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Who's Helly?

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Hey, Helly Fans! 

Sometimes April showers just bring more showers in May. Don’t worry the flowers will arrive in their own time. Meanwhile, Helly Hansen is here at Everything Summer Camp to keep you dry when the world gets wet! We have excellent rain gear to seal the rain out while remaining breathable and delivering lasting comfort! 

I wrote about their protective products in a previous post, but for today, let’s just talk about the brand and learn a little about the Helly Hansen story. It’s been in the making for over 140 years when Captain Helly Juell Hansen perfected protective apparel against the harsh elements of Norway. By 1877, the sea captain with his wife Margrethe went into production of waterproof jackets, trousers, and more. 

Mr. Helly Himself
The weather of Northern Europe is merciless and life at sea only asked for the worst. The Hansens found that linseed oil applied to cotton canvas created limber, waterproof clothing. In 1878 their “oilskin” apparel won an award at the World Expo in Paris and achieved immediate success. 

Waterproof Ways
Seventy years later, the world saw a revolution in waterproof technology with helox fabric which featured a thin sheet of translucent PVC plastic sewn into the coats. This new means of waterproof defense became the new must-have protection for outdoor use. 

Helly Tech
Fast forward another thirty years or so to the 1980’s when Helly Hansen’s technology made another giant leap forward, introducing their new Helly Tech® waterproof and breathable technology. Their new methods gave birth to more award-winning products that set new standards in protective performance apparel. 

Captain Hansen’s legacy lives on through the continual advancements and construction methods to create apparel that stands up to the harshest conditions Mother Nature has to offer. Shop all of our rain gear options, available here on our online store and stay dry out there! As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John

Kahdalea and Chosatonga

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

Today, I’m highlighting the brother/sister camps found on the tip of Western North Carolina. We’re shining our summer camp spotlight southeast, just a stone’s throw away from South Carolina as well as Georgia. It’s time to shine our camp spotlight on a couple camps in the national forest down there, Camp Kahdalea for Girls and Camp Chosatonga for Boys. 

Both of these gorgeous camps lie on 210 acres in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, bordered on three sides by the Pisgah National Forest. With such an enchanting setting, campers are treated to endless acres of spectacular mountain woodlands. The boys and girls camps are just a mile apart—each of them with its own separate campus with its own lake, clear bubbling streams, and hiking trails 

Founded in 1979, this brother and sister camp duo is notorious for a remarkably wonderful staff, made up of awesome role models for your camper. They are dedicated to giving every child opportunities to make life-long friendships, to enjoy adventures and the challenges of all the fun stuff there is to do.  

A quick rundown of activities they offer include Backpacking, Tennis, Horseback Riding, Swimming, Canoeing, the High Ropes Challenge Course, Nature Study, Mountain Biking, Drama, Sign Language, Arts & Crafts, Riflery, Rock Climbing, Archery, Fishing, Team Sports, Guitar, and more. 

The boys at Chosatonga share the tennis court and riding facilities with its sister camp, Kahdalea. Both Chosatonga and Kahdalea have their own dining hall and lodge, recreation areas, cabins, lakes, and a number of other facilities where the above activities are held. 

Make sure to let us know in the comments below if you’re going to Camp Chosatonga or Camp Kahdalea this summer camp season. Have a great stay. As always thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John

Make a Wish!

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Hey, Birthday Boys and Girls! 

If your child’s birthday happens to land during the time they’ll be away on their summer stay for camp, no sweat! Just make sure you plan in advance for the occasion. You can simply bump the birthday celebration ahead and have it at home before camp, postpone it and celebrate at home after camp, arrange for your child’s birthday to be celebrated at camp, or go with a combination of these options… 

Birthdays at Home
You probably don’t want to miss out the celebration of your child’s birthday. And your child probably wants to celebrate with family as opposed to fresh friends from summer camp. Celebrating at home means your whole family can get together and celebrate without restriction—throw a party, have a special dinner, give lots of gifts, etc. 

