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Happy Camper Steel Footlocker Trunk 32x18x13.5"

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The C&N Happy Camper Steel Footlocker Trunk

Built to hold its own against the rugged world of summer camp year after year, the Happy Camper is your traditional steel exterior camp trunk. It's crazy, but this trunk can withstand 800 pounds of pressure! That’s why our C&N trunks are endorsed by more camps than any other! We stand behind and on top of our footlockers.

The Happy Camper was designed at the right height to fit beneath just about all camp bunks, while providing enough space to pack clean clothes and gear to last a couple weeks.

Picture the first morning at camp: the smell of pancakes draws your camper from sleep just as the breakfast bell rings. “Do you smell pancakes?!” a bunkmate calls from below. With their mouth watering, your camper hops down from the top bunk, lands safely on their trunk, and flips it open in a flash to grab morning essentials and head out to start the day!



Do I Really NEED a Trunk for Camp?
Technically, no. But a cheap packing container like a plastic tote or laundry bag will never compare. Sure these options can move all your camp gear, but that’s about it. You can’t jump out of a bunk onto a tote or bag. Neither option will be easy to carry once you have them loaded up. They’re essentially impossible to live out of. And, most of all, they won’t continue to carry your camp memories when the camp season’s over. The Happy Camper Camp Trunk, on the other hand, will.

Yes, you’ll spend considerably more on one of our trunks than you will a bin or a bag. That’s because a C&N Trunk is an investment that you’ll use far into the future. In fact, the trunk YOUR child takes to camp could very well be the trunk THEIR child takes to camp!

Built of a solid 3/8”, cabinet-grade plywood, we armor our trunks in steel and dress them in nickel-plated hardware including four crush-proof corners and a slew of clamps to provide structural integrity. Other trunk hardware includes the two basic wire loop latches that secure the lid to the base, the center handle and latch, the two double-wide side handles, two back hinges, and the lid stay on the right side which keeps the lid from falling too far back and damaging your trunk or falling down too fast and hurting your hand.

Let’s hear from Dr. Christopher Thurber, camp expert and co-author of ‘The Summer Camp Handbook’, on the matter: “You want something really sturdy—not the budget trunk you might get at a big box department store, but something you can stand on because that’s what kids will do at camp and they don’t want to fall through it.”

Outside the camp season, this camp trunk makes a cool addition to a bedroom! Store seasonal clothing, valuables, and keepsakes until the next camp season comes around!

Like memories of camp, this trunk will last many years into the future for your child to look back on with nostalgia, bring to dorm rooms, first apartments, new homes, and eventually pass on to their children. Our trunks are an investment that your family can use for generations to come…





Rust Belt Gif

Traditional U.S. Steel
Our trunks boast a steel-clad protective exterior sourced from the historic Rust Belt of western Pennsylvania—a community that was forged around the mighty steel mills of the early 1900s. Our traditional steel exteriors are far more resilient than the vinyl or fabric coverings found on other trunks made today. Yes, steel costs more to make, but our 35 years of experience has shown us that steel is best.

More Accessories than Anyone Else
You’ll get the most out of your camp trunk with our exclusive trunk accessories like the Wheel Away System, the LidMate Organizer, the Glide & Go Tray, and more. We’re happy to install these pieces here in our factory or they can always be added onto your trunk at home with ease. Check out our trunk accessories by clicking here.

Our Lifetime Warranty
Are you planning to ship your trunk through FedEx, UPS, or an airline, as many summer campers do? No other trunk company will warranty many of the shipping damages that may occur. We do. Aside from small scratches and dents, your trunk is protected under our Lifetime Free Repair Warranty—no questions asked.

For $40 round trip, we’ll bring your trunk back to our factory, make all the repairs, and ship it back to you. All repairs are done for free. You just pay for shipping. Whether your child simply tested the limits of our rugged construction or your trunk fell out of an airplane, we’re going to fix it. If you prefer to have the trunk picked up at home, there will be an additional $10.



