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Top TYR Swim Gear

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you send your camper off fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience. While we pride ourselves greatly on the footlocker trunks, we’re also proud of our awesome camping gear selection. Consisting of great brand names like Speedo, Under Armour, and Northside, you can find the best quality swimming gear right here!

Another great brand we carry that keeps us stocked with superior swim gear is TYR. What’s that stand for? Nothing. TYR Sport was actually named after the Norse god of warriors, Tyr (pronounced like ‘tier’). Founded by the partnership of swimwear designer Joseph DiLorenzo and Olympic swimmer Steve Furniss, TYR came to be in California, 1985.

In its short existence (for business years), TYR has created the reputation for itself as one of the most recognizable swimming and triathlon brands in the world! Set up with international distributors, TYR has found time to expand their following while continuing to introduce innovative equipment with advances in swim caps and goggles.  

With creative minds, the ability to produce, and the experience to design the most beneficial products possible in the swimming equipment market, the folks at TYR have hit breakthrough after breakthrough in their construction of swim gear. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or you simply enjoy being in the water, you’re certain to appreciate the careful quality and ability TYR puts into their product design and final outcome.

The clear brand for water lovers and athletes who can’t get enough of life in the water, TYR is one of our latest additions to our gear here at Everything Summer Camp! Scope out all our available products from this excellent brand by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Power of the Right Light

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Hey, Empowered People!

Essential to every camper’s packing list, light is an important part of every overnight camper’s summer camp experience. We always want to offer the best of the best in child-friendly camping gear products and so we’re proud to offer the powerful light resources from a leading brand in quality lighting gear! MPOWERD is the relatively new brand name on the lighting scene. Check them out!

MPOWERD masterfully combines brilliant quality with a design that’s easy for kids to use. On top of that, they’re conscious of the impact they have on the environment! Always fans of sustainable methods, we knew MPOWERD was an obvious fit for our collection of flashlights and other lighting sources in our camping gear selection.

A brand name that begs the question, ‘Where’d they get that name from?’ They get that a lot. It breaks down like this: M-POWER-D and it stands for Micro Power Design. In a way, this name is a brief mission statement and description of their company goals.

‘Micro,’ because their products are meant to be simple in their portability. ‘Power’ in reference to their environmentally friendly technology. And ‘Design’ since their creations are products of form along with their function. AND, when combined, the name bears a close resemblance that describe the core values that MPOWERD was built upon: making folks feel empowered.

This brand name saw its start in 2012. That was the year when MPOWERD’s principal inventor Jason Alan Snyder created Luci, the first inflatable solar light. Since then, they’ve moved forward and mastered their craft, engineering solar powered products that can retain charge for incredible lengths!

Get a better look at these incredibly practical products by clicking right here and order the lighting sources you’ll want along for your nightly navigation throughout your camping experience! Stay bright and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Helinox Rocks!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you find the best in outdoor products and kid-friendly camping gear. Our excellent selection in summer camp gear is made up of great brand names you may be familiar with such as Kelty, Crazy Creek, and ENO. And we love featuring these brands here on the Blog to give our customers some idea of what these other companies are like.

Recently added to the lengthy list of great brands we carry, we are now proud to offer superior products from the name Helinox. A leading name in portable camping furniture and accessories, Helinox has comfortable camping chairs available on the Everything Summer Camp store online.

For a long time, tent makers across the world went to one company for innovations and new techniques in the production of high-strength and lightweight alloy poles. That company: Dongah Aluminum Corporation—known to those they worked with as DAC.

DAC has spent years upon years the strongest and lightest tubing around. Eventually (about a decade ago in the year 2010), these processes resulted in the founding of a new company within the DAC company and the brand name Helinox was born. In the short time that this company has been around, they’ve already proven their products by winning award after award in competitions from institutions such as Red Dot Design, ISPO, as well as Outdoor Industry.

With a line of durable camping chairs, tables, cots, and other accessories, Helinox offers durable comfort and optimal performance for adventurers of all kinds. Get a look at the pair of chairs available here at Everything Summer Camp, the Helinox Chair One as well as the Helinox Chair One Mini. Take a seat wherever you please in the majesty of nature and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Grand Ol' Osprey

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you send your camper off fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience. While we pride ourselves greatly on the footlocker trunks that are expertly manufactured right here in our factory, we’re also proud of our awesome camping gear selection. Consisting of great brand names like Lewis N Clark, Outdoor Products, and Coghlan’s, you can find the best quality camping gear  right here.

Another company whose products we are pleased to have available on our website is Osprey. Named after a large bird of prey also known as a River or Fish Hawk, the Osprey brand plays off the ready-to-travel, lightweight, and sizable characteristics of the raptor itself to play up the features of their innovative packs! With a solid history, you can be sure that Osprey has perfected their methods throughout their past 45 years of business. The brand sprouted all those years ago from the desire of one person: Osprey’s founder—Mike Pfotenhauer. Back then Mike ran the show singlehandedly.

Nowadays, the company is made up of a collection of enthusiastic explorers, a detailed designing department, and skilled sewing operators who work together to bring some of the most functional and secure packs to the market! This team lives in the bountiful beauty of Cortez, Colorado.

Look no further than right here for Osprey Packs when it's your time to embark on your adventures. Be prepared for your summer camp outings with high quality packs you can depend on from Osprey! Make the best memories possible when you head off on your expeditions and check out our excellent selection of Osprey Packs right here at Everything Summer Camp by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Primo Hammocks from ENO

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Hey, Hammock Lovers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re extremely excited to now be carrying the brilliant hammocks from the awesome brand name ENO—Eagles Nest Outfitters. It was 20 years ago that the Pinholster brothers co-founded this incredibly successful and recognizable brand name. To go back and look at the rocky start they had, it’s surprising that this brand ever lasted more than a few years!

Pete and Paul started out in the summer of 1999 selling their hammocks out of the back of a minivan at popular music festivals. They did pretty well for such a rickety beginning and it wasn’t long before they were able to acquire an office to conduct their business apart from their van operation. Things were going well but good fortune took a sudden nosedive when an office fire destroyed their entire inventory as well as all their confidence in ever growing the ENO brand.

“It was heartbreaking,” Pete has commented. “We were tempted to give up, call it a loss and move on, but we realized we had started something, maybe something small, but it was gaining support. We moved to Asheville and decided to give it another try.”

So, incredibly, these determined brothers moved past the destruction of their strong start and started again. “We are extremely fortunate for our faithful supporters,” Paul pointed out. “They have really been the catalyst for our growth since the beginning. Our customers inspire us to continue developing the best products to help them relax and enjoy their surroundings.”

Since then, the Pete and Paul Pinholster have incredibly brought their company back with a vengeance! Its name recognition has skyrocketed in the last few years especially and their product quality is unmatched. Check out our ENO selection by clicking here and order your own to discover true relaxation! As always, thanks for reading!


- John