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A Brief History of the Camp Bunk Organizer

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Hey, Organized Camp Folks!

Keep track of all your essentials with ease when you bring the Bunk Organizer to summer camp!

With everyone gathered outside the cabin, waiting to embark on a day-long trip through the rugged wilderness, a lone camper is still inside desperately searching through her gear and camp supplies for her bug spray—the pressure of holding up the company mounting. Just as she started to consider giving up, a fellow camper came back for something and noticed the first camper in distress.

“What do you need?” The second camper said. “Bug spray? Check it out. I have some extra you can use in my organizer.” She went into one of the many pockets on the Bunk Organizer that hung from her camp bunk and took out her surplus spray.

While it may not be listed on most camp packing lists, the Bunk Organizer has revolutionized the way campers keep their essentials tidy and accessible. With 16 pockets of various sizes, it's designed to hang vertically on the foot or side of a bunk, providing a convenient storage solution for all kinds of items you want handy.


The Bunk Organizer is just what your child needs to keep their daily essentials handy at summer camp so they can be on with their day instead of searching through an untidied backpack or trunk.

The idea for the Bunk Organizer was born in the early 2000s when Matt, the Sales Director here at Everything Summer Camp, visited camps and noticed campers struggling to keep accessible all the items they want to keep close by over the course of the night: books, diaries, flashlights, bug spray, a watch, footwear, water bottle, inhaler, eyeglasses, or what have you!

He immediately recognized the need for a more versatile solution.

When Matt returned from his trip, he explained the difficulty he witnessed to our product development team when it came to these ‘nightstand items’. The team put their minds to the situation, conceptualized a new product, and created a solution to the struggle.

Matt has since seen the Bunk Organizer in action and can attest to its convenience at summer camp. “The Bunk Organizer has transformed cabin living for campers!” he told me. “It’s such a practical accessory that makes life away from home work a little better and saves them time from searching for misplaced items.”

Get a closer look at the Everything Summer Camp Bunk Organizer when you click right here. Or, if you prefer, take a look at our Bunk Organizer with the personalization option by clicking here. Thanks for reading, Everyone. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

The Tale of the C&N Snap-On Duffle

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Hey, Camp Folks!

If you’ve ever shopped our site before, then you already know—we’re Everything Summer Camp, your one-stop shop for everything on your child’s camp packing list. However, when we first started making trunks in 1987, we didn’t offer any camping gear or other trunk accessories at all.

Several years later we added wheels and then came our nameplates and padlocks a little further down the line. And for a long time these were the only three accessories we offered.

Our TagAlong Duffle is perfect for granting a little more space when your packing list exceeds your trunk space.

It was 20 years on before we added another accessory and the first one we added was the Snap-On Duffle which was our first product all about summer camp. Back then we had never sold a product that focused completely on summer camp. In fact, we weren’t even called Everything Summer Camp yet.

This duffle, however, was designed as an extension of a camper’s camp trunk to accommodate kids whose packing lists were just a bit too big for our trunks. Our original design for the Snap-On Duffle was only compatible with our Traditional Steel and Designer Trunks and we had another duffel—the Piggy Back—which was compatible with our Pop Up Soft Trunks.

No other duffel attaches perfectly to your camp trunk like our Snap-On Duffle found only here at Everything Summer Camp—the home of C&N camp trunks! Common for moving bulkier items like pillows and other bedding, this accompanying duffel is as simple as can be! It snaps onto our camp trunks within seconds so you can move both pieces as one!

Make transportation to and from your summer camp cabin as easy as possible with this cool idea that moves your trunk and duffle as one unit. Thanks for reading. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

The Story Behind Personalizing Your Camp Trunk

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: labeling your gear is the number one rule of packing for camp. You have your name on everything else. Be sure to label your most expensive investment: your camp trunk! And why not go the extra mile to make a completely personalized statement with this permanent print exclusively for C&N trunks?!

One of our standout creations is our LidSkinz Trunk Accessory—a product that started as a simple idea and evolved into a stunning way to make your camp trunk uniquely yours. How did we come to make such a cool accessory for your camp trunk? Well, it was a long road to become the product it is now…

A LidSkinz Trunk Accessory makes a great method of trunk decorating.

The Journey of LidSkinz

This product began with a simple print on vinyl. We used to feed the vinyl printout through our laminate machine, applying a protective laminate covering. It required precision and skill to ensure the machine unrolled the laminate properly to apply it directly over the printout. There was next to no margin of error. Then, after the lamination, each LidSkinz was meticulously hand-cut with scissors!