  • Made in the USA
  • Constructed from Solid 3/8" Cabinet-Grade Plywood
  • Traditional Steel Exterior Storage Trunk
  • Baked-Enamel Steel Sheeted Exterior
  • Nickel-Plated Steel Hardware and Steel Trim
  • Fastener-Free, Smooth Interior
  • Preinstalled with Tray Rails
  • Storage Capacity: 107.604L (3.8 cu ft or 6,566 cu in)
  • Internal Weight Capacity: 125lbs
  • External Weight Capacity: 800lbs
  • Weight: 26lbs
  • Exterior Dimensions: 32"L x 18"W x 13.5"H
  • Interior Dimensions: 31”L x 17”W x 12.5”H
  • Trunk Lid Height: 4.125”
  • Trunk Base Height: 9.375”
  • Linear Measurement: 63.5"
  • Interior Handle Measurement: 6"
  • 35 Years of Proven Quality, Construction, and Customer Satisfaction
  • C&N Lifetime Free Repair Warranty (Shipping Cost not Included)
  • Care Instructions: Clean with Mild Soap and Warm Water



Our Trunks Plant Trees


Customer Reviews

Based on 167 reviews
Great Trunk

Great quality and very quick shipping. I ordered later than I would have like for my kid's camps but it showed up in time. Kids loved the trunks and they worked great during camp.

Ondine Crabtreee

multiple orders not properly going through and calls to correct resulted in 3 missed items, loss of a great discount and lots of frustration and wasted time. Its the night before we go to camp and customer service has bankers hours. Now I'm out running around finding substitutes. Not a great experience for this first time user.

We're sorry to hear about your experience. We understand your frustration and want to make things right. Please reach out to us at 800-535-2057 or email us at We'd be happy to help resolve the issue and ensure you have everything you need. Thank you for your feedback.

Great experience all around

Great selection and quick delivery.

Camp trunk

We love the trunk but it arrived dented and we didn’t have time to replace it.

We are so sorry to hear your trunk was dented in shipping. Please reach out to us at, and we'd be happy to help.


Great quality!

Camp Trunk Buying Guide

A lot summer camps hail the footlocker trunk as their preferred packing container. But what size will suit your camper best, specific to his or her camp stay? You’ll want to consider a few different factors before making your decision.

First, get the right bed height for the bunks at camp. You might be able to find this on your camp information packet but, if not, don’t be afraid to call up the camp for answers. Generally trunks under 14” work for most camps.

Second, consider the amount of camp clothing, gear, and supplies you need to pack. Just because your child is going to camp for three weeks doesn’t mean you need to pack clothes for three weeks, many camps have laundry service. Follow your camp’s packing list.

Third, consider what size clothing you’re trying to pack. After all, a dozen Youth Small Tees won’t eat up as much space as a dozen Adult Larges. The lists above will give you a good idea of what can fit inside each of our trunks. We used a combination of Youth Large and Adult Small clothing to create the lists. Our camp trunks are all 32” long and 18” wide, the only difference is in the height of trunks.


We designed with size in mind! Our smallest trunk means that it costs the least and weighs the least. It also means that it’s the least expense when travelling on airlines. Most campers that use this trunk attend a camp with very low bed heights or consistently travel to camp via plane.

Happy Camper

By far the most popular of our camp trunks, the Happy Camper is the safest choice. Why? Because it works! Sized right for pretty much any camp, the Happy Camper can do no wrong. 75% of our footlocker sales are Happy Campers. It’s also the model for our latest creation, Designer Trunks, which are made with the same size and design of the Happy Camper.


If your camp offers the available space, then the UnderGrad is a great size trunk for you. This trunk fits a bit more gear than the Happy Camper. The additional packing space provides for a little wiggle-room too which makes living out of the trunk a little more convenient.


If your camp has no height restrictions, then go as big as you can with the Graduate. For campers who are looking forward to a lengthier camp stay at a camp without laundry service, this is the trunk for you. The Graduate also offers excellent future use at school if college is coming up soon after your summer camp days.

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