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Caring Skin Care

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Hey, Camp Families!

It’s essential to us at Everything Summer Camp that your camper be fully prepared for camp so they can get the most out of the experience. That’s why we carry some of the best names in the camping gear market. These popular brands instill confidence in our shoppers, ensuring a certain level of quality and craftsmanship.

You’ll want to be sure you acquire the proper skin care when you send your camper off for his or her summer stay! And for that reason, we brought the All Good sunscreen brand onboard with a wonderful variety of their sun protection products (and deodorant).

All Good likes to embrace their goofy side, but they get serious when it comes to their responsibility of friendliness to the environment along with the communities around them. Company founder, Caroline, has had this viewpoint since the very beginning.  

“In the same way that our products are good for the people,” noted on the All Good website, “It's important that our business is good for the community, our customers, our vendors, and the land from which they are sourced.”

All the way back in 1998 is when Caroline first designed an herbal garden based on medicinal aids such as headache relief as well as skin care. Early on she took note that certain plants would thrive in the company of other certain plants. She started creating potions and giving them as gifts to friends and family.

All Good got its official start soon after the great response it got from friends and family. Of course, back then it was called All Good Goop. Caroline sold her concoctions at farmers’ markets and other vending opportunities. Solo, she managed all of her All Good Goop business for roughly the coming seven years.

By 2006, however, Caroline saw her product grow big enough to necessitate her first official employee and things grew wildly from there. By 2009, All Good had made its way into 500 stores across the country!

The All Good headquarters reside in Morro Bay, California nearby their organic farm where they grow the herbs for the products. Nowadays, this women-owned company is a Certified B Corporation, also certified for Climate Neutral and Leaping Bunny methods (which means they’re environmentally-friendly and they don’t test on animals)  

Be sure to keep your skin protected from harmful sunrays throughout your summer fun. Check out our All Good selection as well as the rest of our sun care products when you click right here. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John


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Hey, KEEN Kids!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we love discovering a little about the people behind the businesses with whom we work. And we love sharing those stories with our faithful customers and Blog followers. Among the excellent brands that make up our assorted footwear department, KEEN is the latest. What eventually became known as the Newport Sandal, was invented in 1999 by Martin Keen in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

Within a few more years, the first KEEN sandals and shoes were put into production featuring a protective black toe bumper. The toe guard has since become KEEN’s most iconic element about their footwear—great protection against any surprises your feet may encounter out on the trails, around the waterfront, or any other place. Check out some of the other great features you’ll find in select footwear from our KEEN selection:

Lots of footwear from KEEN has a waterproof and breathable insert that keeps your feet dry for lasting comfort—rain or shine.

Traverse any terrain and all terrain with the rubber outsole that’s made to give you high grip-ability traction. No joke!

Specific to the Big Kid's Ridge Flex Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot, this trail shoe provides increased flexibility and freedom so that little feet don’t have to work too hard to move around!

KEEN isn’t just simply about making shoes. While they love it and it’s a craft they’ve mastered, KEEN knows they’re actual purpose runs deeper than manufacturing footwear. They’re here to make a difference: to make the outside and trades accessible to all. And to clean up the planet while they’re at it. Shop around to check out our selection of KEEN footwear. You’ll be doing your feet a favor! Shop our KEEN selection by clicking right here and, as always, thank for reading!


- John

Tooting our own Horn

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Hey, Everything Summer Camp Fans!

We supply plenty of other products from a wide variety of excellent brand names of all kinds of camp gear and camping supplies such as The North Face, Nalgene, iScream, and so much more. But just for today, let’s look at some of the gear and supplies we create and provide here at Everything Summer Camp! We offer so much that we’ll just look at several categories our products fit into in order to give a general overview of what we have.   

Take a look…

From Clothing Stamps to Stick-On Everything Labels, Name Labels, and few other items in between, we certainly have you covered for all your labeling needs. We manufacture these labeling methods right here in our Graphics Department.

We have Camp Greeting Cards, informational Call Me Cards to help keep in touch, easy Postcards—and don’t forget beautiful and camp-themed Stationery of our own production, created by the talented hand of Amy, our Graphic Artist. Browse through all the options we have available!

