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Diane in Roatán

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Hey, Camp Folks!

When those of us who work here at Everything Summer Camp head out on some adventurous excursion, we love to feature the story on our Blog. It was only last month that our Call Center Supervisor Diane took a week off to travel nearly 2000 miles away to one of the Caribbean islands of Honduras called Roatán.

Roatán provides a great location of the coral reef which attracts all sorts of different submarine life, so this island is known for its excellent snorkeling and SCUBA diving opportunities. They even have two summer camps for anybody who’s interested in checking them out! They have the Vista Verde Summer Camp as well as the Dolphin Scuba Summer Camp.

Diane journeyed to Roatán on missionary work to build a new house for a family of 11 in one of the poverty-stricken villages of the island. With a crew of roughly 20 people, they built a new house in four days! And with just one day left for fun, Diane hit the water for her snorkeling adventure!

See What’s Under the Sea

She went with a group, but she and a friend of hers got separated. They were trying to catch up with the group, but an islander popped up out of nowhere with an orange flotation device and offered to show them around wherever they wanted to go. “Grab on,” he said. He pulled them wherever they wanted to go and dove down and resurface with different treasures from below like a giant conch (a seashell with the sea creature still inside). And, though she didn’t get to see it, Diane said he brought a starfish up for some other folks! Recalling the whole experience, she said, “That was so awesome!”

A Horse Named Bird

After a couple hours of snorkeling, her group caught a water taxi over to the beach where they were met with the horses they’d be riding! It had been at least 25 years since Diane had been on a horse and it was her dream to ride a horse way out in the ocean. She wanted to gallop one too. Wouldn’t fate have it that Diane got to ride Bird, the most stubborn horse in Roatán. He wouldn’t go into the ocean, when directed to. The tour guide knew the horse could, but Bird had to be led out into the ocean. After the walk back to dry land, Diane was excited to gallop, but Bird wasn’t. Once again, the guide said he knew the horse could, but was apparently just not in the galloping mood. Though Bird turned out to be a wet blanket of a horse, Diane still loved her experience with him!

Slothin’ it up and Monkeyin’ Around

After horseriding, Diane and her group headed over to a Sloth and Monkey Farm where you can just hold an adorable sloth or monkey as you please. Can you imagine walking around the homestead where all these gentle, cuddly creatures live? And after their visit to the Sloth and Monkey Farm, they visited another farm full of nothing but iguanas. An entire farm of iguanas, just hanging out around your feet! Watch your step!

This was all in one day! It was an incredible thrill for Diane—she deserves it! But even so, when I asked what her favorite part of the trip was, she referred back to the people whose villages she visited and told me, “I think my favorite part was seeing how happy people can be with nothing.” You can learn much more about her work with the missionaries, the people of Roatán, and donations to the cause made from Everything Summer Camp on our Facebook post when you click here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John



Rae Reaches the Top

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Hey, Fellow Adventurers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we embrace the rugged reality of the wilderness and finding our place within it. So we’re excited to take you on a trip today with Reannon, a three-year veteran on our customer service team and a bonafide explorer as she recounts her trip to the Blackhills in South Dakota’s Custer State Park. A four-day trip with her good friend, Jake, made for a The fantastic sight at the top of Black Elk Peak!challenging and literally breathtaking adventure that she won’t be forgetting soon!

She set out with her Backpack from The North Face. “I’ve had it for five years and it has been to more states then a backpack should,” she said with a laugh. She brought along a 30° Kelty Sleeping Bag that she used to curl up in inside an ENO DoubleNest Hammock. With a cooking pan, some food, and a solid pair of waterproof hiking boots, Rae and Jake made their way to South Dakota.

Arriving in the second week of August last summer, Rae and Jake made their way up Black Elk Peak on a day no cooler than 90°! However, as they made their way to the top, the temps began to drop by the tens. One hour in and it was already down to 83°—a welcome change about three miles into the journey up the peak, 7,244 ft. up in total.

The rugged adventure Rae conquered.Rae reported that her ears had popped at about 2500ft.—only a third of the way up. And as the temperature dropped the wind grew. She described the majesty of the swaying pines and the difficulty she had catching a satisfactory breath. “The whole time it was kind of hard to breathe,” she told me.

In just two and half hours more, Rae and Jake had accomplished their nine-mile journey to the unbelievable outlook on the top of Black Elk Peak. The pictures are great, but they can’t come close to seeing it for yourself.

The next day they took things a bit easier, but they still put 3,000 ft. of the woodsy Lover’s Leap trail beneath them. There weren’t many people out there with them, but they saw some wildlife including two mountain goats and a “ridiculous amount of deer.”

“The sleeping bag worked perfectly,” Rae mentioned. “It was thin enough but kept me warm when it was super cold at night. My hammock was hands down the best birthday gift I ever got! I use it almost every single day and it’s the most durable hammock ever—so easy to get in and out of and it keeps the bugs away too.”

Rae had been getting into the outdoorsy life for the previous three years, but hiking Black Elk Peak and Lover’s Leap was her first big adventure. And she’s not stopping anytime soon. She sees Banff, a Canadian resort town that contains Mt. Rundle and Mt. Cascade (part of the Rocky Mountains).  She also would love to visit Boulder, Colorado someday. “I just need to see it and do it myself,” she says. Enjoy seeing the great outdoors for yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- JohnSee the sight for yourself!

