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Common Ground Between Camp and Halloween

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Hey there, Halloween-Loving Camp Folks!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re big fans of Halloween. Summer camp and first thought, the two don’t have anything in common. Upon further inspection, however, it makes perfect sense. There are actually more than a few similarities between summer camp and the festivities surrounding Halloween and the harvest season.

Both Halloween and summer camp are all about fun times and abounding excitement! They both help shape a sense of community and they both encourage creativity as well as imagination. Let’s take a deeper look at some other similarities between the two…


Traditions and Rituals

Both Halloween and summer camp have their own set of cherished traditions and rituals. Whether it's lighting jack-o'-lanterns and going trick-or-treating or singing campfire songs and going for a hike, these customs become an integral part of the experience and create a sense of nostalgia.

Outdoor Activities

While Halloween is typically celebrated in the fall, the season often includes outdoor activities like haunted hayrides, corn mazes, apple orchards, and pumpkin patches. It’s also a great time of year (weather provided) for a woodsy walk so you can see the explosion of colors among the trees! Summer camp too revolves around outdoor adventures such as hiking, swimming, and campfires, creating a shared love for the great outdoors.

Independence and Growth

Summer camp encourages independence and personal growth as children learn new skills, face challenges, and gain self-confidence. Halloween allows kids to step out of their comfort zones by wearing costumes and interacting with neighbors, helping them develop social and communication skills—maybe even face a fear or two!


Whether you're around a campfire or carving a jack-o'-lantern, these experiences help shape our lives and create lasting memories. So, as you prepare for your Halloween fun, give a little nod to all the summer camp similarities you pick up on and appreciate the common threads that bind these two beloved traditions together. Thanks for reading, Everyone. Have a splendidly spooky holiday and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

Friday Misfortune in Ominous October

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Friday the 13th. It’s a date that on its own conjures superstitions and trepidation for many. But it becomes even more foreboding when it occurs in the month of October. Why is it that this particular combination of day, date, and month should send shivers down our spines? What’s the reason behind the eerie reputation of Friday the 13th and learn why Friday the 13th in October is considered exceptionally UNLUCKY.

Freaky Fridays
Fridays have long been considered unfavorable and associated with bad luck in various cultures. Sailors often consider setting sail on a Friday to be bad luck (possibly due to historical Friday occurrences of shipwrecks). Old English Folklore told tales of witches and other malevolent entities who were particularly active on this penultimate day of the week. Some Asian cultures associate Fridays with the dead when shrines are cleaned and offerings are made to loved ones who have passed on.

A Baker’s Dreaded Dozen
Similarly, the number 13 has garnered a sinister reputation. This fear of the number 13, known as triskaidekaphobia, has its roots in ancient history. Some suggest that it dates back to Norse mythology, where a feast in Valhalla attended by 12 gods was disrupted by the uninvited 13th guest, Loki, who caused chaos and tragedy. This apprehension towards the number 13 has persisted through centuries.


Sinister History
October's association with Halloween compounds the unease. The holiday itself revels in themes of the supernatural and people embracing eerie traditions throughout the month. This creates a backdrop of fear against which Friday the 13th in October is perceived. When a month's 13th day coincides with a Friday, it’s easy to see how people’s fear behind both elements converges and creates and intensified perception of bad luck. And the rarity of this alignment adds to the mystique, occurring only once or twice a year.

The fear that Friday the 13th instills is a complex interplay of cultural beliefs, historical events, and pop culture influences. While some may dismiss it as mere superstition, the unease associated with this date—especially in the month of October—remains deeply ingrained in our collective consciousness, ensuring that we’re all a little more careful and on edge this day. Stay safe and stay superstitious! Thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Summer Solstice: The Longest Day of the Year

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Hey, Summer Lovers!

With the summer season officially upon us, we're excited to arrive at the Summer Solstice—the day the sun travels the longest path through the sky. The summer season is one of laughter, adventure, and basking in sun showers.

Many campers are already off, embarking on their summer camp stay for the season, shooting arrows, riding horses, and roasting s’mores. However, if your camp adventure has yet to begin, celebrate the brightest day of the year today by soaking up as much sunlight as you can and anticipating the summer fun that lies ahead.

Outdoor Adventure

Make this summer season your best one yet, kicking it off officially today on the Summer Solstice. Are you ready for an incredible journey filled with sunshine and endless fun! Here are just a few tips and pieces of advice to successful summer fun!

Soaking Up the Sun

Get your sunscreen ready; we're about to dive into a world of serious sunshine! From dawn to dusk, the sun calls us awake early in the morning and charges us with enough energy to squeeze the last bit of fun from the day late at night. Too much sun can create a painful or even dangerous circumstance without the proper protection. Make sure to stay safe this summer and use sunscreen. Shop our selection when you click right here.


Eating Out

When the sun is shining bright, it’s the perfect time to find yourself in the thick of an excursion through the wilderness! Don’t miss a second of the sunshine and enjoy your meals using our outdoor meal kits and cutlery while sitting on a stump, log, or just a clean piece of earth.


