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Save Big this Week for Memorial Day!

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Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Memorial Day is nearly here! We’re certainly ramping up to the summer season and excited for the upcoming federal holiday—Memorial Day. This day is a day to remember the soldiers who have fallen while in service to their country, but because of its position on the calendar and the time off from work, many folks think of it as an unofficial first day of summer with family get-togethers and barbecues.

You might also think of Memorial Day as a marker to kick your camp prep into full gear! Now’s the time to check off the rest of your list so that you don’t find Get your Memorial Day Sale savings at Everything Summer Camp this week!yourself still getting ready the day before camp starts!

As helpful incentive to get your gear now, I’m announcing our Memorial Day Sale which is going on now and ends at 11:59pm CST Tuesday, May 28!

Check out the sale:

Camp Trunks and Pop Ups

For our main feature, our Memorial Day Sale slashes the price of our standard-size C&N Camp Trunks (which are manufactured right here in our own facility) as well as our Pop Up Soft Trunks. Order the right camp container for your camp stay and get it for $20 off!

Trunk Accessories

Maximize your C&N camp trunk and get the most out of it with awesome camp accessories like wheels, lid organizers, trays, locks, and more at 20% off!

Name Labels

In case you haven’t heard this enough yet, you want to label EVERYTHING you take to summer camp. We make it really easy and even fun with our convenient labeling methods. Get Iron On Clothing Labels, Stick On Labels, Stamps, and more—all for 20% off!

Laundry Bags

We offer a variety of Laundry Bags that range from simple mesh bags to personalized bags that read your camper’s name. We even have Bags that are completely covered in a very cool graphic print like watermelon, mermaid scales, and many, many more! Get them all at 10% off!   

Assorted Discount Gear

We’re not stopping just yet! We’re offering a slew of camping gear like Sleeping Bags, Rain Gear, Backpacks, and more as well as other camp supplies such as bug repellent, sunscreen, camp stationery, and more for 10% off as well. Browse around our site and you’re sure to see discounts galore!


LOC and camp. T’s

We’ve recently added to our Life of Camp Clothing Line Collection! Our sale price for these new additions takes the tag from $17.99 down to $13.99. And you’ll see our ‘camp. T’s’ sitting at the same price for this sale too!

Take advantage of this week of sales and knock your camp prep out of the park so you can breathe a sigh of relaxation and enjoy some peace before the summer season really kicks off! As always, thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day!


- John

ESC in 2019!

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Happy New Year, Everybody!

It’s great to talk to you from the new year—2019! How exciting! This holiday focuses on new beginnings and fresh starts. You’ll see lots of folks setting New Year’s Resolutions for themselves so they can start their new habits along with the new year. We’re no different here at Everything Summer Camp! We set resolutions for our company as a whole on how we intend to continue into the future to provide our customers with the best of the best in summer camp assistance!Things are always improving at ESC. See what's going on in 2019.

Here’s how we plan to do it:

We Got it All

No one place has every single item on your camp’s packing list. We come the closest, though with virtually everything you need at camp. We have an extensive selection of gear which includes hard-to-find camp accessories as well as camp clothing in kids sizes!

Not Just Gear

We offer a lot more than just summer camp gear; we ARE summer camp. We’re here to help you choose the right camp, pack the essential gear you’ll need, and even emotionally prepare your child for being away from home! We’re able to provide such helpful assistance through tips and advice on our Blog, information from Webinars, the handy summer camp guidebook, your camp’s packing list, donations, and more.

Juried Products

As a camp retailer, we’re regularly approached by distributors who offer all sorts of camp gear. Only a certain, select few make the cut, though. It’s because our selection process accepts only durable, undemanding products that children will be able to operate with ease. Juried Products are simply products that meet the criteria of being perfectly suited for summer campers!

Good ol’-Fashioned Customer Service

Customer Service is not dead! These two words have developed a dreadful connotation synonymous with automated voices and on-hold easy-listening muzak. But not here at Everything Summer Camp. Our customers have a different idea of Customer Service! When you dial Everything Summer Camp, within a literal minute or two, you’ll be speaking to real humans who are helpful and ready to solve whatever issues you need.

We promise to stick to these 2019 resolutions for the year ahead of us and hope you put us to the test for your camp endeavors this coming summer season! Enjoy shopping our camping gear shop and jump right over to the homepage by clicking here. As always, Camp Fans, thanks for reading!


- John



Give the Gift of Gear!

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Hey, Thoughtful Gifters!