Birthdays at Camp
Most summer camps are prepared to whip up a birthday cake and serve ice cream for your child along with some cabin mates. Maybe your camp will simply sing Happy Birthday to your camper in the dining hall. If you find out ahead of time what birthday celebrations at your camp look like, make sure your camper understands the plan so there isn’t any disappointment. 

Gifts at Camp
Your kid will love a gift on their actual birthday during their camp stay. Things that would otherwise go in a care package maker great gifts. Save anything too big or expensive for before or after camp—you wouldn’t want it lost, stolen, or broken at camp. You also need to take care not to make your camper’s cabin mates jealous. Stick to gifts that your camper can share and send a birthday card with a note to remind your child of their other gift at home. 

Check all your boxes to make sure that this upcoming summer camp season is awesome for your child and make sure they feel special on their big day! Have a great camp season, folks. As always, thanks for reading. And happy camping! 


- John

Best Camp Activities for Bob

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Bob’s been in our Shipping Department since 2018. Always ready to attack the workday, he goes through each order he ships with a careful eye and efficient consistency. He comes from a laundry list of experience, so he comes in pretty handy out in our warehouse—one of few at our company brave enough to drive the forklift. But enough work talk! Today we’re talking about what camp activities Bob would sign himself up for if he were to go to camp right now. 

Without much hesitation, Bob gave me two activities that he would try his hand at nowadays if given then opportunity: Zip Line and Snorkeling. 

Bob’s never zip lined before and it sounds like a real thrill to him. He had the chance to do it back when he was 14 but he opted out. When the time came that he had his own son, he watched him do a zip line and really regretted not doing it when he had the chance. From that point on he’s always regretted not having done a zip line. I happened to write a recent Blog post about zip lining that you can check out by clicking here

Bob went snorkeling in the Bahamas when he was 52 years old. He said he was absolutely astonished at all the cool sights to see like the coral reef, giant sea shells with sea creatures living inside, starfish, and an endless list of other foreign creatures and landscape. Bob was blown away by the abundance. “All this stuff LIVES down here?!!” he said, imitating his initial reaction. 

These were the only two activities that he had anything to say about, but he threw out some other activities he would sign up for like Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Cooking, Gardening, and—of course—Baseball. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer! What camp activities are you excited for this season? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Happy camping! 


- John

Flyin' By

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Hey, Camp Adventurers! 

Much like Archery and Horseback Riding, Zip Lining is something of a classic summer camp staple activity. It’s one of those iconic camp activities that kids look back on as a truly thrilling moment that they achieved because they dared to! 

Ziplines have been used for centuries to move people and goods rather quickly over hilly terrain, mountains, woods, lakes, rivers, canyons, etc. This rather ancient and innovative invention is still used today, but typically associated less nowadays as goods transportation and more so as fun!    

Here are some interesting facts about Zip Lining: 

Biology to the Max
Believe it or not, Zip Lines were popularized in the field of Biology. Scientists doing research in the Costa Rican rainforest were literally able to zip around to different areas and observe the surrounding nature without disturbing the animals or plant life! Pretty cool, huh? 

We used to Zip Line to School
There are some children in China who Zip Line to school over the Nujiang River. Talk about a morning wake-up call! You’d arrive at school wide awake and alert after your morning zip. 

A Long Zip Trip
Zip Lines are extraordinary fun and usually completed in about 20 seconds or less. The longest Zip Line in the world is the 1.3-mile Eye of the Tiger in Peru. That’s nearly 6500 feet! It takes longer than a minute to reach then end site. 

Do you plan to travel by zip this summer at camp? It takes a bit of courage and possibly fear-conquering to hang tight and soar across the land! But it’s sure to be a memory that will last. Let us know in the comments about any Zip Line experience you’ve had or hope to have in the coming camp season. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks. And happy camping! 


- John