Resolutions Resolved

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Hey, Camp People!

Employees around the office here at Everything Summer Camp had set goals for themselves going into 2019 when the year was new and I’d been keeping tabs on everybody. Some of us had lost sight of our resolutions and threw in the towel—myself being in that group as I’d disappointed myself with my stunted growth in being less judgmental toward others.

With a few others stepping down along the way, we still had four folks in the running nearly halfway into the year when I last checked in with everyone. However, along with summer weather and our hectic busy season here at work, folks have started slipping out of control.

In fact, our Resolution Check-ups are concluded after today’s post as we only have one person left in the running!

Congratulations, Diane!

Diane is still going strong with her resolution to do random acts of kindness for random people to do her part in making the world a better place! She’s done some pretty incredible things for folks and doesn’t skimp with her generosity; as she puts it, “It doesn’t count unless it hurts a little.”

To try and reciprocate her generosity, Diane came into work this week to the surprise of flowers sitting on her desk as a prize for her unending kindness!

As for Morgan, she is now a college-graduate who came out in the end with all A’s and one B. Just shy of her goal, but at this point, who cares?! She’s done with college! Congratulations, Morgan!

Summer seems to have brought irresistible temptations to for Amy with too many ice cream treats around and neighborhood barbecues.

The approaching summer season means things get super busy here at Everything Summer Camp which means Anita isn’t really thinking about her healthy habits right now as she is just focused on making things happen at work. We certainly appreciate that and are sure all of you do too!

A really good effort from everyone, I’m very proud of all of us for our attempts in bettering ourselves and the world around us! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Resolution Evolution

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Hey, Camp Fans!

And then there were four. Resolutions can be hard to stick by. I’m proud of those who have stuck to theirs and wish well upon those who couldn’t keep it up. But while some of us have lost sight of our resolutions, others are doing better than ever.

Check out who’s still going strong!

Amy, who’s eating better, reported that the Easter Bunny gave her a challenge over the Sunday holiday a few weeks ago, but she’s happy to be back to healthier habits! Keep it up, Amy!

Anita made her resolution to be more mindful of her overall health. She was proud to report that her healthy habits have been in full swing and continue so as we move into May. Nice job, Anita!

Diane has been doing her best to help people out more. In April, Diane was excited to report that she’s outdone herself from last month. Awesome job, Diane!

Morgan resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college. She’s looking at a single B at this point, but the semester isn’t over yet! Keep up the good work, Morgan! You got this! The April showers are sure to bring May flowers!As for the resolutions put out for themselves by Nate and Matt, it’s not goodbye—it’s just see you later. While Matt may not feel too good about his weightwatching currently and Nate’s family time has seen a dip in the busier summer season, these guys still plan to return to these good habits as soon as they can.

Resolutions are challenging and the year is long! Don’t let the setbacks hold you back! Amy, Anita, Diane, and Morgan are doing excellent (and Bob who resolved not to change a bit has remained just the way he likes himself—the same. Good job, Bob)! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019, Everyone. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Making it Through March

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’re still truckin’ along with our Resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year here at Everything Summer Camp. Bringing these pieces of positivity into the springtime, folks around the office aren’t necessarily finding it easy, but are sticking to their intentions for improvement.

Check out how we’re doing! On the corner of determination and dedication.

Amy, who’s eating better, is still proud to say that she’s happy with her healthy habits. Folks around the office even vouch for her as they spot her with a salad for lunch every day. Way to go, Amy!

Anita made her resolution to be more mindful of her overall health. She reported back that it’s been a tough month with temptations sitting right in her house. She’s hanging in there, though with a firm attitude for the future! You got this, Anita!

Diane has been doing her best to help people out more. In March, she donated to a summer camp program that pays for kids to go to camp that otherwise couldn’t afford it. And she made purchases for the folks behind her in line at the store on two separate occasions. Awesome job, Diane!

Matt is watching his weight. After a couple of very successful months, Matt confessed to gaining back several pounds in March. He isn’t, however, letting this discourage him from continuing to keep an eye on his weight. Keep it up, Matt!

Morgan resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college. She’s still pulling it off! “Barely,” she noted, “But it’s still an A!” Maintain that A, Morgan!

Nate is shooting for more ‘playtime’ with his kids and general family time. He’s had solid success too, taking advantage of snow days in the beginning of March and enjoying time outside by the end. Nate and his wife, Katie are teaching their kids simple lawn work and playing with them outside. Great stuff, Nate!

For my own resolution, I strived to be less judgmental and have more patience. I still plan to be mindful of these qualities, however, I am bowing out of the Blog updates as I’ve let areas of my life get the best of me one too many times in the last couple months. I’d like to turn this negative thinking around as soon as I can.

Resolutions are challenging and the year is long! We’re bound to be faced with rough patches along the way! Don’t let the setbacks keep you back! Everybody is still doing great (especially Bob who has remained just the way he likes himself—the same. Good job, Bob)! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019, Everyone and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John