhem.

Take a closer look at each one right now…if you dare:


Halloween Fright: A Spooktacular Choice

Dive deep into the spirit of Halloween all year round with our Halloween Fright Designer Trunk. Featuring jolly jack-o'-lanterns, creeping black cats, haunting ghosts, and more this design is all about the fun scares of Halloween. Whether you're a fellow lover of the spooky season or just love the thrill of a good scare, this trunk is perfect for you.

Harvest Delight: Embrace the Warmth of Autumn

Harvest Delight brings the cozy essence of autumn straight to your camp trunk. This trunk features a patch-full of pumpkins along with all the delectable treats of the season that we get from this celebrated gourd such as lattes, muffins, and slices of pie—a perfect choice for those who cherish the tasty pleasures of autumn.

Monster Mash: An Expressionless Example

Our Monster Mash Designer Trunk is a graveyard smash! A close-up on Frankenstein's creature is complete on this Designer Trunk with the stitches, neck bolts, and that dreadful deadpan expression of his. Don’t get lost in the terror of this reanimated conglomeration as it ambles your way with outstretched arms; join forces with this Monster Mash Seasonal Designer Trunk and get on in a flash!

Zombie Attack: The Undead Unleashed

This gruesome graveyard goings-on ought to have you zig-zagging your way through the tombstones in a hurry. When zombies claw their way back up to the surface, it’s time to get yourself home and board the place up! The undead have never looked so scary than their depiction on this Zombie Attack Seasonal Designer Trunk—a standout choice for those who embrace the darker side of Halloween.

Mummy Mayhem: Wrapped up in Fun

takes inspiration from the mysterious world of ancient Egypt. The world of adventure and ancient evil collide on the outside of our Mummy Mayhem Seasonal Designer Trunk. Preserve all your decorations, costumes, and carving knives in this fantastical footlocker—perfect for young archaeologists and history buffs. Embrace the enigma of an primeval curse and let your imagination unravel with this captivating trunk.


From Halloween thrills to the warmth of the harvest season, there's a design to suit every camper's spooky side with Everything Summer Camp’s collection of Halloween-Themed Seasonal Designer Trunks. Make your camp trunk cause a scream! Get an even closer look at each one by clicking here. Which design will you choose for your next adventure? Thanks for reading and Happy Harvest!


- John

Jenga Throw 'N Go—Towering Fun for Campers

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Hey, Campers!

Gathered around a table with laughing friends on a fun-filled evening at summer camp, the campers are focused in on a classic game: the Jenga tower. After some teetering for the previous player, one nervous camper inhales deep and holds their breath as they carefully slide a block out from the middle of the tower—balance becoming an extremely delicate matter. Welcome to the world of Jenga!

The tension rises as the tower wobbles and sways, testing this camper’s steadiness and sensitivity as they successfully set the block on the top layer of the tower. Who’s next?

This game has its roots in East Africa where Leslie Scott—Jenga creator—grew up. At home, she would play a stacking game with her family using simple wooden blocks and, when she eventually brought the game to England in the 1980s, she decided to trademark it under the name ‘Jenga,’ which she got from the Swahili word ‘kujenga,’ which, translated, means ‘to build’. From there, Jenga took off like wildfire!

Jenga Throw 'N Go is essentially the same classic tower game as the original, but with an added element: a Rolling Die. The excitement builds with each turn as you test your skills and try to outsmart your opponents. Each turn begins with a roll of the die which will then instruct the player of the block they need to go for or surprise them with another option.

Will your turn go smoothly or will you face the challenge of a load-bearing block that could bring the downfall of the tower? The roll of the die can change everything, with a ‘Reverse’ sending the turn back to the previous player or an ‘Any Two’ making one turn twice as nerve-racking!

Jenga Throw 'N Go is the perfect addition to your summer camp experience. Experience the thrill of carefully removing blocks and placing them on top, all while keeping the tower from crashing down! With this game, you’re set for hours of fun, laughter, and the sheer exhilaration of summer camp-style fun! Don't miss out on the excitement—bring the Jenga Throw 'N Go tower to your next camp adventure! Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

Hangin’ Out: Outdoor Relaxation in your Hammock

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Hey, Outdoor Lovers!

With the summer sun shining and the call of the wild echoing through the trees, today of all days is time to immerse ourselves in the great outdoors. Why? It’s National Hammock Day! Whether you're camping, lounging by the lake, or exploring nature's wonders, hammocks offer a cozy haven for your little adventurers!


Enjoy ENO Hammocks for a Heavenly Time in the Outdoors

At Everything Summer Camp, we have an incredible collection of Eagles Nest Outfitter (ENO) hammocks and accessories to elevate your outdoor relaxation to new heights!

The Versatility of ENO Hammocks

ENO hammocks are renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and thoughtful design. Constructed with durable nylon materials, they offer incredible strength and durability to withstand your outdoor adventures. ENO hammocks are convenient and easy to set up, going from your pack to providing a secure and comfortable resting spot amidst the beauty of nature so you can find the perfect relaxation spot with ease.

