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Oh-So Moso!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Keeping things smelling fresh is important anywhere you are, especially at summer camp. Storing dirty camp clothes and keeping gear in your camp trunk can potentially lead to some serious stink without the proper precautions. One of the best ways to keep your footlocker smelling fresh is with the 100% bamboo charcoal all natural air purifier from the Moso brand name.

Let’s take a look at how this brand was born:

Moso initially set out with the simple desire to construct and market car fresheners. They were extremely new and pretty unaware of the world of air purifiers and fresheners. And they learned quickly that they didn’t just need to figure out how to create an air freshener, but they needed to do it without the use of toxic chemicals—the way that most manufacturers make them.

“We knew we had to change course,” Moso says on its website.

And so they set forth to make a high-functioning air purifier that was safe in terms of human and environmental health. They searched far and wide throughout our country and overseas until they came upon what the Chinese people call ‘black diamond’.

This is the bamboo charcoal that Moso uses—environmentally friendly, ecological, and affordable. It’s even so safe that the people of select regions in Asia use it to purify their air, water, and they even ingest it for detoxing their bodies. 

‘Black Diamond’ bamboo charcoal has passed the Moso test which concludes that this stuff works wonders to remove odors, bacteria, absorb harmful chemicals, and even dehumidify and area.

The folks at Moso packaged up this miracle odor-remover and purifier and put it on the market ten years ago in 2010. It saw immediate success! Since then, Moso has climbed the ladder in brand name recognition for its effectiveness and friendliness to the environment and ourselves!

Let Moso help you maintain an odor-free and clean means of air purification! Check out the All Natural Air Purifier from Moso by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!  


- John

Showershoes are no Flop

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We like to talk about ourselves often enough here at Everything Summer Camp because—let’s face it—we’re pretty awesome. But how about the folks who supply us with the great selection of camp gear that we offer?! We like to highlight them too. Today we’re highlighting one of the many brands with whom we’ve formed a great relationship: ShowaFlops. Reflective of ShowaFlop’s founder Hal and his New York accent, the ShowaFlops brand name just about says it all: they’re Flip-Flops, made to be worn in the showa—umm, I mean ‘shower’. With drainage holes and a textured, antimicrobial surface that prevents slippage and protects against bacteria as well as fungi, these shoes are just what you want in any public shower!

An experienced entrepreneur, Hal thought his days as a business owner were done, but when he dropped his daughter off for her first year in college, his wife, Evelyn visited the restroom and cried out at the sight of the shower stalls, “You need Flip-Flops for the shower!”

For the next year, Evelyn and Hal were determined to launch their concept of the shower shoe. After inspecting numerous prototypes from various manufacturers, the entrepreneurial couple found the right fit and ShowaFlops was born! Once their shower shoes with the funny name arrived on the market they saw great, immediate success with camping gear outlet stores such as a certain one-stop summer camp shop.

Fear no public shower whether it’s at summer camp, a gym, your college dorm, or anywhere else you find public showers. Just pick up your own pair of convenient and protective ShowaFlops footwear! These beauties keep your feet clean and protected and greatly reduce risk of falling! Get your public shower protection by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Ocean Breeze if You Please

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Hey, Cool Kids!

We use this Blog to highlight all kinds of camp related things from camp activities to summer camps themselves. But how about the folks who supply us with the awesome selection of camp gear?! We like to highlight them too, so today we’re showing our respect and gratitude to one of the many brands with whom we’ve formed a great relationship: Treva.

It’s good throughout your summer travels to have some kind of portable fan nearby to help you stay cool when the days get hot! That's why we are proud to offer a wide selection of fan products from one of the industry's top brand names: Treva. Featuring traditional fans as well as hand-held fans, Treva fans supply you with the cooling you need at camp.

Designed for performance and innovation, Treva products are perfect for those summer scorchers (trust us, when the heat strikes, you'll want your trusty fan around to bring you much-needed cooling relief). For the best selection of Treva cooling and products at some of the industry's lowest prices, shop right here at Everything Summer Camp.

Reminiscent of a cool ocean breeze, this brand named themselves after the cooling effect that their fans bring. Treva means ‘home by the sea’. Browse our selection of high-quality, battery-powered fans from the Treva brand by clicking right here and place your order with us today!

Fans make your camp memories perfect with a cool breeze in the summer heat to provide relief on those bright, sunny days. Get the best of the best with the portable, mighty fans for the most efficient way of cooling off. They’re great for a kid on a hot day! Have a blast throughout your summer travels and stay cool with Treva cooling products! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


Bring the Light with Black Diamond

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you’re ready to pack it in. Lighting is essential to summer camp and camping in general. You need a light to find your way to the campfire, back to your bunk, or any number of trips from point A to B. That’s why we like to offer the best quality and absolute convenience here at Everything Summer Camp!

Hip to the quality that Black Diamond has been producing since 1957, we knew we needed to offer their headlamps. Building perfect, hands-free light for your summer camp experiences, Black Diamond provides the solid construction of innovative headlamps that can shine through the darkest darkness.

Blasting brightness from your forehead, light the way with a simple, kid-friendly design! Burly enough for anything whether it’s as simple as an evening hike or as extreme as your pursuit up a mountain, Black Diamond products are ready for action.

These innovative light sources are compact enough for backup or emergency use so you’re always covered! And stress-tested by the very folks who design and develop the products, this is a company made of climbers, skiers, and all-around outdoor enthusiasts.

Their own adventures have been the driving force behind these built-to-last headlamps since their start. These guys know what’s important to outdoor lovers because they are outdoor lovers.

The hands-free alternative to a traditional flashlight is necessary for climbing or skiing in dim evening (or early morning) light. And while it may not necessarily be mandatory for a myriad of other fun activities, it’s certainly more convenient than the handheld option! Built for camping, climbing, and everywhere else you need light, Black Diamond has their headlamp construction down to a science. And remember—when you need some light, use your head! As always, thanks for reading!


- John


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Hey, Camp Folks!

Everybody knows one of the best parts about an expedition out into the wilderness is bringing some food along. Whether you’re just looking to refuel after a long adventure or you have a plan in mind to sit down and enjoy a picnic, eating in the great outdoors is a crucial element of your excursions.

We know this very well here at Everything Summer Camp and keep only the best in portable food storage available on our site. Take a look at some of our great means of food storage right here. One brand you’ll find is GSI Outdoors. Let’s take a look at how this brand was born. It was back in 1985 that the Canadian siblings of the Scott family, Don, Ian, and Kathy made the migration more than 1500 miles south along the West Coast all the way to San Diego. In that same year, they founded GSI Outdoors.

Just a tiny, family company that was inspired to offer a product they were passionate about, these brothers and their sister were all passionate about food and they loved enjoying it in the great outdoors. Naturally, they began creating their own outdoor cookware.

Their blue enamel tableware was their first and only product in the beginning which saw successful results. But ten years on, they changed headquarters to Spokane, Washington (much closer to home but still in the U.S.) and grew a vast array of dining products that let us connect with one another over a nourishing meal in the great outdoors.

Since then, they’ve only continued to expand! Still that same family company, GSI Outdoors is now a worldwide provider that loves playing their part of bringing people together. They now offer a slew of camp-friendly gaming products like a Bocce Ball Set and Table Tennis (intended to play on a picnic table).

We’re delighted to offer these fun and practical products from such an awesome brand name as GSI Outdoors. Look over all their products available here at Everything Summer Camp and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John