As our methods advanced, so did LidSkinz. With the advent of our Designer Trunks—camp trunks that feature printed exteriors, LidSkinz were now printed directly onto the trunk's exterior metal, a shift that brought various results with different materials.

A great example of one of our camp trunks adorned with our C&N LidSkinz Trunk Accessory.

Initially, we printed on aluminum, which worked wonderfully. However, rising aluminum prices led us to explore alternatives. We experimented with hard plastic, which produced a matte effect, unlike the glossy finish our customers loved. Finally, we settled on steel, the same material as the rest of the trunk panels. This choice ensures consistency in appearance while maintaining the high-quality printing that characterizes LidSkinz.

The LidSkinz Trunk Accessory has come a long way from its humble beginnings as a vinyl print. In the end, this product isn't just another trunk accessory; it's an opportunity for campers to make a statement, showcase their creativity, and carry a piece of their identity with them to camp.

Enjoy creating a personalized top to your camp trunk. Check them out when you click right here and design your own. Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

Yes, We CAN!

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Hey, Uncanny Kids!

While we tend to deal in steel here at Everything Summer Camp, today we’re talking about tin—CANS to be specific. Happy Tin Can Day! Did you know that the invention of the Tin Can dates all the way back to 1810? This is a day reserved for the one and only Tin Can which brought about a revolution in the way food was able to be stored and preserved.

Likely found in any household, tin cans may not be so much a summer camp thing (though I’m sure there are plenty of canned items in your camp’s kitchen), but in the general world of camping, canned food provides a quick, easy meal that’s incredibly convenient. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated. It’s lightweight for easy portability. And it’s shelf-life that goes on and on!

But before it became a camping convenience, it was a major relief to those who didn’t have access to or were unable to afford fresh fruits and vegetables. Back when it was first invented, food wasn’t nearly as centralized as it is now. This invention meant that foods which were harvested according to their natural peak times could be eaten no matter the season.

On top of bringing relief to those in areas with limited access to food, the Tin Can gave people the opportunity to taste foods they never were able to before. Foods could be shipped from far away so somebody from a place with a cold climate could try pineapple and peaches.

Despite its creation in 1810, it was a half a century later that the can opener was invented. Up until 1858, people had to hack, chop, or chisel their cans open! Can you imagine?!

Enjoy the convenience of the Tin Can today. Thanks for reading. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

Glow Little Glow Worms

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Hey, Camp Folks!

During these cold, dark winter months of northern Wisconsin, it’s easy to get a little crazy about light. We throw them up all over our yards, the outside of our houses, and in darker corners and pockets indoors. Common at light shows, concerts, and plenty of other festivals, you’ll start seeing Glow Sticks as nighttime sets in. They’ve been around for decades, but originally weren’t used in celebratory fashion. They were military equipment.

It’s easy to see why Glow Stick technology was initially researched and developed for military use. The government contracted a chemist named Edwin Chandross in the 1960’s to investigate the process of chemicals that could emit powerful light without generating heat called ‘chemiluminescence’.

Glow Sticks need no batteries. They’re cheap. They have a long shelf life. They’re easy to dispose of. They can tolerate high pressures. They’re waterproof and weatherproof. And, in the right conditions, you can see one from a mile away. They’re also non-flammable and non-sparking, making them the only source of light safe to use in a disaster area immediately following the event. They’re used on a daily basis as markers for parachuters, landing zones, targets, as well as emergency lights.

At the same time that these new inventions were being used in their practical functionality, Glow Sticks emerged in a completely separate and surprising application. People found the aesthetics of the light from Glow Sticks had a certain appeal in a party and festival sort of setting.

Glow Sticks debuted on the music scene in 1971 at the Yale Ball in New Haven, Connecticut when a concert-goer and his friend visited the factory where his father worked assembling Glow Sticks. They filled their backpacks full of these cool lights and hauled them to the concert that night.

Within the first few songs of the show, the boys had started cracking open the Glow Sticks and handing them out to the crowd. No one had ever seen anything like it before. The awesome lights in the dark night brought the music to a stop and the whole show to a standstill. People were spellbound!

Glow Sticks remain an important part of military gear, but are certainly prevalent in places like clubs, parties, and festivals…even summer camp! Show your true colors in the Color War with a Glow Stick that never stops and get our LED Mini Glowstick from Nite Ize. We also offer the Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Necklace for hands-free lighting. Check out these and other lighting options from Nite Ize by clicking here. Thanks for reading, Camp Fans. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John