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A Proper Greeting...Card

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Greetings, Cards—I mean, Kids! 

Our Summer Camp Greeting Cards here at Everything Summer Camp are a great sentiment and such a great show of thoughtfulness. Write a little message inside the card or just send it as is. Either way, it’s sure to put a smile on your camper’s face. 

We enjoyed writing and designing these cards so much last year that we thought we’d do it again for this upcoming season and keep adding more new card packs to our store. Be sure to scope out our latest designs among the rest of our selection when you click right here. 

Our creations feature general camp-themed cards to other themes geared toward specific interests like fishing or horseback riding along with, of course, all those magical camp moments. You’re sure to find a set of cards that speak to you for your camper. There’s a card for campers to send home as well! 

You can rest assured that receiving one of these cards will make your camper’s day! It may help ease a little homesickness they’ve been feeling as well as let them know that you’re thinking of them during their time away. 

Summer camp expert Dr. Chris Thurber does a great job detailing the importance of sending word to your camper in this previous Blog post he wrote for us called Write Right. Check it out by clicking right here

Five cards in a set. You won’t find cards like these anywhere else. Pick the Set of 5 Cards (with their colorful envelopes) that fit your camper best and send your child a warm hello with these cute, campy cards! Enjoy these cards with your kids and get your Summer Camp Greeting Card Pack today. 

Shop more and take a look at our Postcards as well as our other Stationery products right here. Thanks for reading, Camp Fans and happy camping! 


- John

What I'm TRAYing to Tell You

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Hey, Footlocker Fans!

Here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog we love talking about the history of camping gear you’re likely to find on your camp’s packing list as well as other everyday tools—everything from hammocks to hairbrushes.

We don’t have to dig quite so deep for today’s history lesson. We’re looking back less than 30 years ago, before we switched to our esteemed trunk accessory, the Glide N’ Go Tray. Before we developed such a great product, C&N Footlockers came with a tray whether you ordered it or not.

Out with the Old…
Our original tray was made of plywood and lined with the same liner that we used to use on the interior of our trunks. It took up the entire top of the trunk so every time you needed to access the contents of the trunk below, you had to remove the tray (which offered no convenient handle) and set it down somewhere large enough. It was a very cumbersome piece.

…In with the New
Switched over to the Glide N’ Go Tray, made of very durable plastic, weighs much less, and takes up half the space of our original tray. It has a lid to it so you can pack it full and be sure nothing spills out. It’s also designed to glide along a couple of rails in the trunk that we install so you have easy access to the contents below while still making use of otherwise unusable space in your camp trunk.

From customer outreach and surveys we’ve taken, we know our switch to the Glide N’ Go Tray was well-received. We always love improving upon our products—that’s what keeps our C&N Footlockers the leading brand name in camp trunks. Click right here to browse our entire selection of traditional steel trunks as well as our extensive and innovative collection of Designer Trunks.

As always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John

Helly Cow!

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Hey, Rainy Dayers!

April showers are a great reminder to be prepared for precipitation. We recently introduced the Helly Hansen brand to our collection of rain gear with several new rain jackets and a new rain pant as well. Check out the Juniors’ Urban Rain Jacket, the Juniors’ Moss Rain Jacket, the Juniors’ Celeste Rain Jacket, and, finally, the Juniors’ Moss Rain Pant. Check out these classic-style pieces!

Juniors Urban Rain Jacket
This sleek number is totally waterproof, windproof, and an extremely comfortable wear! Constructed with PFC-Free HELLY TECH® Protection, this coat keeps the rain off of you with authority. It’s got mesh lining that’s quick-to-dry and feels comfy.

Juniors Moss Rain Jacket
A rolling stone gathers no moss. But the Moss Rain Jacket gathers no rain. You may as well be dodging each drop when you’re wearing the Juniors’ Moss Rain Jacket from Helly Hansen. An updated look of the old-fashioned fisherman’s raincoat! Constructed with Helox+® fabric technology, the welded seams of this rain jacket make it fully waterproof and windproof! The interior is quick-to-dry and feels comfy.

