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Hey, Seasonal Shoppers!

Throughout the year of 2020 we saw a lot of changes. But, despite a big push for early online shopping, our shipping cutoff map for the holidays hasn’t changed much at all. We understand the importance of on-time deliveries here at Everything Summer Camp and we want to help make sure that your gifting goes just the way you had planned this holiday season!

Rest assured that your delivery will arrive on time when you order from Everything Summer Camp! Just go by this convenient, little map that will tell you when exactly you need to order by. It’s our hope at Everything Summer Camp that your gift-giving goes off without a hitch. SO, please allow me to call your attention to our handy holiday map.

This helpful, color-coded map eliminates any misunderstanding about how early you need to place your order on our website to have it ship to you on time. Of course, delivery times vary throughout the country, but, personally, I don’t like procrastinating, so I like to urge people to order as early as they can—better safe than sorry!

And that’s why I’m sharing the magic numbers with you of 1:00pm on December 17. That’s the time and date for everyone in the contiguous United States to go by for guaranteed delivery by December 24. If you want gifts any earlier, order accordingly!

Note that December 17 may be early for some of you; Everything Summer Camp is based in northwestern Wisconsin, so if you live in Wisconsin, most parts of Minnesota, or another nearby area, you have the luxury of placing your order as late as 1:00pm on December 20, but don’t push it too far! Happy holidays, Everybody! Get your orders placed with us on time and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

A Cyber Sort of Monday

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Hey, Online Shoppers!

We’re happy to see you as we approach the close of Black Friday weekend. We hope you’ve been blown away at the prices of all your shopping endeavors throughout the weekend. But we aim to surprise you the most. If you’re still looking for great deals on quality camping gear from Everything Summer Camp you’re certainly not too late! The sales have been going on at Everything Summer Camp since mid-November and we’re not planning on stopping them any time soon.

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday and there are no changes among discounts and deals on our site. Our Black Friday Sale is simply extended through the weekend, through tomorrow, and well beyond into weeks of December.

If you have yet to take full advantage of the amazing deals we have to offer this year, take a good look at some of this sale’s highlights and then, get shopping! The Deal of the Day today is a quarter of the regular price on the Everything Summer Camp Gear Bag. It’s going from $39.99, knocked down to $9.99!

Tomorrow’s Deal of the Day for Cyber Monday is nearly cutting a price in half for a very nice product. Starting tomorrow, get the Flannel Sherpa Throw for $13.99 instead of $24.99!

After Cyber Monday, we’re having three more ‘Deal of the Day’ deals in the first three days of December. And, even after ‘Deal of the Day’ is done, our sales continue on for a few more weeks!

Have fun finding these fantastic deals all over our shop! They’re here to stay for a while yet, but the earlier you order, the earlier you have it! Enjoy yourself and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Days of Deals

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Hey, Shoppers!

Here we are: a week into our Black Friday sale and it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet! We’ve been having a great sale so far, chock full of crazy discounts and cool deals—like our ‘Deal of the Day’ in which we feature a particular deal on a specific product that’s especially enticing! Today is the ninth day of our sale, equating to nine Deal of the Days. Let’s recap, shall we?

We kicked our first Deal of the Day of by taking $20 off the Undeniable 3.0 Medium Duffel from Under Armour and it sold out. Usually $44.99, we took it down to $24.99! Sorry you can't get this deal anymore.

We doubled down with the Three Cheers for Girls Backpack which regularly costs $39.99 and put a $9.99 price tag on it!

After that, we cut our $39.99 Red Ledge Youth Thunderlight Jacket in half and have it available for $19.99.

Keep cozy in Candy Pink Bathrobes for half the regular price—typically $44.99 and brought down to $22.49.

Moving right along, we discounted our $79.99 Kelty Tuck 40 Sleeping Bag to give it the nice price of $34.99! As of Sunday night we only have three of these sleeping bags left.

Find the comfortable Billabong Carter Shorts which are usually $44.99 and took them down to the amazing price of $14.99.

Have some campy Q-and-A fun with the thought-provoking Camp Talk Game, slashed from $7.99 down to $3.99.

Quench your discount thirst with the Camelbak Eddy+ .75L that you’ll typically find at $13.99 for only $4.99 right now!

The Summer Camp Handbook, an essential guidebook for parents sending their kids to camp, is usually found on our website for $14.99, now only costing $7.49! This book offers excellent advice about choosing camps, packing essential camp gear, and emotionally preparing your child (as well as yourself) for the approaching summer camp season. Even if you're 4 or 5, you can learn something from this book!

