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OH! The Work!

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we have an idea of the effort and hard work that goes into all the preparations and operations for the summer camp season! There are so many different working parts to making sure kids have a blast at camp. So, today—National Employee Appreciation Day—we’re highlighting all the hardworking staffers that make summer camp happen all over the country each year.

Camp Nurse
From scrapes to illnesses and conditions, kids need care throughout their camp stay. Every summer camp keeps at least one nurse on call at all times throughout the camp season so they can ensure that the week/s long stay is safe for everyone.

Camp Kitchen Staff
Campers need to eat! The camp kitchen staff works similar to your school kitchen workers, however, camp is providing three square meals a day and typically a snack and dessert as well. For many camps, two shifts need to be filled in the kitchen.

Camp Custodian
There’s plenty of cleanup in the camp season, cleaning the cabins and buildings, emptying the trash, cleaning the bathrooms, sweeping the floors, washing the linens, and plenty more. Depending on the size of the camp, there may be a staff involved.

Camp Groundskeeper
Groundskeeping means lots of work outdoors, mowing grass, raking leaves, clearing hiking trails, winterizing the grounds, picking up trash, and doing many other tasks to maintain the land. Like the custodial position, the size of the staff depends on the size of the camp.

Camp Lifeguard
Just about every summer camp offers swimming and other activities involving water. Lifeguarding at camp typically isn’t any different than lifeguarding at your local pool or beach: Lifeguards who meet state regulations are required to be present.

Camp Administration
The Big Cheese and other head honchos (a.k.a. camp directors and their administrative staff with an account director and public relations director) handle finances and dealings with press releases, the media, mailings, and camper relations during the off-season.

Camp Counselors
Saving the best for last, the counselors of a summer camp spend the most time interacting with the campers and impart the cool knowledge and skills that they’ve been trained on or likely even were taught a handful of years back when they were a camper.

So, as you can see, there’s plenty of work that goes into making summer camp happen every year. Take some time to reach out to the staff from your camp who have gone above and beyond to make your camp experience something special! Write them a letter or send them a camp-themed greeting card which you can find by clicking here. Happy Employee Appreciation Day and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

The ESC Happy Camper Rewards Program

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Hey, Camp Shoppers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we feel like shopping for your summer camp gear should be just as much fun as summer camp itself. Okay, summer camp’s pretty fun! Maybe not quite THAT much fun. But pretty fun, right?! We’re always trying to give our customers something to enjoy whether it be our cool contests, our personalizable products, or our sweet sales!

Along with our durable construction, awesome product selection, and outstanding customer service, we like to throw in perks to shopping with us where we can. We hold sales and have giveaways. But you have to wait on us in those instances. For something you can go do right now—sign up for our ‘Happy Camper Rewards Club’!

Sign Up
Here’s a perk to shopping our online store that’s always going on. No need to wait on us to greenlight anything or give you the go-ahead. The button for our ‘Happy Camper Rewards Club’ is located in the bottom left corner of our homepage. Click that button and sign up so you can start earning S’more Bucks! We’ll give you 300 S’more Bucks just for doing that!

S’more Bucks are our campy term for loyalty points. How much is one S’more Buck? The equivalent of one U.S. penny. Thus, a hundred S’more Bucks adds up to a dollar…a thousand S’more Bucks is ten dollars…etc.

Earn Bucks
There’s a handful of ways that you can earn S’more Bucks and they’re all so easy it only makes sense for you to start! The first way to earn S’more Bucks is to make a purchase at Everything Summer Camp. For each dollar you spend, you get five S’more Bucks! Here are all the ways to earn your Bucks:

  • Make a Purchase => 5 S’more Bucks for each Dollar Spent
  • Follow us on Twitter => 50 S’more Bucks
  • Like us on Facebook => 100 S’more Bucks
  • Follow us on Instagram => 100 S’more Bucks
  • Sign up to Receive Emails from us => 300 S’more Bucks
  • Tell us your Birthday => 500 S’more Bucks
  • Refer a Friend => 1000 S’more Bucks

It probably only takes about two minutes to sign up for a Rewards Account, tell us your birthday, and sign up for our emails. And for just that, you get $12.00 in S’more Bucks! It probably only takes five minutes to do everything listed above and just for that, you get $23.50 in S’more Bucks! We’re happy to give away the free money in exchange for our customers to engage and shop with us!

Reap Benefits
The easiest way to use your S’more Bucks is to redeem them whenever you go to checkout. With minimal effort, you’ll have your own, personal discount on your order. The other way to use you S’more Bucks is to give a voucher to a friend or family member (in case you’re in the giving spirit)! Vouchers work just like a gift card code—just enter it when you check out and your discount will be applied to the order!

So shop with us and have a blast while doing it! Enjoy watching your S’more Bucks accumulate. Enjoy spending your S’more Bucks. And enjoy making your S’more Bucks back! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Shake a Hand, Make a Friend

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Hey, Camp Fans!

The recommended camp outfitter for more than 270 summer camps, we here at Everything Summer Camp are proud to work with every single one of them! And we love singing the praises of the many camps with whom we’ve developed a working relationship too. That’s why today I’m shining our camp spotlight on the magnificent Birch Rock Camp for Boys.

