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Light Whose Fire?

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you send your camper off fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience. While we pride ourselves greatly on the footlocker trunks that are expertly manufactured right here in our factory, we’re also proud of our awesome camping gear selection. Consisting of great brand names like Lewis N Clark, Outdoor Products, and Coghlan’s, you can find the best quality camping gear right here.

Another brand name present on our website is Light My Fire—a great name Convenient for outdoor eating, the Light My Fire products at Everything Summer Camp are fantastic!underneath the parent company Industrial Revolution. Their story begins back in 1971 in Redmond, Washington when a group of outdoor enthusiasts started manufacturing their own camping lanterns among other products.

The Industrial Revolution/Light My Fire family consists of people who feel a draw toward wilderness activities of all sorts including hiking, camping, biking, boating, and more! Light My Fire became a part of Industrial Revolution in 2005 and since then the brand has skyrocketed in popularity among camp fans!

You know Light My Fire is a name you can trust by the way they perceive their company duties: manufacturing high-quality products, running a reliable service for brand dealers (like Everything Summer Camp), and making sure their employees are well cared for. As if that isn’t enough, the Industrial Revolution team is always looking for ways to improve the sustainability, efficiency, and the precision of their production and overall business.

Aware of this outfits high standard of business, we here at Everything Summer Camp have been sure to include them in our Vendor Spotlights and make Light My Fire products available on our online camping gear store! Find the Light My Fire LunchKit that includes two high-edged plates, two different sizes of waterproof SnapBoxes, and a combination spoon-fork-knife for a variety of food storage as well as their 23 oz., collapsible, Pack-up Bottle.

Shop only the best brands for your camping gear and other summer camp supplies throughout the excellent selections on our online store and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

TexSport Support

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Hey, Camp People!

When it comes to summer camp, we like to think that we do the best in assisting your preparations. After all, we strive to not only offer the best in quality gear for summer camp, but also offer the knowledge and advice that will be helpful as your camper continues down the summer camp path. And while we’d love to take all the credit, we certainly couldn’t think of ourselves in such high stature without the involvement of many othersCamping is even more awesome when you're fully equipped!.

Because our work relies on a collaborative effort, we like to sing the praises of the summer camps and vendors with whom we have great working relationships. We’re proud to offer the camp gear that’s available on our website and we certainly owe our gratitude to TexSport when it comes to some of our most essential camping gear.

Products like the Self Inflating Ground Pad, Deluxe Fan/Light, Mosquito Bunk Netting, as well as the Pack-Lite Ground Pad all play a huge part in our camping gear selection! Get a good look at the best gear for campers who want to go exploring by clicking right here.

Offering excellent gear for your summer camp adventures since the 60s, TexSport knows the business of camping and outdoor recreational equipment. With these excellent products from TexSport, you can go camping in style and be prepared when you plan on roughin’ it! Bring luxury, comfort, and convenience with you when you travel into the wilderness.

With practical gear of theirs available right here, we’re happy to stand behind TexSport and their quality products. We hope you appreciate TexSport camping gear as much as we do here at Everything Summer Camp! Bring only the best camping gear with you into the wilderness with you and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!

- John

‘Allo, Aloe!

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Hey, Camp Families!

Just like you, Everything Summer Camp is invested in getting your camper fully prepared for camp and ready to get the most out of the experience. And just for that reason, we’re sure to carry some of the best names in the camping gear market. These popular brand names instill confidence in our shoppers while browsing our online shop, ensuring a certain level of quality and craftsmanship for your camper’s comfort and convenience.

Keep your skin feeling good and protected in the summer sun!Moms and Dads, you’ll want to be sure you acquire the proper skin care when you send your camper off for his or her summer stay! One of the biggest summertime risks to your child’s health is overexposure to the sun and the undesirable risk only goes up at camp where every day is made up of hours spent in the great outdoors.

When shopping for your child’s sunscreen, be sure to invest in a product that provides that sufficient UV protection that provides the protection required from your kid’s skin. Aloe Gator and Lil Gator sunscreen products boast powerful UV-blocking capabilities with gentle, no-sting ingredients.

