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Balancing Video Games and Outdoor Time

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Hey, Gamers!

Today is Video Game Day. The same with National Cupcake Day and National Compliment Day, you don’t need the holiday in order to celebrate. You can feel free to eat cupcakes, give compliments, or play video games on any day you please. These odd holidays are simply little reminders to participate in these small things in life that we may love. It’s great to have something nice to say to people, it’s wonderful to eat a cupcake! And it’s tons of fun to play a good video game!

My brother and Operations Manager here at Everything Summer Camp, known to some as Brian, has always been on the crest of the latest and greatest in the world of video games. Since Brian is my older brother, I got to play with all his latest ‘toys’! It was great growing up in a house that always had the newest and up-to-date gaming console and the coolest video games.

Even now in our adult years, Bri still has the very top of gaming technology before anybody else. And, of course, he still shares his toys with me to show me the cusp in the latest thing like his in-home arcade machine and his virtual reality headset. I can’t believe how far gaming has come in our modern day, but it’s some pretty cool stuff!     

As fun as video games can be, however, they’re certainly no match for the real world that we experience through our five senses. I’m not telling you not to play any video games today or any other day, but make sure to get outside and enjoy the fresh air in your backyard, a friend’s place, a park, the beach, a woodsy trail, or wherever else you like to spend your time outdoors.

We offer tons of gear and apparel that can help you get the most out of your time outside. Enjoy shopping our site, enjoy your games, and enjoy the outdoors! As always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John


A Summer Without Walton's

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Hey, Camp Fans.

In these trying times for our nation and everyone who lives here, folks from all over have been compelled to close their doors even into the summer season in order to take the precautions deemed necessary to keep everyone safe. We never saw this coming in the late winter and early spring when whispers of something called coronavirus was still fresh. Unfortunately, this summer season has seen a good amount of camp closures and, along with them, a lot of glum faces.

Just like all of you, everyone here at Everything Summer Camp is deeply saddened that there are so many camps closing their doors for the 2020 season and that so many campers don’t get to have their summer camp experience this season. While some of you may still be able to attend your camp, others won’t be getting their summer camp stay for this season.

To those of you who won’t be attending camp this year, know that you’re not alone. Today, we’re featuring one of the many summer camps who aren’t having their normal camp season this summer—Walton’s Grizzly Lodge. Here’s the message from their website:  

“We have made the difficult decision to cancel our summer camp sessions for 2020. We are grateful for the outpouring of support from our campers, families and staff as we worked and hoped for a different outcome. 2020 marks our 95th season; 95 years of providing children a safe and special place to be kids and to belong to a community that sings, laughs, and plays together. We will be back in 2021 and can't wait to welcome you and celebrate a summer that is sure to be filled with joy as we reunite at camp.

We appreciate your support and kindness as we face our first summer without welcoming campers in June. We miss them already. See you in 2021. It's going to be epic!”

Check out the Walton's website for yourself when you click here. Everything Summer Camp supports Walton’s Grizzly Lodge as well and we look forward to seeing normal camp sessions return in 2021. We hope all you campers who had planned on a summer stay at Walton’s are still able to get out into the wilderness for your own personal camping experience and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Bringing a New Label to the Table

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Hey, Camp Preppers!

When it comes to labeling your gear and belongings at summer camp, it simply can’t be stressed enough…which is why I plan on repeating myself frequently throughout this post because labeling your gear and belongings is of the utmost importance to ensure that everything you bring to camp goes back home with you. We have a whole department on our website with all of the most convenient means of getting your gear labeled!

Label everything!

That goes for water bottles, flashlights, toiletry bags, a toothbrush…label it all. We’ve always offered our waterproof Stick On Name Labels for these items. But then even your camp clothing needs labeling. Your clothes are probably most important, actually! Labeled clothes are required for lots of camps that offer laundry services to their campers.

But clothes are a different story for labels. Clothing requires more than just a stick-on printed adhesive. At least it always used to.