This time of year as we delve deeper into December, things tend to get pretty busy. Between shopping endeavors, craft work at home, and phone calls to brainstorm gifting ideas, it’s not uncommon for folks to succumb to holiday stress. Appropriately coined, it can be a daunting, stressful experience trying to gather everyone’s Christmas gifts. But have no fear! Everything Summer Camp is here to help make the holidays easy on everyone!

After all, if you have a son or daughter, niece or nephew, or grand kid who’s an Enjoy what you get (or better yet---what you gave) underneath the tree this year!intrepid, little explorer who’s looking forward to another summer at summer camp, the gift is already sitting here waiting for you! Just give a gift card and let them do the shopping!

It really is that easy. Your special, little adventurer is sure to appreciate a push in the direction of our website along with some prearranged spending cash! Kids can have fun for hours on end, browsing through the departments on our site, looking at all we have and tinkering with our personalized options for select products. Let them find what they like most for themselves!

Here at Everything Summer Camp we have a massive assortment of not only fun camp supplies kids can enjoy, but practical and quality gear as well. Our C&N Footlockers make great presents for all ages! For all kids with summer camp on the horizon, students entering college, or simply for a family member’s attractive-looking storage unit around the house, our camp trunks make classy gifts for certain!

I still remember when I got my C&N Footlocker for Christmas a thousand years ago! And I still get great use out of it! Give a campy gift this year with a virtual gift card certificate to Everything Summer Camp. Happy Holidays, Readers! And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


You've Got Time...

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Hey, Seasonal Shoppers!

Despite what efforts we tend to put forward in our gift-giving this time of year, unfortunately, things don’t always go the way we plan. As crummy as late deliveries are, they happen—even when you made for absolutely sure that you’d have an on-time arrival. At Everything Summer Camp, we understand the importance of gift-giving and we want to help make sure that your gifting goes just the way you had planned this holiday season!Please direct your attention to the holiday map for easiest holiday ordering!

Order from Everything Summer Camp and you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive on time; we put it out in this convenient, little map when exactly you need to order by. It’s our hope at Everything Summer Camp that your gift-giving goes off without a hitch. SO, please allow me to call your attention to our handy holiday map.

This helpful, color-coded map eliminates any misunderstanding about how early you need to place your order on our website to have it ship to you on time. Of course, delivery times vary throughout the country, but, personally, I don’t like procrastinating, so I like to urge people to order as early as they can—better safe than sorry!

And that’s why I’m sharing the magic numbers with you of 1:00pm on December 17. That’s the time and date for everyone in the contiguous United States to go by for guaranteed delivery by December 24. If you want gifts any earlier, order accordingly!

Note that December 17 may be early for some of you; Everything Summer Camp is based in northwestern Wisconsin, so if you live in Wisconsin, most parts of Minnesota, or another nearby area, you have the luxury of placing your order as late as 1:00pm on December 20, but don’t push it too far! Happy holidays, Everybody! Get your orders placed with us on time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Don't Dally in December!

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Hey, Smart Shoppers!

We hit Black Friday and we hit it hard this year! Sales continued past Cyber Monday. And after that, our Holiday Sale went into effect! Starting last week, Tuesday, we hope you’ve all had ample time to take advantage of the slashed prices on a plethora of our camping gear selection!


Get the last of your holiday sale shopping in and take advantage of our great deals while you still can!If you didn’t get your chance to grab all the discounted gear you wanted just yet, it’s still not too late! This is your final call before our Holiday Sale comes to an end. Get to your last minute shopping today while sales last!

Read on for a quick break down and links to take you straight to products you’re in which you’re interested:

First, C&N Camp Trunks and Pop-Up-Soft-Trunks are marked $10 off AND if you select your camp through the homepage on our site and enter in your camp code, you’ll get an additional $10 off! We also have new Candy Pink Holiday Apparel which we’re putting at a staggering 35% off! And, lastly, find Crazy Creek Chairs, Sleeping Bags, and Laundry Bags.

There are literally hundreds of discounted products on our site, so roll up your sleeves and shop while there’s still time!

If you’re still reading this and you have gear that you want to grab for a super-nice price, I suggest you stop reading right now and hop over to our homepage so you can start shopping—pronto!

To everybody else, tune in tomorrow to get details on our Shipping Cutoff time for the holidays so that you can rest assured that your delivery will arrive on time. Enjoy stress-free shopping for the holiday season when you shop Everything Summer Camp—the way this season is supposed to be! Till next time, Camp Fans! And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John