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For 30 years, Everything Summer Camp has been helping kids get ready for camp.

We got our start by making summer camp trunks. C&N Footlockers are actually made right here in our factory! Over the years, we have evolved into an all-encompassing shop for summer campers looking for sleepaway camp supplies. If kids need to bring it to camp, there is a good chance we have it. From duffel bags and name labels to apparel and camping gear, you'll find everything you need before heading off to camp.

From kids storage trunks to swimming trunks, everything your children need for an enriching trip to sleepaway camp next summer is in stock at great prices at Everything Summer Camp. Get your camp's packing list and then find everything your child needs at our one-stop online camp shop. Apparel, bedding, toiletries, and specialty items like digital flashlights and deluxe fan/lights are available. Avail yourself of Everything Summer Camp's exceptional customer service by calling us today!

Call us at 800-535-2057 for assistance!

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The Story of C&N Packing Cubes; Revolutionizing Camp Packing

The Story of C&N Packing Cubes; Revolutionizing Camp Packing

When you send your child off to summer camp, you want them to get the most out of every awesome minute they’re away—not wasting time frantically searching for bug spray as their cabin mates wait to go on their hike. Set your child up for success with C&N Packing Cubes and bring organization as well as form to their footlocker. Our Packing Cubes make things easier to find, save on valuable packing space, and keep clothes from wrinkling!

Crafting Quality Outdoor Gear for Generations

Crafting Quality Outdoor Gear for Generations

When it comes to gearing up for your upcoming summer adventures in the Great Outdoors, Wenzel is the go-to choice for your coming summer camp season. With a legacy stretching back nearly 150 years, Wenzel has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing top-notch camping gear for explorers and pioneers alike. From its humble beginnings in the late 19th century, Wenzel has grown to become a trusted name in the outdoor industry, known for its commitment to quality and innovation.