Taking a Dip When Temperatures Rise

When the sun gets to be too intense, there's no escape quite like a refreshing plunge into cooling waters. At our online store, we've got you covered with a wide range of swimwear options that combine style, comfort, and durability. Whether it's girls’ fashionable one-pieces or boys’ sporty swim trunks, our swimwear collection is designed to make every splash a fun summer experience.

The summer season is all about igniting our inner fire! It's a season of growth, discovery, and becoming the best version of ourselves. As the sun soars high in the sky, we rise to the occasion, embracing exciting challenges and stepping out of our comfort zones. Embrace the magic of the season and your summer camp journey. Enjoy the Solstice today. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


Site-Wide Sale for Memorial Day Weekend

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Happy Memorial Day!

As summer approaches, families all over are preparing for the start of the summer season—backyard parties, vacations, summer camp. But before we dive into all the fun and excitement of summer camp and our fun plans for the season, it's important to take today to remember the true meaning of Memorial Day. A federal holiday observed on the last Monday in May, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all the fallen soldiers who died serving in the United States armed forces.

While it's important to remember the sacrifices that so many brave men and women have made to protect our freedom, we often times associate Memorial Day itself with backyard barbecues and the ‘unofficial start of summer fun’ as many consider it.

After visiting family or putting the grill away, remember to take advantage of our extensive Memorial Day Weekend Sale! The sale only lasts through tomorrow, so there's still time, but I wouldn't dally! You definitely don't want to miss out on this site-wide sale for great deals on all of our camp trunks, including Traditional Steel Trunks, Designer Trunks, as well as Soft Trunks! 

On top of all that we have discounts on select Trunk Accessories and a laundry list of camp gear and other camping supplies. Laundry BAGS? Yep! They're on the list too. Enjoy combing across our whole store to find great deals and get a more detailed breakdown on our sale announcement post by clicking right here.

As we honor the memory of those who have selflessly given their lives in service to our country, let us cherish the freedoms they fought to protect. Remember, Memorial Day is not just a day of celebration, but a time to reflect on the tremendous sacrifices made by our fallen heroes. From all of us at Everything Summer Camp, we wish you a meaningful Memorial Day and a summer filled with unforgettable camp experiences! Thanks for reading.


- John

HUGE Memorial Day Sale Starts Today at Everything Summer Camp

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Memorial Day is just around the corner and we’re kicking the summer season off in style here at Everything Summer Camp! We’re thrilled to announce our Memorial Day Weekend Sale. Incredible deals and savings start today and we’ll be running this sale through Tuesday, May 30th. Right now is the perfect time to shop camp essentials, find the perfect gear, and take advantage of exceptional discounts found all throughout our store.

Too Many Discounts to Count!

Because of material shortages we’ve faced in the last few years, this marks our first SITEWIDE SALE since 2020. And we've gone all out to make this Memorial Day Weekend Sale our biggest and best yet. With an extensive selection of products, there are too many discounted items to mention individually in this Blog post, so we’ll just cover the major highlights!

Save on Summer Camp Trunks and Trunk Stuff

For all of our trunks we’re taking $20 off the regular price—that includes our Traditional Steel Trunks, Designer Trunks, as well as our Pop Up Soft Trunks. After you pick up your discounted trunk, maximize its functionality with 15% off on select Trunk Accessories.

Discounted Summer Camp Supplies

The number one rule of packing for summer camp is LABEL EVERYTHING. So we’re taking 20% off of all name labels! An item found on pretty much every overnight camp packing list, laundry bags can be found at 15% off for specific bags. Lastly—they’re not called ‘essentials’ for nothin’! We’re offering select toiletries at 10% off the regular price.

Dropped Prices on Select Personalized Products

Personalizing camp gear is a major way to give your camper a sense of ownership over their camp stay and help prevent feelings of homesickness. That’s why we’re taking 15% off the regular price of select Personalized Products like our Bunk Organizer, Shower Caddy, and Gear Up Toiletry Pouch.


Camp Gear Clearance

Find excellent deals throughout our site on specific pieces of gear. Enjoy 25% off on products like the Gear Up Torch 1000 LED Flashlight, the Deluxe Fan/Light Combo, and the Everything Summer Camp Sit Anywhere Chair! You’ll find other products with a 15% discount such as the Under Armour Hustle 5.0 Backpack, the Nalgene Wide Mouth 32oz Water Bottle, and the Kelty Kids’ Callisto 30° Sleeping Bag.


Reduced Prices on Writing Materials

If you want to get word from your camper while they’re away, you’ve got to make it fun and easy. You’ll see select Camp Stationery at 20% off on products like our ESC Camp Stationery Sets, a 5 Pack of our Summer Camp Greeting Cards, and Variety 10-Pack of Postcards.

Remember that these deals I just covered are only the tip of our Memorial Day Weekend Sale iceberg! After these special—mentions, there's still an acre of discounted products you can find across our entire website like select bedding products, towels, and plenty more.

Rest assured, you'll find incredible savings across various categories, making this the perfect opportunity to stock up and save big. Get your child ready to go for summer camp with awesome discounts on gear that last for a limited time only—through Tuesday, May 30. Don’t miss out! And, as always, Happy Camping.


- John