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Hey, Online Shoppers!

As our Black Friday sales continue on and blend into Cyber Monday, we are concluding our Deal of the Day deals that first started rolling out last week Sunday. Each day, we revealed another awesome discount on a great product. Here’s a breakdown of the discounts that have shown up to the party!

For our first Deal of the Day, we took $20 off the Lewis N Clark Heavy Duty 36" Large Duffel with Neoprene Gear Bag. Usually going for $39.99, get it right now for $19.99!

Next up, we brought our Designer Cinch Sacks, made right here at Everything Summer Camp, down from $16.99 to just $7.99.

We made our Dickies Boys Extra Pocket Shorts an absolute steal, coming in at under $10—down from its regular price of $24.99!

It’s an oversized garment that wears like a hoodie and feels like a blanket! The Original Comfy is coming down to less than half its regular price of $44.99 at $21.99. The Comfy Dream went from $39.99 to $19.99. And get the Comfy Jr., regularly at $34.99 for just $16.99.

Make sure to stay cozy in the winter season and pick up our Flannel Sherpa Throw, typically at $24.99 and now just for $11.99.

Friday’s deal knocked more than ten bucks off the typically price of $24.99 for our Bunk Organizers, getting them down to $13.99.

On this day, we broke the price of our Everything Summer Camp Gear Bag at $39.99 in half and then some! Get it now for $14.99.

The incredibly popular Deluxe Fan/Light Combo took a nice dip in price yesterday, going from $24.99 to $13.99.

The Mercury Tactical Gear Mini Monster Rolling Duffel! This Cyber Monday deal is the hottest deal yet, chopping the price down from $149.99 to just $99.99!

Each of these deals will remain in effect through November. Make sure to take advantage of these prices while they’re still available today and tomorrow. Remind yourself of the other deals we’re offering when you click right here and have fun locating these fantastic discounts. As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Now THAT'S a Deal!

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Hey, Shoppers!

Here we are: two weeks into our Black Friday sale and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet! We’ve been having a great sale so far, chock full of great discounts and cool deals—like our hot deals on our Name Labels and other personalized products at up to 15% off. We also have deals on our Crazy Creek chairs as well as our Autograph Pillowcases. You can scope out our deals in more detail when you click here to read the Blog post from a couple weeks back when our sale began.

The deals don’t end there either! Starting this week, we have our ‘Deal of the Day’ in which we feature a particular deal on a specific product that’s especially enticing! Today is only our second Deal of the Day so far and yesterday being the first. Once the deal of each day gets disclosed, the deal will remain in effect through the end of November!

For our first Deal of the Day, we took $20 off the Lewis N Clark Heavy Duty 36" Large Duffel with Neoprene Gear Bag. Usually going for $39.99, get it today for $19.99!

We’re doubling down today with our Designer Cinch Sacks, made right here at Everything Summer Camp. They typically go for $16.99, but you can get it today for just $7.99.

There are still 5 more Days of Deals coming your way so keep tuning in this week and discover what awesome deals await you in the days to come! Our sale spans straight through Cyber Monday and our traditional holiday sales, lasting until December 17 and as supplies last. And make sure you get your discount shopping in before we run out of product—don’t dally!

We hope you’ve been enjoying your early Black Friday shopping and thrilled with the discounts you’re seeing. Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Let the Sales Begin!

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Hey, Eager Shoppers!

As we edge closer to the holiday season, Black Friday Sales get closer and closer. Well, the wait is over as of today here at Everything Summer Camp! Our Black Friday sales have arrived to kick this week off with a bang! This sale encompasses not just Black Friday, but Cyber Monday and our Holiday Discounts as well—we’re running it from now until December 17th (but don’t dally! The discounts are only effective as supplies last).

So what’s our sale looking like this year? In the past, I’ve informed you about great discounts we put on trunks and trunk accessories. This year, however, we’re still working to fill and maintain our trunk inventory as supply challenges had us running short earlier this year in the summer season. Unfortunately,

we’re not offering any discounts on our Designer Trunks, Steel Trunks, Pop Up Soft Trunks, or Trunk Accessories.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have deals! Check out some of the great deals we got:

Take a Seat
Get the best seat in the house for the best price available! We’re taking $5.00 off our Crazy Creek Chairs!

Rest Your Head
This pillowcase is all about pals! We’ve slashed $4 off our Autograph Pillowcases. They’re usually $14.99. Get one for $10.99.!

Make it Personal
Peruse our Personalized Products. We’ve got Laundry Bags, Toiletry Pouches, Fleece Blankets, LidSkinz, and a bunch more! They’ve all taken a dip in price—as much as 15% off on certain products!

Ready and Label
We offer a handful of different name labels for you to choose from. Pick some up now with 15% off from all Name Label products!

Sign Me Up
We offer awesome assorted signs such as our Signature Signs, our Dog Tags, as well as our Personalized Felt Pennant. Pick up any of them at 20% off throughout this sale! 

