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Make a Wish!

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Hey, Birthday Boys and Girls! 

If your child’s birthday happens to land during the time they’ll be away on their summer stay for camp, no sweat! Just make sure you plan in advance for the occasion. You can simply bump the birthday celebration ahead and have it at home before camp, postpone it and celebrate at home after camp, arrange for your child’s birthday to be celebrated at camp, or go with a combination of these options… 

Birthdays at Home
You probably don’t want to miss out the celebration of your child’s birthday. And your child probably wants to celebrate with family as opposed to fresh friends from summer camp. Celebrating at home means your whole family can get together and celebrate without restriction—throw a party, have a special dinner, give lots of gifts, etc. 

Birthdays at Camp
Most summer camps are prepared to whip up a birthday cake and serve ice cream for your child along with some cabin mates. Maybe your camp will simply sing Happy Birthday to your camper in the dining hall. If you find out ahead of time what birthday celebrations at your camp look like, make sure your camper understands the plan so there isn’t any disappointment. 

Gifts at Camp
Your kid will love a gift on their actual birthday during their camp stay. Things that would otherwise go in a care package maker great gifts. Save anything too big or expensive for before or after camp—you wouldn’t want it lost, stolen, or broken at camp. You also need to take care not to make your camper’s cabin mates jealous. Stick to gifts that your camper can share and send a birthday card with a note to remind your child of their other gift at home. 

Check all your boxes to make sure that this upcoming summer camp season is awesome for your child and make sure they feel special on their big day! Have a great camp season, folks. As always, thanks for reading. And happy camping! 


- John

A Proper Greeting...Card

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Greetings, Cards—I mean, Kids! 

Our Summer Camp Greeting Cards here at Everything Summer Camp are a great sentiment and such a great show of thoughtfulness. Write a little message inside the card or just send it as is. Either way, it’s sure to put a smile on your camper’s face. 

We enjoyed writing and designing these cards so much last year that we thought we’d do it again for this upcoming season and keep adding more new card packs to our store. Be sure to scope out our latest designs among the rest of our selection when you click right here. 

Our creations feature general camp-themed cards to other themes geared toward specific interests like fishing or horseback riding along with, of course, all those magical camp moments. You’re sure to find a set of cards that speak to you for your camper. There’s a card for campers to send home as well! 

You can rest assured that receiving one of these cards will make your camper’s day! It may help ease a little homesickness they’ve been feeling as well as let them know that you’re thinking of them during their time away. 

Summer camp expert Dr. Chris Thurber does a great job detailing the importance of sending word to your camper in this previous Blog post he wrote for us called Write Right. Check it out by clicking right here

Five cards in a set. You won’t find cards like these anywhere else. Pick the Set of 5 Cards (with their colorful envelopes) that fit your camper best and send your child a warm hello with these cute, campy cards! Enjoy these cards with your kids and get your Summer Camp Greeting Card Pack today. 

Shop more and take a look at our Postcards as well as our other Stationery products right here. Thanks for reading, Camp Fans and happy camping! 


- John

Put 'er There, Pal!

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Hey, Campers!

One of the most important parts about a fun summer camp experience is forging great friendships. Camp is a prime place to meet lots of new people, develop your social skills, and have a ton of fun. It’s a perfect recipe for long-lasting friendships!

Making friends isn’t really hard work at all. But you do need to be open-minded. Everybody’s different by the way we look, dress, act, speak, etc. Making friends begins with respecting everyone at camp. You don’t need to become everyone’s best friend—you don’t even need to LIKE everyone at camp.

You do, however, need to get along with everyone. Being respectful of everyone at camp means treating them the way you want them to treat you. You should work with your cabin mates. Listen to your leader and pitch in. Always be a good sport whether you win or lose. Use good manners. And keep your things in order so you never add to a mess.

These are just a few examples of how to be respectful at camp. Can you think of more ways? Go ahead and share them by commenting to this Blog post.

While making friends isn’t hard work, it tends to come easier to some than it will for others. Here are some pointers you can look through to get some ideas for putting yourself out there in case you aren’t overly familiar with meeting new people.

What’s in a Name?
Introduce yourself by telling people your name. Walk up and say, “Hi, my name is_____” Hold out your hand and shake while you look your fellow camper in the eye and smile. Say, “pleased to meet you.” And maybe say something about yourself like what grade of school you’re in or where you’re from.