There are still 11 more days of deals coming your way so keep tuning in to discover what awesome deals you’ll find in the days to come! These deals will go until we run out of stock. The Under Armour Undeniable Duffel is gone already and inventory is already starting to get low on some other items—we only have three of the Kelty Tuck Sleeping Bags left. Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Set the Sales!!!

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Hey, Excited Shoppers!

Black Friday may not be here just yet…BUT OUR SALES ARE!!! Starting today, you can find deals that are sure to make you reel! I’ll be highlighting some of our best offers. With the pandemic our world’s been facing, people are expected to do more online shopping than any other year. It’s very possible that our freight carriers may get overwhelmed, so the earlier you do your shopping the better! That’s why we’re not making you wait.

Check out what great deals you can find starting today. In order to give our customers the confidence they should have as they shop our site, we decided we'd cut to the chase with our discounts so you won't find that you missed out on a better deal because you shopped too early. The best of our deals are right here, right now!

Get Solid Color Traditional Steel Camp Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper, Undergrad, and Graduate for $25 off! As for our custom Create-Your-Own Footlockers and printed Designer Trunks, they’re taking a $15 dive in price!

You’ll find products such as our Wheel Away System, Glide & Go Tray, and LidMate Organizer in our Trunk Accessories at a discount of 20% to sweeten our trunk deals too!

Our Pop up Soft Trunk is popping down by $15 in price, putting them at less than $129.99!

Tune in each day for the next 20 days to find out what the deal is and which product we’re highlighting that day! Today’s deal is $20 off of the Undeniable 3.0 Medium Duffel from Under Armour. Usually $44.99, pick it up today for just $24.99!

It's our ‘The More You Spend, The More You Save’ Deal! If you purchase an order over $100, get an instant $10 off your order. If you spend over $200 on an order, you’ll get $20 discounted. $300 will get you $30. And then capping at $40 off on orders of $400 and over.   

You will need to enter a Discount Code at the Checkout to get these extra savings:

  • We'll take $10 off on orders over $100+ (Enter Discount Code Holiday10off100 at checkout)
  • We'll take $20 off on orders over $200+ (Enter Discount Code Holiday20off200 at checkout)
  • We'll take $30 off on orders over $300+ (Enter Discount Code Holiday30off300 at checkout)
  • We'll take $40 off on orders over $400+ (Enter Discount Code Holiday40off400 at checkout)

So, taking that into consideration, that means our Solid Color Trunks are really an automatic $35 off when you factor in the ‘More You Spend…’ Deal! And an automatic $25 off for Create-Your-Own Footlockers and Designer Trunks! Also, our Pop Up Soft Trunks weigh in at under $119.99.

We're keeping this sale running all the way through to Monday, December 21. However, the earlier you shop, the less you'll have to question how well freight carriers are able to keep up with your shipment. So get shopping at your earliest convenience! Our Trunk and Trunk Accessory discounts are just the tip of the iceberg. Have fun discovering all the deals on our online store and shop the earliest Black Friday sale of your life! Happy Shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Black Friday Sales Early Arrival

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Hey, Eager Camp Shoppers!

November is here! And that means Black Friday Sales are visible on the horizon! They’re approaching fast so be ready! We’re ready…though no one can be sure what this year of Black Friday sales will bring! Due to the circumstances of the world right now in 2020, online shopping is expected to rise to an unprecedented height for the holiday shopping season. This expectation has compelled businesses to start the season early in order to keep up with the volume of orders they receive.

In other words, it’s Black Friday come early!

Black Friday has already evolved into something different from what it originally was. First it was strictly the Friday after Thanksgiving—the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season. However, the Black Friday store opening hours soon crept into the previous day, giving way to what was called Grey Thursday. Then the world of online shopping wanted in on the action and so Cyber Monday was born.

You can read about the beginnings of Black Friday on a previous post when you click right here

It’s changing big-time this year with online shopping expected be higher than the world’s ever seen and a major drop of in-store visits. Our sales for Black Friday will begin on November 15. Start shopping our awesome Black Friday deals two weeks in advance! And thanks to our Price Adjustment Policy, you can get shopping even earlier than that and still be able to get amazing deals. Read about our Price Adjustment from this informative post from last week when you click right here.

So start right now if you like or at your earliest convenience. Hop on over to our online store and start loading up your cart! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John