Just a note—we are putting plenty of new designs out for our Designer Trunks, Floormats, and Pillowcases. So keep a lookout!

Also, as we’ve done in past years, we’ll have our Deal of the Day part of our sale in which we have a new product that gets highlighted for the day. The Deal of the Day spans the week of Thanksgiving, starting on Sunday, November 21 and lasting through to Cyber Monday, November 29. Tune in each day of the sale to find out what the deal is!

So start right now! Hop on over to our online store and start loading up your cart! Happy shopping and happy holiday season! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

Trunk Trials

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Wow, Boys and Girls!

2021 sure took us all by surprise! We’ve had an unprecedented volume of orders to fulfill this season that we’ve had some difficulty keeping up. The demand to send kids off to camp came back with such a vengeance after the campless summer of 2020 and, along with the sudden and unseen challenges to acquire parts we need to construct our trunks, this season has certainly presented us with new trials to manage.

We’re proud of our typical lead time of 2 business days (or up to 5 business days if your order contains camp-branded apparel), but we’ve unfortunately had to continuously push ahead our lead times for our Traditional Steel Trunks as well as our Designer Trunks as order volume and supply challenges began accumulating.

Our lead time was roughly 30 days out just a handful of weeks back, but they’ve been slowly creeping back in the last few weeks. To get a delivery date for a trunk first add a trunk to your cart. Then, on the Shopping Cart page, use the Shipping Calculator. We keep these dates current and accurate.

We’ve resorted to selling some of the trunks that customers return to us. We take them in, replace any damages, and haul it straight into our Call Center. This way, when customers call to cancel their order because they know they won’t get their trunk in time, our reps in the Call Center can offer one of these reclaimed trunks which can ship out immediately!

Despite these difficulties and unusual methods we’ve had to implement, this season has certainly been one for the books! You’ve made it a great season for us and we hope we were able to meet your needs for summer camp. We’re very sorry if we were unable to fulfill your order in the time that you need, but we truly do appreciate your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times!

We’ll always strive to make our customers happy and do as much as we possibly can to get your order to you in time for your summer camp stay. Thank you for your understanding this season and we hope your summer is an awesome time regardless of whether you got a trunk or not. As always, thanks for reading!


- John

The ESC Happy Camper Rewards Program

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Hey, Camp Shoppers!

Here at Everything Summer Camp, we feel like shopping for your summer camp gear should be just as much fun as summer camp itself. Okay, summer camp’s pretty fun! Maybe not quite THAT much fun. But pretty fun, right?! We’re always trying to give our customers something to enjoy whether it be our cool contests, our personalizable products, or our sweet sales!

Along with our durable construction, awesome product selection, and outstanding customer service, we like to throw in perks to shopping with us where we can. We hold sales and have giveaways. But you have to wait on us in those instances. For something you can go do right now—sign up for our ‘Happy Camper Rewards Club’!

Sign Up
Here’s a perk to shopping our online store that’s always going on. No need to wait on us to greenlight anything or give you the go-ahead. The button for our ‘Happy Camper Rewards Club’ is located in the bottom left corner of our homepage. Click that button and sign up so you can start earning S’more Bucks! We’ll give you 300 S’more Bucks just for doing that!

S’more Bucks are our campy term for loyalty points. How much is one S’more Buck? The equivalent of one U.S. penny. Thus, a hundred S’more Bucks adds up to a dollar…a thousand S’more Bucks is ten dollars…etc.

Earn Bucks
There’s a handful of ways that you can earn S’more Bucks and they’re all so easy it only makes sense for you to start! The first way to earn S’more Bucks is to make a purchase at Everything Summer Camp. For each dollar you spend, you get five S’more Bucks! Here are all the ways to earn your Bucks:

  • Make a Purchase => 5 S’more Bucks for each Dollar Spent
  • Follow us on Twitter => 50 S’more Bucks
  • Like us on Facebook => 100 S’more Bucks
  • Follow us on Instagram => 100 S’more Bucks
  • Sign up to Receive Emails from us => 300 S’more Bucks
  • Tell us your Birthday => 500 S’more Bucks
  • Refer a Friend => 1000 S’more Bucks

It probably only takes about two minutes to sign up for a Rewards Account, tell us your birthday, and sign up for our emails. And for just that, you get $12.00 in S’more Bucks! It probably only takes five minutes to do everything listed above and just for that, you get $23.50 in S’more Bucks! We’re happy to give away the free money in exchange for our customers to engage and shop with us!

Reap Benefits
The easiest way to use your S’more Bucks is to redeem them whenever you go to checkout. With minimal effort, you’ll have your own, personal discount on your order. The other way to use you S’more Bucks is to give a voucher to a friend or family member (in case you’re in the giving spirit)! Vouchers work just like a gift card code—just enter it when you check out and your discount will be applied to the order!

So shop with us and have a blast while doing it! Enjoy watching your S’more Bucks accumulate. Enjoy spending your S’more Bucks. And enjoy making your S’more Bucks back! As always, thanks for reading!


- John