Since 1970, the AGS company (Aloe Gator Suncare) has led the sun protection industry in creating waterproof lotions, spray bottles, SPF lip balms, and more products specially-designed for children and infants. We pride ourselves, here at Everything Summer Camp, in the wide selection of the latest sun-protection products that we carry from Aloe Gator and Lil Gator.

Ensure your child’s protection from sun burns and dangerous UV damage. It’s important to invest in quality sunscreen your camper’s trip away from home; shop our Aloe Gator inventory by clicking here to get the sun care products that suit your child’s needs. Stay protected during your fun in the sun this summer! And, as always, thanks for reading.

- John

Repel to Reduce Insect Irritation!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

It’s our mission here at Everything Summer Camp to help you in every way we can in sending your kids off to summer camp. Just like you, we want to ensure that they are fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience that lies before them. That’s why we’re proud to carry some of the best names in camping gear to give you confidence while you shop and quality while at camp. Repel those pesky bugs with Repel!

Not just a pesky reality of summer camp, but the great outdoors in general—insects have a tendency to ruin a party. Don’t let it happen. One of the best ways to protect against insects is by wearing insect repellent when venturing into the summer wilderness. For uncompromised protection and safety where it counts, there are few better brands of insect repellent than Repel.

In addition to being a general annoyance, many insect pests can also spread disease, turning them from pesky nuisance to an invasive danger. It’s important to take the necessary protective measures when you head into buggy areas whether you’re hanging out in your backyard or hiking through the deep woods.

Repel brand’s complete line of insect repellents are designed specifically for sportsmen and their families to fit any activity or terrain. Offering a variety of all-natural products as well as chemical-employed alternatives, Repel has you covered with kid-safe and high-performing products to keep the bugs away.

You can also find different sizes and levels of effectiveness, like the portable pen-size spray bottle, right here on Repel’s Brand Page on our Main Site.

Repel products are manufactured by United Industries Corporation—a leading manufacturer of value brand consumer products for the lawn & garden care and insect control.

Outdoor enthusiasts have made Repel the number one brand of insect protection in the sporting goods market. Repel is an excellent choice for any summer camper looking to stay protected from insects this summer. Order your Repel Insect Repellent by clicking here at Everything Summer Camp today and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Check Out Real Kids Shades

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We work with so many great people here at Everything Summer Camp, which is why we like to use this Blog as a platform every now and again to express our gratitude toward the awesome companies with whom we’ve formed excellent relationships! Today, we’re swinging our Vendor Spotlight over to shine on the stylish Real Kids Shades.

Slip on a pair of Real Kids Shades Glide when the summer sun is shining bright! Helping protect kids' eyes since 2002!Around since 2002, Real Kids Shades has quickly developed and strengthened their reputation with their durable and protective products. These sunglasses, available in both, boys’ and girls’ styles, keep your eyes safe behind 100% UV lenses.Starting out with a simple mission, Real Kids Shades promised affordable, high-quality, 100% UV protective sunglasses designed for kids. And in their 16 years of business, they’ve grown to offer multiple sizes to provide a proper fit and protect kids from infancy to 12 years old.

All their shades are manufactured from top-of-the-line, durable materials so they’re sure to provide a long-lasting product—after all, kids and the summer camp lifestyle have a tendency to be a little rough on camp gear and other supplies.

We’re delighted to offer Real Kids Shades’ products on our one-stop camping gear shop. We offer the Girl’s Breeze Sunglasses, available in an assortment of cool colors to complement your clothing. And we also offer Boy’s Bolt Sunglasses with two-tone coloring for a super-cool look!

Enjoy those brilliant days at camp with a pair of Real Kids Shades, found on the Everything Summer Camp main site! You can get a closer look at the girls shades by clicking here and check out the cool-looking shades for boys by clicking here. Make sure you’ve got your sunglasses for those bright, sun-shiny camp days and, as always, thanks for reading!

- John