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Summer Brees

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Hey, Football Fans!

Who doesn’t love a nice Brees? Drew Brees, that is! We definitely do, here at Everything Summer Camp—after all, Drew was a summer camper himself back in the day! I posted about this beloved quarterback and how he attended Camp Champions in Marble Falls. I disclosed that information on the last Blog post I wrote about him from a number of years ago. A serious winner, get a load of Mr. Drew Brees here and learn a thing or two or three about him!

You can read the previous Blog post I wrote about him by clicking right here. But, since it’s been so long since his last post, I thought we could revisit Drew to get to know him a little bit better.

Brees-y, You Were Born This Way!

When he was a young boy, Drew was teased because of a birthmark he had on his right cheek. He was given the option to have his mark removed, but he decided—despite the adversity it brought—to keep his mark. It’s brought him adversity, yes—but it also brought him a sense of individuality and character.

Born to Quarterback!

Brees’ success in football seems to track the generations in his family. His mother’s brother, Uncle Marty Akins, was a quarterback with the Texas Longhorns and his grandfather from his mother’s side, Ray Akins, was a Texas High School football coach. And both of Drew’s parents were interested in athleticism to a certain degree as well and encouraged Drew’s investment in the world of sports.

Determination Does You Good

By his second year playing as high school quarterback at Westlake School, Brees wanted to quit football because he didn’t have faith in his skills as an athlete. Baseball was a passion of his as well and he thought he had a better shot in Baseball than he did Football. His friends and family encouraged him to stick with football and he ended up earning varsity letterman in basketball, football, AND baseball! And look at him now!

We love the true-to-self style of Drew and I hope these facts were new for all of you about this fantastic football player and former summer camper. If you have interest in checking out his old stomping grounds at Camp Champions, give them a closer look some time. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Reese LOUISE!!

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Hey, Reese Fans!

And who isn’t a fan of Reese Witherspoon?  We definitely are here at Everything Summer Camp—after all, Reese was a summer camper herself back in the day! I posted about this beloved actress and how she attended Camp Monterey. I disclosed that information on the last Blog post I wrote about Reese from a number of years ago.

You can read the previous Blog post I wrote about her by clicking right here. Reese Witherspoon went to summer camp when she was young.Since it’s been so long since her last post, I thought we could revisit Reese to get to know her a little bit better.

Looking up to Dolly

Reese grew up in Nashville, Tennessee as well as her childhood hero: Dolly Parton. Reese would dream from a young age of someday becoming an entertainer of some sorts. After talking the only commercial agent in Nashville into representing her as a high schooler, Reese went out for a casting call for 1991’s ‘The Man in the Moon’—her film debut.

Reese Bookworm Witherspoon

Reese is a nerd!—a book nerd! And I mean that 100% as a compliment! The word ‘nerd’ doesn’t hold the same negative connotation that it once did and Reese definitely fits the bill. Reese actually has her own production company in which she attains the rights to books and turns them into movies (you know, every author’s dream)!

Not Least is Easter!

She offered the information in an interview with Vogue Magazine that her favorite holiday is Easter. With this holiday approaching soon, I thought I’d share her enjoyment of family time spent hiding plastic eggs on one another and gathering for a special meal.

We love the down-to-earth, family feel that Reese exudes. I hope these facts were new for all of you as well about a wonderful actress and former summer camper. If you have interest in checking out her old stomping grounds at Camp Monterey, give them a closer look some time. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

A Day in the Life of Dreyfus

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Hey, Campers!

You know how much you love your summer camp experience? Well, your favorite celebrities loved their camp experiences just as much when they were your age just as much as you love yours now. Julia Louis-Dreyfus, for instance, had a blast during her time away at summer camp. Learn all about Julia Louis Dreyfus and her claim to fame!

Julia went to the Sidwell Friends Tennis Camp where she picked up on some impressive skills handling a racket and found some summer camp friends along the way. Lots of kids enjoy being able to get a laugh out of their friends. Julia loved it! Comedy had always been a passion of hers.

She performed in the Second City Theater (which should sound familiar to you if you read the Everything Summer Camp Blog post about Chris Farley as he too performed at this theater, as did other famous comedians like Steve Carell, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Stephen Colbert, and Shelley Long to name just a few). 

In one night’s fortunate performance in 1982, Julia was eventually asked to join the cast of the national TV show “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) on NBC. At this point she was only 21 years old which made her the youngest female member of the cast throughout the program’s history since 1975.

On SNL, Julia worked alongside up and coming contemporaries like Eddie Murphy, Jim Belushi, Billy Crystal, and Martin Short. She also worked with a writer named Larry David who wrote for SNL at the time, co-creator of the breakthrough sitcom “Seinfeld,” also on NBC. Larry cast Julia in 1989 for her own breakthrough part—Elaine Benes.

