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Adventure in Chacos, Every Step of the Way

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Hey there, Outdoor Enthusiasts!

Hiking through lush forest trails to splashing in the crystal-clear waters of the lake, days at summer camp promise endless excitement and exploration. The troop of campers will certainly be giving their camping gear and apparel the ultimate test on this trip! Will their footwear be up to the task and keep up with their boundless exploration? Enter Chaco, the trusted companion for campers seeking durable, versatile footwear that can handle anything summer camp throws their way.

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Established in 1989 by a Colorado rafting guide with a vision for ultimate outdoor footwear, Chaco sandals are built to adapt and thrive in any environment, just like the highly-adaptable gecko which was the inspiration behind their symbol.

What sets Chaco apart from other footwear companies is not just their durability and versatility but also their commitment to sustainability. Their sandals are made with straps crafted from recycled water bottles, making them a vegan-friendly choice for environmentally-conscious campers. Chaco also offers adjustability for a custom fit, ensuring that your child's sandals are comfortable and secure whether they're hiking the trails or splashing in the lake.

The benefits of Chaco keep going beyond their innovative design too. With the Chaco Repair, Reuse, Rechaco program, they offer repairs for worn-out sandals to keep them out of landfills and minimize their environmental impact. From resoling outsoles to replacing straps and buckles, their Michigan-based repair team ensures that your child's Chacos can go the distance for many summer seasons to come.

Everybody loves Chaco.

So how will your camper be traversing the range of terrain they’ll be facing throughout the camp adventures? Are you ready to upgrade your child's amphibious footwear with Chaco sandals? Check out our selection today and get your camper prepared for whatever summer has in store for them. Thanks for reading, Outdoor Enthusiasts. And remember, adventure awaits. As always, Happy Camping!


- John

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