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Black Friday Sales Early Arrival

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Hey, Eager Camp Shoppers!

November is here! And that means Black Friday Sales are visible on the horizon! They’re approaching fast so be ready! We’re ready…though no one can be sure what this year of Black Friday sales will bring! Due to the circumstances of the world right now in 2020, online shopping is expected to rise to an unprecedented height for the holiday shopping season. This expectation has compelled businesses to start the season early in order to keep up with the volume of orders they receive.

In other words, it’s Black Friday come early!

Black Friday has already evolved into something different from what it originally was. First it was strictly the Friday after Thanksgiving—the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season. However, the Black Friday store opening hours soon crept into the previous day, giving way to what was called Grey Thursday. Then the world of online shopping wanted in on the action and so Cyber Monday was born.

You can read about the beginnings of Black Friday on a previous post when you click right here

It’s changing big-time this year with online shopping expected be higher than the world’s ever seen and a major drop of in-store visits. Our sales for Black Friday will begin on November 15. Start shopping our awesome Black Friday deals two weeks in advance! And thanks to our Price Adjustment Policy, you can get shopping even earlier than that and still be able to get amazing deals. Read about our Price Adjustment from this informative post from last week when you click right here.

So start right now if you like or at your earliest convenience. Hop on over to our online store and start loading up your cart! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Consider Your Price Adjusted

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Hey, Eager Camp Shoppers!

With November right around the corner, you can bet that we’re just as prepared as you are for Black Friday Sales. In fact, we’ve never been more prepared! Due to the circumstances of the world right now in 2020, online shopping is expected to rise to an unprecedented height for the holiday shopping season. This expectation has compelled businesses to start the season early in order to keep up with the volume of orders they receive.

It’s Black Friday come early!

With big expectations, we’ve got some big sales in mind for the coming weeks! We hope to drop some jaws as you browse our store. But just because the sales aren’t here yet, doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of our best deals to come. 

In preparation for the early sales you’ll find here at Everything Summer Camp, we’re announcing our Price Adjustment Guarantee throughout the holiday season! Don’t be afraid to start shopping now in fear of being too early to catch the best of our deals during Black Friday and our other sales of the season.

If you find yourself perusing our website and you come across a great deal on the same product you purchased earlier for a bigger price, you can still get that great deal! All you need to do is contact us. Just let us know that you found a better deal and we’ll be happy to match our best price.

In other words, there’s no missing out on the best of our deals this season at Everything Summer Camp.

So get to your holiday shopping at your earliest convenience! Our Black Friday sale begins Nov. 15, but you don’t even need to wait until then. Hop on over to our store right now if you can! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Booming Good Deals

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Hey, Summer Shoppers!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, but we’re already getting the party started here at Everything Summer Camp with an awesome and patriotic holiday sale. In our own summer excitement, our Fourth of July Sale is already in effect! We actually made our sale slashes yesterday and those prices will stay cut down through the weekend and will last through Tuesday, July 7th! That’s a whole week of sales! 

Maybe you don’t have camp to shop for this year. That doesn’t mean you can’t partake in this awesome sale! These are some really great deals, so shop ahead for next year.

Check out the sale:

Trunk Time
We’re taking $30 off our Solid Color Camp Trunks in our Happy Camper, Graduate, and UnderGrad sizes. As for our awesome Pop-Up Soft Trunks, we’re shaving $20 off!

4th Sale Accessories
We also have select trunk accessories on sale marked down at 20% including the Wheel Away System, the LidMate Organizer, Packing Cubes, and Snap-On Duffels that add to your trunk storage space!

Ready, Willing, and Label
Get your camp clothing and gear labeled for safekeeping at camp! You can find our Name Labels for 20% including our Iron-On Clothing Name Labels, our Stick-On Waterproof Name Labels, and even our new Stick-On EVERYTHING Name Labels that stick on gear AND apparel!

And Then Some…
Those are the highlights, but we have TONS of items on sale! Be sure to check out other items like Laundry bags, select camp gear, select apparel, and more to get the full effect!