What’s There to Talk About?
Camp itself is something to talk about How did your new friend find the camp? What year of camp are they in? Did they travel far to be there? A C&N Camp Trunk is also a great conversation piece. In fact, bringing one of our awesome Designer Trunks could have kids coming up to YOU to say what a cool trunk you have.

Bring the Fun
Camp is all about having fun and that’s really the best way to make friends! Laughing and having fun is a great bonding experience. What’s a game you like to play? Think of something like a Frisbee or football and suggest a game of catch. Maybe it’s cards, or tag, a game of H-O-R-S-E, jumprope, etc. Bring it along and get the fun rollin’!

Camp is sure to be a blast. Go prepared to have a great time and meet lots of fun folks like yourself! Be confident, be yourself, and you’re sure to develop some great friendships at camp! Learn more about camp prep with the helpful guidebook 'The Summer Camp Handbook'. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping.


- John

How Can You Tell?

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Hey, Parents!

How can you know when your kid is ready to head off to summer camp? In the end, kids are their own best gauge of heading to camp at the right age. Kids naturally get wind of the summer camp idea from other kids talking about it or maybe a parent or grandparent who has shared some fond camp memories. My older sister went away during the summers and I was always curious where exactly she was going and what she was doing.

When kids start asking questions about camp it’s usually a good sign: your kid’s thinking about it and getting curious about camp. Check out this excerpt from Parker P. who wrote in to us back in 2015 to share how he discovered camp.

“When I was four, my mom read me a story called ‘The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp’. I was fascinated with the idea of going to camp and began asking when I could go. She was surprised that as such a young child I would express an interest in camp, but I loved the idea of the outdoors, the adventure, and the excitement.

Over the next couple of years, my mom became aware of Camp Ridgecrest for Boys and as soon as I entered first grade, she registered me to attend the next summer. I didn’t know anyone. She didn’t know anyone whose child had been.

She drove me to camp. Helped me set up my bed and trunk area, and headed to her car to depart. I was a little overwhelmed and so was she. Neither of us anticipated how hard it would be to separate that first summer, but I am so glad that she trusted the plan and the camp staff…I had immediately fallen in love with camp. Now after seven years at camp, I continue to look forward to camp as it’s the highlight of my summer.”

Maybe your kid hasn’t shown any interest in camp but you think they would enjoy the experience. A good approach might start something like this: “Did you know Grandpa was your age when he first went to camp? What do you think of going for a couple weeks?” Your child’s response ought to help you figure out where your kid stands with camp.

There’s an entire chapter dedicated to the subject in ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, an amazing guidebook put together by two camp experts—Chris Thurber and Jon Malinowski. The chapter discusses other things to consider about your kid’s readiness for a camp stay such as their age, the length of the camp stay, their previous experience away from home, and more.

Check out this invaluable guidebook, ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’ when you click right here, published by and made available here at Everything Summer Camp! Till next time, Camp Folks. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Camp Prep Ain't What it Used to Be

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Hey, Camp Families!

Getting your child ready for summer camp is a crucial element to whether or not they enjoy their stay! It’s hard to smile in a downpour when you forgot to pack a raincoat. Camp prep remains just as important today as it’s always been, but the way we go about getting ready for camp has been changing along with the world in the last couple years.

Families used to make a day out of it. Parents would take their children, load up in the car, and hit a number of retailers where they would acquire the camping gear and other camp supplies for the upcoming season. You might stop for lunch amidst all the shopping and really make the day a treat.

This has changed drastically since 2020, but just because you’re not venturing out to any physical stores doesn’t mean you can’t make it a special day. Have your camper join you for a virtual visit and check out places online where you can order your gear. The shopping experience at has plenty of great options to choose from as well as a wide array of customized products and gear.

Maybe order in or bake something tasty in the kitchen that day so you and your child can have a treat as reward for all your productivity in your camp preparations.

Being involved in the decision-making and playing a part in designing their own gear gives your child a ownership over their time away. As summer camp expert and co-author of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, Chris Thurber puts it, “Something as simple as picking out the color of the new toothbrush will give your son or daughter a healthy sense of agency over the camp experience. Enjoy this co-shopping experience and share your positive expectations for camp.”

Check out this past Everything Summer Camp Blog post from Chris Thurber about the importance of involving your to-be camper in their camp preparations. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Till next time.


- John