Bunk Products
We want you to be comfortable at summer camp! That means not just having the right kind of Bed Sheets, but a wonderful Pillow Case, fun and fashionable Floor Mats, a functional Bunk Organizer, as well as a snug Sweatshirt Blanket.

When you’re living the life on the road, away from home, you want certain things like Duffel Bags along with our Pop Up Soft Trunk—a great soft alternative to our wooden trunks with metal exterior, a stylin’ Laundry Bag of our own construction and designs, as well as a few Tees for the camp life!

We’re proud to produce such cool prints and products for your summer camp fun and always looking to add more designs to our options. Enjoy browsing all the products and options we have available just from our own brand name and shop the coolest camp gear around! Till next time, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Functional Hydro Flask

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Hey, Happy Campers!

Anyone who lives the Everything Summer Camp lifestyle knows life is an adventure! Hydro Flask is one brand that’s right there with us and glad to be with you every step—and sip—of the way. The only thing the folks of Hydro Flask love more than spending time in the Great Outdoors is helping others enjoy similar experiences out in the open wilderness.

With headquarters nestled in a literal Pacific Northwest wonderland known as Bend, Oregon, the folks who work at Hydro Flask are fortunate to be surrounded by the majesty of surrounding mountains, rivers, and lakes.

Taking after the best designer there is, Mother Nature who never adds anything needlessly, Hydro Flask keeps the minimalist logic we find in Nature’s work to create products that are strikingly simple and innovative in their shape, color, and general design.

More than any design award Hydro Flask has won, their Parks For All program is what they’re most proud of. Parks For All is a charitable program Hydro Flask created to benefit public green spaces and promote happier, healthier lives outdoors for all. To date, they’ve been able to support more than 122 nonprofits and donate over $1.9 million and still going!

Hydro Flask gear can replace single-use plastics like plastic water bottles, and to-go containers. #RefillForGood is the rallying cry of Hydro Flask’s to encourage everyone to make the switch and make a real difference for our world.

We echo that desire at Everything Summer Camp to see an end to mass disposable water bottles. Pick up a refillable Hydro Flask bottle for yourself when you click right here. We’ve recently added their 24 oz Water Bottle and 22 oz Tumbler to our store. Peruse the rest of our water bottles right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Goofy Campy Games

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Hey, Camp Kids!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we’re pretty serious about making sure that you have fun during your camp stay. That’s why our online shop has everything from trunks to duffels to sleeping bags and water bottles. But sometimes our selection of camp gear and other camping supplies gets pretty goofy. Like our AvoCampo Designer Trunk, for instance—or our collection of ridiculous sleeping bags from iScream.

Outset Media, however, takes the cake in the goofiness department. Just have a look at a few of the games of theirs you can find on our site:

Fart is the eruptive card game that calls for the players to release a flatulent noise from their mouths (…or other means..) as they lay their cards down. The game ends when somebody hits 200 points; the player with the lowest score wins. Get your flatulent friends together at summer camp and get ready for some hysterical fun!


Silent But Deadly
Pay attention—there's lots to cover. After all, farts come in all different shapes and odors. And they make a broad range of noises on their way out. Some whimper out little squeaks as they make their stealthy escape while others come barging out like notes on a tuba. Of course, as the title of this game notes, there are those that make no sound at all, and it's those that are often the deadliest! Sit down with your flatulent friends for a game of Silent But Deadly. It's a toot and a holler!

My Word! Card Game
With this deck of letter cards, The Dealer starts setting out cards letter-side up. The players compete against each other after the first three cards have been dealt. The dealer continues laying down letters until a player shouts sees a word that can be spelled with the letters laid down. Those cards go to the player who called out the word. Make as many words as you can. Make more words than any other player and you win! Awesome for creating some laughs as well as friends at summer camp!

There’s plenty more you can check out from Outset Media that we offer here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out other fun games like Kids Charades, Mindtrap Brain Cramp, Professor Noggin Card Games, and more! Take a look when you click here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John