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Kids’ Hiking Backpacks

Kids’ Hiking Backpacks

Shop our selection of durable and stylish children’s backpacks.

Find popular brand names like JanSport, Osprey, The North Face, Under Armour, Kelty, and Marmot.

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Kids' Camping Backpacks

Everything Summer Camp works with hundreds of summer camps every summer and an item that is on every packing list is a backpack. While it may seem easiest to utilize a school backpack, there are distinct advantages to hiking backpacks that should be considered for the best summer camp experience.

Size & Capacity

School backpacks are often more compartmentalized than kids' hiking backpacks. While this is great for organizing for school, the laptop sleeve, smaller compartments, and multiple pencil dividers in a school backpack cut down on overall useful space on the trail. 

A hiking backpack’s simpler structure allows them to carry more on the trail than a traditional school backpack including bulky items like rain gear or a large water bottle.

Weather Resistant

Hiking backpacks are generally more weather-resistant than school backpacks. Hiking backpacks are often made from waterproof material that will help to keep any of your carry dry if the weather turns on the trail.

School backpacks with their abundance of zippers offer opportunities for water to easily make its way into your pack.


Hiking backpacks and backpack straps are often made with ventilation in mind. This is a key difference when it comes to comfort between a hiking backpack and a school backpack on the trail. There are few things that turn a hike sour than developed chaffed skin on your back or shoulders from an uncomfortable pack.

If your summer camp plan involves a good amount of hiking, you’ll want a kids' camp backpack that’s made for the mileage.

Kids' Backpacking Packs

Backpacking packs are designed specifically for the needs and challenges of long hikes involving overnight camping. These packs are made with adjustable straps, multiple compartments, and long-lasting durable materials like ripstop nylon.

Designed with heavy pack weights in mind, backpacking packs are perfect for advanced young hikers and campers seeking tent camping experiences.

All Your Backpack Questions, Unpacked

While we probably can’t tell you every single thing you should pack in your camp backpack, our summer camp experts can help you evaluate which backpack is best for your young camper. Get in touch with our team today with any summer camp gear questions you may have.