If you’re still fitting in some last-minute planning for your upcoming summer camp season, this is just the sale for you. And, as I mentioned above, if camp didn’t work out for you this season, you can still take advantage of these fantastic discounts and get prepped for next summer! Happy shopping and have a Happy Fourth of July. As always, thanks for reading!


- John

...And, We're Back

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Hey, Camp Fans!

You may have noticed that we haven’t posted much in the last couple weeks. It’s good to be back in my office and tapping away at the keyboard. Where have I been, you ask? Off on vacation? Taking sabbatical? Traveling the world? Not quite. Actually, I’ve been hard at work in our Shipping Department to get orders out of our warehouse and sent to your doorstep.

Normally we would be ramping up and hiring a bunch of seasonal workers for our Shipping, Graphics, and Call Center departments, however—due to the unknown situation of the summer camp season this year—we were hesitant to bring on seasonal help and, instead, made good use of our year-round employees to fill roles that aren’t typically a part of their normal job.

We’ve had all hands on deck to get our orders out:

Sticking to certain guidelines our Production crew has been practicing social distancing yet by having half the crew coming in on alternating days and the other half on the other days. To help fill in any gaps, we had our Sales Director, Matt, and Graphics Manager, Nate pitch in to help build our camp trunks.

Vice President of the company, Mark, as well as our guy in Sales and Marketing, Drew, and myself all rolled up our sleeves to help package orders in the Shipping Department.

Our Operations Manager, Brian took on work that Mark and Drew would have otherwise been doing.

And Deb, in our Clothing and Graphics Department started shipping full bags of mail straight from her department as opposed to sending it through Shipping.   

We’ve all enjoyed getting back to work after the nationwide lockdown and are taking the safest means of returning to the workplace as possible. Instead of the office, Mark and I met outside in the sunny parking lot of Everything Summer Camp just to go over the details of this post for social distancing purposes…and because it feels nicer out in the sun.

And talk about feeling nicer, we’re celebrating our return to the workplace with a sale on our camp trunks—we’re taking $20 off of our solid color trunks including Create-Your-Own Footlockers as well as our Black Trim Happy Campers. Take advantage of the trunk discounts while they last; this sale goes through the 24th. Have fun shopping and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Memorial Savings Week

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Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Memorial Day is nearly here! We’re certainly ramping up to the summer season and excited for the upcoming federal holiday—Memorial Day. This day is a day to remember the soldiers who have fallen while in service to their country, but because of its position on the calendar and the time off from work, many folks think of it as an unofficial first day of summer. With our nation reopening right now, maybe your family can get together for a barbecue or hangout.

You might also think of Memorial Day as a marker to kick your camp prep into full gear! Now’s the time to check off the rest of your list so that you don’t find yourself still getting ready the day before camp starts!

As helpful incentive to get your gear now, I’m announcing our Memorial Day Sale in full effect today, going on right now and it runs through next week Tuesday!

Check out the sale:

Trunk Discounts
We’re taking 25% off our Solid Color Camp Trunks in our Happy Camper, Grad, and UnderGrad sizes. As for our awesome Designer Trunks, Create-Your-Own Footlockers, and the Pop-Up Soft Trunks, we’re shaving $20 off. Check out all your options right here!

Along with Accessories
We also have just a few select trunk accessories on sale including the Wheel Away System to bring great convenience to your trunk transportation!

More Department Discounts
Get your camp clothing labeled and stored away for laundry services at camp! You can find our Name Labels for 20% off this week along with Laundry Bags for 15% off!

Cuts on Camp Gear
Get a good deal on camping gear at 10% off on select items like Sleeping Bags, Fans, Flashlights, and Raingear!

Not Done Yet…
The icing on the Memorial Day Sale cake is our Bonus Coupon to give you additional savings! Spend more than $100 on an order and you get $10. Pair up this coupon with one of our trunks and you’re getting a $30 discount on your camp trunk. Pretty good deal, huh?

Take advantage of this week of sales and knock your camp prep out of the park so you can breathe a sigh of relaxation and enjoy some peace before the summer season really kicks off! As always, thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day!


- John