Juniors Celeste Rain Jacket
Constructed with PFC-Free HELLY TECH® Protection, the Juniors’ Celeste keeps you dry when the floodgates open up. With a mesh lining that’s quick-to-dry and feels comfy. Don’t be surprised if you hear a choir of angels singing when you put on this celestial wonder!

Juniors Moss Rain Pant
You’d better wear the pants when you want the full spectrum of protection during a downpour. Constructed with HELOX+® fabric technology, the welded seams make this Rain Pant fully waterproof and windproof! Stay unaffected by the rain with the invincibility you attain when you’re wearing the Juniors’ Moss Rain Pant.

Browse our ever-growing Rain Gear selection by clicking right here. And take a gander at our Helly Hansen Rain Gear selection by clicking right here. Order your Rain Gear and enjoy staying dry when the world gets wet. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John

Stone Age Silverware

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Hey, Camp Folks!

While the summer camp experience is all about showing us a primitive and natural perspective of the world, there are some frills that no one really wants to leave behind—even when you plan on roughin’ it! Cutlery—forks, spoons, and knives—is one invention that you really don’t want to go camping without. Unless you’re just really into your chopsticks or you’re constantly opting for finger foods, you probably use a fork, a spoon, or a knife each and every day.

To be fair, primitive people in the Stone Age used eating utensils like spoons and knives pretty much since Day One. It seems we’ve never really been without eating utensils (they just didn’t look quite like the refined silverware we use so often now). What does the history of cutlery look like? Let’s investigate:

Knives are thought to be the first on the scene, long before civilization started. Sharp stones were likely collected along the way of our Stone Age ancestors’ travels as they would be used to cut meat, vegetables, fruit, and anything else they may have needed to cut.

Spoons are thought to have come along soon after if not the same time as the knife. Folks in the early days would find hollowed out pieces of wood or seashells and connect them to wooden sticks to be used as spoons.

While there was a very early appearance of the knife and spoon, it was hundreds of thousands of years before the fork came along. Ancient Chinese civilization brought chopsticks about 5000 years ago. The fork followed after another thousand years—carved from wood or animal bones back in its beginning. They were initially made rather large as it was originally intended for serving rather than eating.

The Roman Empire’s metallurgy industry transformed eating utensils into pieces of bronze and silver—a great upgrade from the typical materials: wood, bone, and stone. Nowadays, cutlery has mostly remained metal with the same basic design, but the advent of plastic has seen plastic cutlery which experimented with the spoon and fork combination, the spork. With that, enjoy perusing our cutlery options for camping in our Mess Kit options. Take a look by clicking here. As always, thanks for reading!


- John

The KEEN Machine

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Just last week I put out a Blog post about our latest trail shoes from KEEN—specifically the Targhee Hiking Boot. I told you about their masterful construction with unmatched KEEN technology, comfort, and protection. Get a refresher on the Targhee when you click right here. Take a look at the rest of our KEEN collection!

Hiking Boot
After the Targhee Hiking Boots for kids, women, and men, there’s one more Hiking Boot that we brought on board—the Ridge Flex Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot. These Boots flex easier with KEEN.BELLOWS FLEX, requiring less energy to bend and less wear on the boot.  

Sport Shoe
Get a load of our latest Sport Shoes: the Targhee Sport Vent Shoe for kids, the Voyageur Shoe for men, and the Women's Terradora II Vent Shoe. Made with breathable mesh lining, these Sport Shoes are designed to keep you going when the going gets tough.

Then we have incredibly versatile and amphibious hybrid sandals that can go right from being in the water to hiking a trail in no time. The Big Kid's Newport H2 Sandals, Men's Newport H2 Sandal, and Women's Whisper Sandal are all made to dry quickly and grip like mad!

On the lookout for a new pair of shoes? We carry an impressive variety of shoes, sandals, and boots from all different brands like Northside, Merrell, and more. We’ve got essential footwear for summer camp such as water shoes, sport sandals, tennis shoes, horse riding boots, and more!

We have your feet covered for the summer! Browse all of our KEEN footwear when you click right here and you can shop the rest of our footwear selection by clicking here. Enjoy finding the right footwear for you and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John