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Foos Fighters

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Hey, Foosball Fans!

Bound to be included in many summer camps’ rec rooms, Table Soccer (also known as Foosball) is a huge sport turned indoor game, much like its distant relatives of Billiards, Darts, Ping Pong, and Air Hockey. Surprisingly enough, this popular summer camp activity doesn’t have just one origin story…it’s got three!

Soccer itself dates back 2000 years—which you can read all about on a previous Blog post when you click right here. But the invention of the ‘pocket version’ came within the same 13 years from three different countries! Check out the stories of each inventor for the odd history of Foosball!

First Come, First Patented
Who registered the first confirmed 1923 patent for a foosball table in London? It was Harold Searles Thorton. His favorite among London’s Soccer teams of the day was the Tottenham Hotspurs. He got the idea from a box of matches. The box with an open top made for the perfect ‘table’ and the matches were fashioned into rods and players. It was only the size of a matchbox, but Harold Searles Thorton made the very first foosball table.

And the Next Inventor Is…
It is said that Lucien Rosengart of France in the 1930s invented the foosball table for his family. The story seems more than credible as Rosengart was a brilliant and capable inventor who had patented an early seatbelt design as well as artillery shells that exploded in mid-air. He had a really big family with many grandkids that lived with him. The Foosball table was a game to help stave away boredom for kids in the winter during the Depression.

Final Foos
Alejandro Finisterre was a soldier in the Spanish Civil War during 1936 who was wounded in battle. While he recovered in the hospital, he saw children with severe leg injuries. A big Soccer fan, he immediately considered that these children would never be able to play football. This thought inspired him to contact a friend of his who was a carpenter and, together, they made a foosball table.  

So, there you have it: the three men from London, France, and Spain of no relation who each invented their own primitive Foosball tables right around the same time. How crazy is it that Foosball should have three different inventors from three different countries with no connection? Just goes to show how much people love their Soccer! Enjoy a game of Foosball if you have one handy and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John

Dreamy Anokijig

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Obviously, summer camp is a pretty big deal to us. Our name sort of gives that away. And, since we work with so many of them across the country, we like to take some time each month to highlight a couple of the summer camps with whom we’re proud to have such a strong relationship. For today’s Blog post, we’re going to stick right in our home state of Wisconsin where Everything Summer Camp operates to highlight the much-deserving Camp Anokijig (pronounced Ann-oh-kee-jee). 

Nestled between the gentle rolling hills of southeastern Wisconsin is the beautiful Elkhart Lake, born of glacial formation and gifted with a wooded shoreline that Native Americans once called home. Still the same gorgeous almost 400 acres of land it was way back then, this place has been the home of Camp Anokijig since 1926.

Always presenting a fun summer for their campers, Camp Anokijig offers awesome activities for you to choose and focus on. Learn new skills that you discover at camp from options that include Canoeing, Archery, Swimming, Sports, Fishing, Arts/Crafts, Nature, Trailcrafts, Kayaking, Windsurfing, and much, much more. The activities offered at Anokijig are not only a blast for the campers, but incredible learning experiences for them as well.

The main sight when you get to camp is the huge rustic Western Lodge that overlooks the lake. With a large fireplace, PA system, movie screen, VCR, DVD, indoor heating, dining area, meeting space, and offices, this is the heart of Anokijig. Along with their Nature Center, souvenir shop, craft building, and outdoor lab, it’s clear to see this place is a fun factory!

Suited for your overnight stay, Camp Anokijig provides its campers a plethora of cabins and tents—each one offering a unique experience of the campus and the great outdoors! If Anokijig sounds like the place for you, give it a closer look! Check out their website by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Days of Deals

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Hey, Shoppers!

Here we are: a week into our Black Friday sale and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet! We’ve been having a great sale so far, chock full of crazy discounts and cool deals—like our ‘Deal of the Day’ in which we feature a particular deal on a specific product that’s especially enticing! Today is the ninth day of our sale, equating to nine Deal of the Days. Let’s recap, shall we?

We kicked our first Deal of the Day of by taking $20 off the Undeniable 3.0 Medium Duffel from Under Armour and it sold out. Usually $44.99, we took it down to $24.99! Sorry you can't get this deal anymore.

We doubled down with the Three Cheers for Girls Backpack which regularly costs $39.99 and put a $9.99 price tag on it!

After that, we cut our $39.99 Red Ledge Youth Thunderlight Jacket in half and have it available for $19.99.

