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Kids Books

We have a wide selection of kids books and popular tween books available. Top selling summer camp books available at Everything Summer Camp.

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Okay, so kids will be busy for the majority of the day at summer camp swimming, playing, and enjoying summer. It’s why you sent them to camp in the first place. You want them appreciating the great outdoors instead of watching it on television or playing videos games. However, even though they will be out and about, it’s important for kids, regardless of their age, to keep reading.

Teachers recommend at least 20 to 30 minutes a day over the summer. So, make sure your kids reading levels stay sharp and pack some amazing summer camp books for kids from Everything Summer Camp.

There is an abundance of titles for kids across the age span including tweens. A lot of the titles focus on the summer camp theme and can help readers get excited about all of the fun things that summer camp has to offer.

There is also a fun assortment of Choose Your Own Adventure stories that kids love. Tweens will definitely want to peruse and trade the array of Camp Confidential titles available. Mad Libs are a great way to spend some downtime and get a laugh with friends.

Stock up on entertaining titles and Mad Libs for kids to bring to summer camp this summer. Everything Summer Camp has an amazing selection of titles at affordable prices. Happy reading!