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A Look Behind the Scenes

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Our website is our home. We invite our customers in to browse around and enjoy any time spent in our store; naturally, we want the place looking nice. And we’re always improving. Our photography is one of the best means of showing you the camping gear we offer in its natural habitat—summer camp! To do this, we work together with Kamp Kenwood, a local camp that’s just a 20-minute drive from our workplace in Boyd, Wisconsin.

Kamp Kenwood is a gorgeous camp that sits alongside Lake Wissota. We brought a couple of photographers out there and a bunch of summer camp-age children to recreate the summer camp scene. Let’s take a look behind the scenes of the Everything Summer Camp 2022 photo shoot!

The Directors
We’ve done photo shoots a handful of times—the last time being in 2017 and this season we decided it was time for a fresher look. This photo shoot was at least a month in the making with all the planning involved. Our Graphic Artist Amy, the Shipping Manager Anita, Vice President Mark, and myself worked together to brainstorm all the different shots we wanted and

Anita and Amy went up and down the aisles picking out product that we wanted to bring along, ironed out all the apparel we brought, and got trunks packed and boxed up. All in all it was about a week-long process to think of everything and get it all packed up!

The Photographers
Davin and Imani were our two photographers. Davin is the brother of our Marketplace Manager Drew and Imani has been summer help for a handful of years at Everything Summer Camp. Imani has been developing her passion in photography since she can recall.

Davin told me he bought his first camera about a decade ago to capture sports photography when his brother’s started playing sports. He’s been slowly building his collection of photography equipment with some rather intimidating apparatuses with him for proper lighting techniques as well as a slew of lenses.

Drew shot a number of videos himself including an attempt to do one of our C&N Amazon livestreams off-site for the first time. Unfortunately, it couldn’t work from the remote area we were in. But they still shot a video so everyone could get a good look around at Kamp Kenwood. Check it out below. 

The Models
Amy, our Graphic Artist, had the final say on the models that we used. We had eleven, excited kids who were great at taking part in fun for the day. It got hot out there—especially for the shots around the campfire—but the kids were troopers!

We had Quinn and Raegan, our Sales Director Matt’s kids. Everyone else found us through our Facebook request. There was Amy and Shylo—sisters who often enjoy modeling for photo shoots in local parks. Another group of siblings came: Pressley, Max, and Delaney. And there was Chloe, Izaiah, Marcus, and Easton.

Our time out there was strenuous, hard work, but—thanks to everybody’s help and cooperation—we had a lot of fun out there! How could we not in such a beautiful, natural location A big thanks to Kamp Kenwood! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John



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