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A Wilderness Adventure Awaits at Denali National Park

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Hey, Camp Adventurers!

Nestled amidst the rugged wilderness of Alaska lies the majestic Denali National Park, a sprawling expanse of untamed beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes. Picture a group of eager campers embarking on a journey through this iconic park, their spirits high as they traverse winding trails and marvel at towering peaks. Put yourself there. The air is crisp, the scenery breathtaking—the sense of adventure in every step.

Enjoy a seemingly endless playground at Denali Park.

At Denali National Park, nature reigns supreme. From the towering summit of Denali, North America's highest peak, to the lush valleys and meandering rivers below, the park is a sanctuary for wildlife and a haven for those seeking solace in the great outdoors.

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Whether you're planning your next outdoor adventure or simply dreaming of exploring the wilds of Denali, our Denali National Park trunk serves as a reminder of the boundless beauty and adventure that awaits. So pack your bags, lace up your hiking boots, and venture into the heart of Denali National Park for an unforgettable experience in one of America's most treasured landscapes.

Who knows, maybe your next adventure will take you to the breathtaking vistas of Denali, where the wonders of nature await at every turn. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

Get into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

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Hey, Camp Lovers!

As the sun rises over the towering peaks of the Great Smoky Mountains, a group of excited campers begins their day with a thrilling hike through one of America's most breathtaking landscapes. The crisp mountain air fills their lungs as they explore winding trails, stumble upon hidden waterfalls, and witness the vibrant wildlife that calls this place home.

A natural wonder that has been captivating adventurers for generations, the stunning Great Smoky Mountains have never failed to win over the hearts of countless nature enthusiasts. Presenting visitors with 800 miles to hike and nearly 3000 miles of streams to fish! It’s also home to 4000 plant species, diverse wildlife, as well as some of the oldest mountains on the earth.

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Entrance Fee? No Need!

Unlike many national parks, there's no entrance fee to explore the Great Smoky Mountains. This stems from its unique history—once privately owned, the land was donated with the condition that no toll or license fee would ever burden its visitors. So, embark on your adventure without worrying about entrance fees.

A Record-Breaker

The Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited of all the national park in the United States, and for a good reason. With an abundance of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and horseback riding, it offers something for everyone. Whether you're an avid adventurer or a history buff, the Smokies have it all.

Salamander Capital

Did you know the Smokies are the "Salamander Capital of the World"? With 30 different species, the park is teeming with these fascinating creatures. Keep your eyes peeled during your hikes; you might spot one of these unique residents.


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Whether you're planning a camping trip, a hike to capture stunning vistas, or a leisurely stroll through a wildflower-strewn meadow, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park offers an array of experiences to cherish. And what better way to cherish such an awesome trip than with a trunk from our National Parks series that features the very landscapes you traversed?

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- John