Enhance Your Hammock Experience with ENO Accessories

At Everything Summer Camp, we offer a range of innovative ENO accessories as well—from the Atlas Suspension Straps that provide a secure and adjustable hanging system to the Trailflyer Outdoor Game that keeps campers entertained for hours! We have other accessories like their Indoor Hanging Kit, the Kanga Sling Pack, the Fuse Tandem Hammock System, and other great products to make the most of your relaxation!

Quality and Sustainability

ENO shares our commitment to craftsmanship and environmental stewardship. Their hammocks are crafted with the utmost care, using eco-friendly materials. You can’t have the classic outdoor hammock experience without trees and when you purchase a C&N camp trunk, we arrange for a tree to be planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted.

Get ready to immerse your child in the wild wonders of nature with ENO hammocks and accessories from Everything Summer Camp. Whether they're camping, exploring the beach, or simply finding solace in the backyard, ENO offers the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

Unwind in style, create lifelong memories, and instill a love for the great outdoors. Elevate your child's summer escapades with ENO and Everything Summer Camp—where wilderness dreams come true. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


Shipping Bag for C&N Steel Camp Trunk Minimizes Damage

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Attention all Campers and Parents!

We’re excited at Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers, to share our latest product we've added to our trunk accessories collection. It’s our C&N Trunk Protector Bag to minimize the scuffs and scratches on your camp trunk during transit.

Of course we initially ship our trunks to you securely protected within a corrugated box—the ideal means of shipping a trunk. This method, however, isn’t always feasible for people and most folks opt to ship their trunks with no shipping container at all which means the trunk gets pretty roughed up.

This protective bag is super convenient and the next best thing to cardboard. Specifically designed to fit our popular Happy Camper size Camp Trunks, the C&N Protector Bag sees trunks through their shipping journey with considerably fewer scuffs and scratches than it otherwise would. 


With top-loading access and secure zipper closure make it a breeze to pack and unpack your camper's trunk. A clear pouch is conveniently included to display the shipping label, ensuring smooth transit and hassle-free identification. When your camper's trunk arrives at summer camp, the Trunk Protector Bag can be conveniently stored away in the built-in storage pouch.

The sturdy material of the nylon webbing handles run lengthwise across the bottom of the bag, providing not only secure and comfortable handling, but powerful support from the beneath the trunk as well to make for easy hauling.

We always strive to meet the needs of our customers, and that includes expanding our product offerings based on demand. While the C&N Trunk Protector Bag is currently available in black and for our Happy Camper size Camp Trunks, we're excited to announce that, based on your feedback, we may introduce more sizes and colors in the future. Stay tuned for updates as we continue to prioritize your trunk protection needs!



Ship with a little more security and order a C&N Trunk Protector Bag for your shipping needs this summer season. Give the product a closer look when you click right here. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

Gear Up with the Essential Camping Gear Brand at ESC

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

Are you looking for reliable and affordable camping gear for your camper's upcoming summer adventure? Look no further than the Gear Up brand, available right here at Everything Summer Camp. Gear Up offers a wide range of practical and durable camping essentials, including flashlights, lanterns, fans, and more your child needs for their time away.

With a big focus on convenience and affordability, Gear Up products are designed to enhance your camper's outdoor experience while keeping your budget intact. Get ready to gear up for action and make this summer camp season unforgettable!

Convenient and Effective Camping Gear

Gear Up understands the importance of reliable camping gear that simplifies outdoor living. With a range of products to ensure campers are well-equipped for the adventure awaiting them, Gear Up offers packing list items like powerful flashlights, compact lanterns, refreshing fans, and more.

Need to beat the heat? Gear Up fans offer a refreshing breeze during hot summer days. With a focus on functionality, quality, and ease of use, Gear Up products are designed to make your camper's experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

Affordability without Compromising Quality

At Everything Summer Camp, we understand that affordability is important when it comes to camp gear. Gear Up products not only excel in practicality and durability but also in affordability. It’s Gear Up’s philosophy that every camper should have access to high-quality, affordable equipment.

With Gear Up, you can have peace of mind knowing that your camper's gear is built to last without breaking the bank. From flashlights to lanterns and other camping essentials, Gear Up offers exceptional value, ensuring your camper is well-prepared for their summer camp adventures.

Ready for Action: Gear Up and Embrace the Outdoors

Gear Up products are designed to fuel your camper's sense of adventure. By equipping them with reliable gear, you're giving them the freedom to explore and immerse themselves in the wonders of the outdoors.

With Gear Up flashlights illuminating the path, lanterns casting a warm glow at the campsite, fans providing relief on hot days, and toiletry bags to carry and store essentials, your camper can fully embrace their camping experience. Gear Up products are not just practical tools—they’re the set design that creates the backdrop for unforgettable memories at camp.


Go with Gear Up to get affordable and convenient camping gear for your camper. From flashlights and lanterns to fans and more, Gear Up products offer practicality, durability, and exceptional value—the brand of choice for many summer camp parents. With Gear Up, your camper can confidently embark on their summer camp adventure, fully prepared to embrace the great outdoors.

Get ready to gear up and make this summer camp season an unforgettable experience for your camper. Explore the Gear Up collection at Everything Summer Camp today! As always, thanks for reading.


- John