Keep cozy in Candy Pink Bathrobes for half the regular price—typically $44.99 and brought down to $22.49.

Moving right along, we discounted our $79.99 Kelty Tuck 40 Sleeping Bag to give it the nice price of $34.99! As of Sunday night we only have three of these sleeping bags left.

Find the comfortable Billabong Carter Shorts which are usually $44.99 and took them down to the amazing price of $14.99.

Have some campy Q-and-A fun with the thought-provoking Camp Talk Game, slashed from $7.99 down to $3.99.

Quench your discount thirst with the Camelbak Eddy+ .75L that you’ll typically find at $13.99 for only $4.99 right now!

The Summer Camp Handbook, an essential guidebook for parents sending their kids to camp, is usually found on our website for $14.99, now only costing $7.49! This book offers excellent advice about choosing camps, packing essential camp gear, and emotionally preparing your child (as well as yourself) for the approaching summer camp season. Even if you're 4 or 5, you can learn something from this book!

There are still 11 more days of deals coming your way so keep tuning in to discover what awesome deals you’ll find in the days to come! These deals will go until we run out of stock. The Under Armour Undeniable Duffel is gone already and inventory is already starting to get low on some other items—we only have three of the Kelty Tuck Sleeping Bags left. Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

American Ellen

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Growing in popularity as of late, The Petersens are a family bluegrass band that has toured in Branson for years. They’ve taken to the Internet this year in response to the coronavirus restrictions they’ve faced in live performances and their name is starting to get around. Second oldest in the family and banjo player for the band, Ellen Petersen is slightly more famous than the rest of this talented family thanks to her appearance on ‘American Idol’ back in 2015.

Though she hasn’t disclosed the name of the camp she attended, Ellen recalled in an interview her trip to a bluegrass camp in West Virginia. She injured her ankle that summer and was limited to the activities she could participate in for camp. That’s when she attended the camp’s yodeling workshop and learned to yodel…like a pro!

While the entire family is extremely talented in working both on the stage as well as behind the scenes, Ellen’s voice, her banjo playing, and marketing skills for the band are all extremely impressive. You can tell from her ‘American Idol’ audition (as well as the judges’ reactions to her), that Ellen belongs on the stage as a born-performer.

After her exhilarating ‘American Idol’ ride, Ellen went on to college at Missouri State University where she earned her MBA with a graduate certificate in Marketing—a credential she puts to good use, as she markets full-time for her family’s band.  

Just outside of her business affairs, Ellen recently married Michael Haygood of The Haygoods which is another performing family in Branson. Congratulations to the both of them!

Though they could be applied to anybody, Ellen gave some inspirational words for other folks who find themselves drawn to stage performances. “Stay true to who you are as a performing artist and go for it,” she says. “Just go for it!” Enjoy discovering the lovely sounds of The Petersens for yourself. Follow your dreams. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Oh-So Moso!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Keeping things smelling fresh is important anywhere you are, especially at summer camp. Storing dirty camp clothes and keeping gear in your camp trunk can potentially lead to some serious stink without the proper precautions. One of the best ways to keep your footlocker smelling fresh is with the 100% bamboo charcoal all natural air purifier from the Moso brand name.

Let’s take a look at how this brand was born:

Moso initially set out with the simple desire to construct and market car fresheners. They were extremely new and pretty unaware of the world of air purifiers and fresheners. And they learned quickly that they didn’t just need to figure out how to create an air freshener, but they needed to do it without the use of toxic chemicals—the way that most manufacturers make them.

“We knew we had to change course,” Moso says on its website.

And so they set forth to make a high-functioning air purifier that was safe in terms of human and environmental health. They searched far and wide throughout our country and overseas until they came upon what the Chinese people call ‘black diamond’.

This is the bamboo charcoal that Moso uses—environmentally friendly, ecological, and affordable. It’s even so safe that the people of select regions in Asia use it to purify their air, water, and they even ingest it for detoxing their bodies. 

‘Black Diamond’ bamboo charcoal has passed the Moso test which concludes that this stuff works wonders to remove odors, bacteria, absorb harmful chemicals, and even dehumidify and area.

The folks at Moso packaged up this miracle odor-remover and purifier and put it on the market ten years ago in 2010. It saw immediate success! Since then, Moso has climbed the ladder in brand name recognition for its effectiveness and friendliness to the environment and ourselves!

Let Moso help you maintain an odor-free and clean means of air purification! Check out the All Natural Air Purifier from Moso by clicking right here and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!  


- John