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For 30 years, Everything Summer Camp has been helping kids get ready for camp.

We got our start by making summer camp trunks. C&N Footlockers are actually made right here in our factory! Over the years, we have evolved into an all-encompassing shop for summer campers looking for sleepaway camp supplies. If kids need to bring it to camp, there is a good chance we have it. From duffel bags and name labels to apparel and camping gear, you'll find everything you need before heading off to camp.

From kids storage trunks to swimming trunks, everything your children need for an enriching trip to sleepaway camp next summer is in stock at great prices at Everything Summer Camp. Get your camp's packing list and then find everything your child needs at our one-stop online camp shop. Apparel, bedding, toiletries, and specialty items like digital flashlights and deluxe fan/lights are available. Avail yourself of Everything Summer Camp's exceptional customer service by calling us today!

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From Owies to Ailments

From Owies to Ailments

A hundred or multiple hundreds of children and teens having a blast doing awesome things away from their parents out in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Summer camp is typically a rather safe environment, but definitely not immune to unfortunate illnesses or mild wounds. That’s why camps know they need to have a nurse on hand throughout their summer sessions. No strangers to dealing with tummy aches, bee stings, and all other inopportune ailments that may befall you, camp nurses are the best.

All in the Family

All in the Family

You know about Father’s Day and we all know about Mother’s Day (which is just up ahead next weekend), but did you know that there is a day to celebrate our siblings? It’s today: Brothers and Sisters Day. Happy Brothers and Sisters Day everyone. Our siblings are everything from our best friend to our arch rival—our moral support as well as our annoying roommate. There are days when you love your siblings more than life itself; other days you want to disown them.