But not anymore! Our New Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels are here! These amazingly sticky labels will stick to everything—including your camp clothing! Create your own personalized label with your choice of font, font color, icon, and background and enjoy tagging your camp gear AND apparel with the easiest labeling possible!

We’ve always offered Iron-On Name Labels as well as our Clothing Stamps. Or just a simple Artline Marker. While these methods will remain available on our site, we strongly urge you to design and order a set of our New Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels for one of the easiest labeling jobs you’ve ever had! Label all your gear, all your clothing, and any other belongings you want to bring to camp with just one simple, single method!

Get a load of all our labeling methods by clicking here or hop right on over to our Stick-On EVERYTHING Labels when you click here. Label everything and make it as easy as possible! As always, label everything…I mean thanks for reading!


- John

Another Take on Jake

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Jake Gyllenhaal

We’ve previously covered former summer camper Jake Gyllenhaal before here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. We discussed his camp history with his sister, Maggie, at Camp Walt Whitman as well as her path that led her to the big screen. But that previous post only scratched the surface about this star! Let’s dig a bit deeper about Mr. Gyllenhaal right here on today’s post:

All in the Family
As we covered in his last post (as well as the posts we’ve published about his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal), Maggie and Jake are siblings who have acted in lots of movies—one that starred them together! Most people know that they’re brother and sister, but did you know that the whole family is in the biz? His mom produces and his dad directs. His godmother is Jamie Lee Curtis and his godfather is Paul Newman. Jake is close to Paul Newman who took Jake out for his first drive.

What Kind of Bird was That?
A self-proclaimed bookworm, Jake reads a lot! He’s shared with folks in the past that the classic novel ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee is his favorite book. It meant enough to him that he named his two adopted hound dogs after characters from the story: Atticus and Boo.

The Peeing Hero
Though he started acting as early as ten years old, Jake held a number of jobs before his acting career really took off. He was a lifeguard on a busy beach for one of his jobs. He never faced anything too dangerous, but on one of his more exciting days he had to rush over to a woman who’d been stung by a jellyfish and pee on her leg—which is exactly what you should do for someone in that situation. Well done, Jake!

Hopefully, you learned a little more about this cool actor and the life he leads. If you haven’t already read it, you can hop over to the first post I wrote about him by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Booming Good Deals

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Hey, Summer Shoppers!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, but we’re already getting the party started here at Everything Summer Camp with an awesome and patriotic holiday sale. In our own summer excitement, our Fourth of July Sale is already in effect! We actually made our sale slashes yesterday and those prices will stay cut down through the weekend and will last through Tuesday, July 7th! That’s a whole week of sales! 

Maybe you don’t have camp to shop for this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t partake in this awesome sale! These are some really great deals, so shop ahead for next year.

Check out the sale:

Trunk Time
We’re taking $30 off our Solid Color Camp Trunks in our Happy Camper, Graduate, and UnderGrad sizes. As for our awesome Pop-Up Soft Trunks, we’re shaving $20 off!

4th Sale Accessories
We also have select trunk accessories on sale marked down at 20% including the Wheel Away System, the LidMate Organizer, Packing Cubes, and Snap-On Duffels that add to your trunk storage space!

Ready, Willing, and Label
Get your camp clothing and gear labeled for safekeeping at camp! You can find our Name Labels for 20% including our Iron-On Clothing Name Labels, our Stick-On Waterproof Name Labels, and even our new Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels that stick on gear AND apparel!

And Then Some…
Those are the highlights, but we have TONS of items on sale! Be sure to check out other items like Laundry bags, select camp gear, select apparel, and more to get the full effect!

If you’re still fitting in some last-minute planning for your upcoming summer camp season, this is just the sale for you. And, as I mentioned above, if camp didn’t work out for you this season, you can still take advantage of these fantastic discounts and get prepped for next summer! Happy shopping and have a Happy Fourth of July. As always, thanks for reading!


- John