Birch Rock Camp for Boys has sat on the shores of tranquil Lake McWain in Waterford Maine for nearly one hundred years—since 1926. Proud to be the smallest boys camp in the state of Maine, Birch Rock only takes 90 boys each summer to create a close-knit and deep-rooted community every season.

Birch Rock offers a plethora of incredible activities such as Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and Tennis for sports as well as Archery and Riflery, Biking, Ropes Course, and Outdoor Skills for adventures. In the water, they offer Canoeing, Kayaking, Windsurfing, Sailing, Swimming, and more. Boys at Birch Rock can also take some pretty cool classes that focus on Arts & Crafts, Drawing, Painting, Pottery, Shop, and more!

For downtime at camp, Birch Rock boys can enjoy browsing all the options available in the camp’s cozy library in the woods. Find some great reads here and, on special occasions, partake in card game or board game with your camp friends.

With less than a hundred boys each summer, Birch Rock Camp assigns just four campers to stay in each one of their cozy cabins. Birch Rock Camp has a great, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff!

Besides the comfortable cabins of Birch Rock’s Lower Camp, Birch Rock offers awesome facilities like their outdoor areas of courts and baseball diamond and soccer field, Ropes Course, Biking Trails, and their beautiful Lake McWain waterfront. They have the Woodshop, Boathouse, Health Lodge, and much more. Get a good look at Birch Rock Camp on their website by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Tell a Fairy Tale Day

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Hey, Fairy Talers!

Happy Tell a Fairy Tale Day! It’s appropriate to ‘tell’ a Fairy Tale as they had been passed down from generation to generation by mouth, subtly altered from storyteller to storyteller. It wasn’t until they were recorded in the written form that they were substantially reworked and, in a sense, frozen in time. Check out this Blog post from a few years back to learn the history of Fairy Tales.


One thing’s for sure; Fairy Tales have withstood the test of time and have come out on top. What is it about these interesting stories from long, long ago that has kept us captivated for so long? Well, they’re more than just entertaining stories. They help us grow! Here are several examples of how Fairy Tales foster maturity.    

Moral Compass
Fairy Tales help develop our sense of right and wrong with strong moral lessons and exaggerated personalities that embody good or evil. Anyone can see that the Wolf in Little Red Riding Hood is a villain and that Red is a sweet, young girl.

Trust Must be Earned
Along with right and wrong, Fairy Tales impart lessons to be careful who you trust. We recognize her mistake when Snow White takes the witch’s apple. The lesson here being that strangers may seem nice on the surface, but they cannot always be trusted. People should have to earn your trust.

A Fan of Firsts
Childhood and life in general are full of firsts. You’ve got a first day of school, first time at camp, first recital.... It depends on what it is, but first times can be anxiety-inducing. We tend to put ourselves in a character’s place when we hear a Fairy Tale so we imagine ourselves embarking on a journey.

Cause and Effect
We see in Fairy Tales that actions have consequences. The actions of the characters is what determines their fate. And the consequences are extreme: Cinderella maintained a pure heart and became a princess. Her evil step-mother let her heart remain black and her fate was rather grim.

Enjoy finding a favorite of Fairy Tales you know and share it with a friend or family member today to celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. See what lessons you learn from them and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other

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Hey, Camp Folks!

We’re studying all those turns of phrases and old sayings that are woven so deeply into our language that we often times don’t even realize that we’re using one when we do. These sort of sayings are more specifically referred to as idioms or adages. Today’s featured saying is ‘A Horse Apiece’. What are the horses and the pieces being referenced here?

We’re based in northwestern Wisconsin here at Everything Summer Camp and, apparently, so is this adage. For whatever reason, its usage has remained contained to the state of Wisconsin along with parts the Upper Peninsula. We’ll look into that more in just a little bit, but first—

What does this adage mean? It’s really just a way of saying that there’s essentially no difference between a couple options. If someone asked if it was a quicker drive to airport over the bridge or down Starr Ave. and both routes are a five-minute drive, you could reply, ‘It’s a horse apiece’. A synonymous phrase is ‘Six of one and a half dozen of the other’ (like the title of this post). Same difference.

 Let’s start digging for the origin of today’s adage:

The likeliest origin of this phrase comes from old dice games (back sometime in the 1800s). While there is an old dice game called ‘Horse’, the phrase ‘A Horse Apiece’ was used in a wide variety of games. It was used to refer to a situation when two players are throwing for the best two out of three. When the first two throws result in a tie, then it was said that you were to have a horse apiece. A predecessor to this phrase is an even more basic version of it: ‘a horse and a horse’.

These dice games and the phrases that come along with them were popular in the United Kingdom and probably more widespread than it is today. So why is this phrase so strongly associated with Wisconsinites in the current day? Oddly enough, the phrase seems to have simply died off in most other places and stuck in this particular part of country.

I would love to hear more people start using this phrase outside of Wisconsin—it’s a great way to quickly relay that there’s no difference between two possibilities. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

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