More recently, Julia played Christine Campbell in “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” as well as Selina Meyer in “Veep”. Julia has received three Emmys, along with a Golden Globe Award, and five Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Julia is passionate about comedy. What are you passionate about?


- John

Who Doesn't Want More Portman?!

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Hey, Natalie Fanatics!

Pretty much everybody has fallen in love with her since we all first met her. She’s America’s sweetheart and a Hollywood legend! Today I’m revisiting Natalie Portman! I posted about this beautiful actress a handful of years ago when we were first launching the Blog. Since I posted about her some five years back, I thought we’d go back in order to get to know Natalie at least a little bit better.Get ready for round 2 of posting on this beautiful actress!

In her previous post, I discussed how she attended Stage Door Manor and some other information like her most notable projects in her acting career. I also covered interesting little tidbits, like awards and nominations she’s won and other life achievements. Today, however, I want to go real deep so we can attempt to really get to understand who Natalie Portman is, not as a celebrity, but as a person:

Natalie “Not-in-the-Morning” Portman

As she confessed to Harper’s Bazaar, “If I didn’t have kids or didn’t have to go to work, I’d probably sleep till noon! But I do work and I do have kids, so I’m up and alert.” But she doesn’t like it! The leader of a well-disciplined life, Natalie has adapted to being up early, but she’s made it clear that if she had things totally her own way, she wouldn’t see much of the AM.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

We all end up at least a little bit like our parents in one way or another throughout our lives! Natalie was exactly like her mom in one very specific way from the very first day she was born. It was the day she was born—the same birthday as her mother, June 9. Isn’t that interesting?!

Psychology and Natalie

“I don’t care if [college] ruins my career; I’d rather be smart than a movie star,” Natalie was once quoted. She graduated with a Bachelors in psychology from Harvard in 2003. Of course she’s gone on to achieve a successful acting career, but she’s a legit nerd too! Her published paper, ‘Frontal Lobe Activation during Object Permanence: Data from Near-Infrared Spectroscopy’ makes my head hurt by its title alone.

Natalie has accomplished much in her life and learned so much in the process. An incredibly bright, shining star herself, a great quote of hers sums up how I always felt about my education: “I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.” And, with that, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Adam Levine Sets the Scene

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Hey, Summer Camp Fans!

We love featuring celebrities who are former summer campers from back in the day. I first started posting about celebrities who had attended camp in 2013 and, since then, I’ve covered over 100 celebrities on this Blog. Having covered so much ground, it seems appropriate to backtrack and retread some of the famous folks who were already featured to take a deeper look.Adam Levine is the man with the microphone using his gift of song to entertain millions.

So, in his post from five years ago, we learned that Adam Levine attended Camp French Woods Festival of Performing Arts in his childhood along with some other facts such as the original name of the band before Maroon 5 was Maroon 5 (it was Kara’s Flowers) as well as his interest in theater on the side of music.

Well, I figured it’d be fun to go over some other points about Mr. Levine you might not have known that we didn’t quite get around to in the first post:

Did you Maroon 5 fanatics know that the lead man has dealt with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ever since he was a young boy? He uses medication to help ease some of the Disorder’s symptoms and has learned to cope with it in other ways throughout his life as well. To help others with ADHD, Adam speaks and shares his coping methods.

In his previous post, I told you about Adam’s interest in not only music, but theater too. Did you know that he dabbles in writing as well? He’s well-familiarized with songwriting—sure, but he’s also worked as a writer’s assistant for the old CBS show ‘Judging Amy’. At that point, he had no idea where his music career was headed.

First Kiss at Camp
So we’ve been over that Adam went to Camp French Woods Festival of Performing Arts. What I didn’t tell you is that he had his first kiss when he was there from a girl named Kattie. He recalls walking with her one evening after dinner and says that she suddenly went for it and took him for quite a surprise. He said it kind of freaked him out. After all, he was only 11 years old.

Stretching and Breathing…Who Knew?
A big fan and advocate of yoga, Adam practices his routine prior to every Maroon 5 show. He’s so dedicated that he brings his instructor along for band tours to keep him focused and disciplined. Adam was introduced to the practice of yoga when he broke a collarbone weight-lifting. He fell in love and has been committed ever since.

On the subject of yoga, Adam has commented that it “Carves you into a different person—and that is satisfying physically” as well as to say that “Yoga takes what you have and molds and sculpts it, which is a much more natural way to look and feel.” Take Adam’s word and maybe give yoga a try for yourself if you never have before. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John