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Matt's Plan of Attack

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Hey, Camp Folks!

With his crazy sense of humor, solid determination, and wild eccentricities, Matt is our Sales Director who forges our great relationships with summer camps all over the country. He’s played a vital role in helping kids get their camp trunks and camping gear on time, the growth of Everything Summer Camp, and the overall shaping of our company for almost 18 years.

Today we’re going to find out what Matt would do if he got to go to summer camp right now as an adult. He couldn’t settle on a single activity so he gave me his top three. Check out his list for camp activities right here:

Matt’s never been sailing before, but he knows he definitely enjoy it. “I like the water,” he told me. Also, ever since a friend of Matt’s got certified for sailing and traveled to the Dominican, it really set the hook in Matt. “I think it’d be a fun hobby to learn!”

Shooting trap has been a passion of Matt’s since he was pretty young—12, he thinks. It’s been a while since he’s had the time and opportunity to return to the sport. He even inherited his own clay pigeon throwing machine from his dad. Despite that, it’s been 10 years since he tried his hand. Last he saw, his skill level was pretty good. “I could hit 20/25,” he told me.

Another lifelong interest of Matt’s is learning to play the guitar. He likes country music and would love to learn some classics from artists like Brooks & Dunn and Diamond Rio. He first tried learning it 20 years back, but didn’t get too far with it. A couple years ago, he made another attempt at learning the instrument. He picked up some basics and can now play most of the major chords.

What have you had the opportunity to do at summer camp? Do you share any of Matt’s interests? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks. Happy camping! 


- John


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  • We want to invite Matt to visit Camps Towering Pines & Woodland this summer to get going on those favorite activities🤗

    JoAnne J* Trimpe on

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