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Memorial Savings Week

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Hey, Summer Shoppers!

Memorial Day is nearly here! We’re certainly ramping up to the summer season and excited for the upcoming federal holiday—Memorial Day. This day is a day to remember the soldiers who have fallen while in service to their country, but because of its position on the calendar and the time off from work, many folks think of it as an unofficial first day of summer. With our nation reopening right now, maybe your family can get together for a barbecue or hangout.

You might also think of Memorial Day as a marker to kick your camp prep into full gear! Now’s the time to check off the rest of your list so that you don’t find yourself still getting ready the day before camp starts!

As helpful incentive to get your gear now, I’m announcing our Memorial Day Sale in full effect today, going on right now and it runs through next week Tuesday!

Check out the sale:

Trunk Discounts
We’re taking 25% off our Solid Color Camp Trunks in our Happy Camper, Grad, and UnderGrad sizes. As for our awesome Designer Trunks, Create-Your-Own Footlockers, and the Pop-Up Soft Trunks, we’re shaving $20 off. Check out all your options right here!

Along with Accessories
We also have just a few select trunk accessories on sale including the Wheel Away System to bring great convenience to your trunk transportation!

More Department Discounts
Get your camp clothing labeled and stored away for laundry services at camp! You can find our Name Labels for 20% off this week along with Laundry Bags for 15% off!

Cuts on Camp Gear
Get a good deal on camping gear at 10% off on select items like Sleeping Bags, Fans, Flashlights, and Raingear!

Not Done Yet…
The icing on the Memorial Day Sale cake is our Bonus Coupon to give you additional savings! Spend more than $100 on an order and you get $10. Pair up this coupon with one of our trunks and you’re getting a $30 discount on your camp trunk. Pretty good deal, huh?

Take advantage of this week of sales and knock your camp prep out of the park so you can breathe a sigh of relaxation and enjoy some peace before the summer season really kicks off! As always, thanks for reading and Happy Memorial Day!


- John


When You Wish Upon our Site

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Hey, Camp Wishers!

The Internet presents a world of online shops that aren’t necessarily geared so much to kids in terms of navigation or comprehension and children are typically discouraged from doing any shopping online.  But shopping isn’t just for the adults when you come to our website here at Everything Summer Camp. In fact, we recommend that kids peruse our online store themselves!

After all, sometimes they know best what camping gear they need to pick up, what they need more of, and what worked best from previous years.

Here at Everything Summer Camp, kids are welcome to pick out the things they think they need and they can put it all on the Wishlist tool on our site. Shop around for the gear and all the fun stuff we have without actually buying anything!

Our Wishlist tool works like a glorified catalog online! Instead of paging through a printed catalog and ‘circling’ all the goodies you find, simply click ‘Add to Wishlist’ on the product page of all the products you want. Beyond that, you can save your personalized designs for Trunks, Lid Skinz, Labels, Name Plax, Laundry Bags, and a bunch of other customizable products available on our website.

After you create your account with our website, you can save your Wishlist whenever you please. Hop on our site later on and continue adding to your list! You can even share your Wishlist with others so they can check out everything you picked out and maybe, if you play your cards right, they’ll treat you to a piece of gear or two—maybe your parents or Grandma and Grandpa perhaps (hint, hint).

Have a blast as you browse our website and collect all the gear you want to get on our handy Wishlist! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Discount Through the Decade

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Here we are on the other side of the New Year, wasting no time to announce discounted prices yet again on our first sale of 2020! And, after such an incredible decade for Everything Summer Camp, this sale is a BIG Thank You to our customers for making it a great past ten years! We’re showing our gratitude with this 10% Off the Top 10 Products from the Last Decade Sale.
Once you’re finished perusing this post, make a stop at our online shop with this sale already in effect! That's right! Its going right here and right now! So how’s this sale work? Check out the details:




The majority of the products we have here at Everything Summer Camp haven’t been around for the whole last decade. The products available ten years ago that are still offered today have stood the test of time and are obviously popular pieces of camp equipment. We’re taking 10% off the price of the top 10 products from the last ten years.

Can I Code?

For those of our customers with a camp code to use, you’ll be happy to hear that your code will work in addition to this sale so can reap savings on top of your savings!

10% Off What?

I suppose you’d like to know what these top 10 products of the last ten years are exactly. Here you go:

So check out the products you can score for a great price. We will strive to make 2020 the launch of a brand new decade to bring even larger strides forward for Everything Summer Camp. Enjoy shopping our one-stop camping gear shop and let your savings make you smile! As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John



Cyber Sales Persist

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Hey, Holiday Sale Hunters!

Our prices are low for the holidays and it looks like you’ve got us in your sights! We hit Black Friday and we hit it hard this year! Sales cruised right through Cyber Monday. But just because those sales are over doesn’t mean the deals are done! Our Cyber Week Sale is now officially in effect and lasts through until Monday, December 9th—get shopping while the good deals last!

This sale is nearly as high in savings as our Black Friday deals! Get a quick breakdown of some highlights right now:

Off on Trunks

Our Cyber Week Sale takes $20 off any Solid Color Camp Trunks and we’re taking $10 off of our Create-Your-Own Footlocker Trunks! And we didn’t stop there just yet. We’re also shaving 20% off of our Trunk Accessories.

Deal of the Day

Each day of the sale, we’re featuring a hot steal of a deal on a select product. Check in every day to see what the Deal of the Day is. For instance, today features an outstanding discount on the Clamp Light Mini from Blackfire.

Gift Card Savings

Our Gift Cards work so that our customers will get a $10 Gift Card for every $100 spent. If you purchase over $200, you’ll get a Gift Certificate for $20. And so on and so forth. This way, you save on your trunk, you save on your trunk accessories, and you save on your order as a whole. Like I mentioned before, the savings of this sale rival our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales!

We have literally hundreds of other items discounted for our Cyber Week Sale. Don’t let amazing deals like these pass you by! Happy shopping and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Cyber Sales Stay a Little Longer

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Hey, Online Shoppers!

We’re happy to see you on the other side of the Black Friday weekend. Did you get everything you were after? Were you blown away at the prices you saw as you weaved your way through the aisles of the stores you visited? You’re not too late if you’re still looking for great deals on quality camping gear from Everything Summer Camp! The sales have been going on at Everything Summer Camp since last Tuesday evening and they rage on in our Cyber Monday sales until tomorrow, the minute before midnight.

If you have yet to take full advantage of the Cyber Monday Sale we have to offer this year, take a good look at some of this sale’s highlights and then, get shopping!



We’re taking $30 off our Solid Color Traditional Steel Camp Trunks like the ever-popular Happy Camper and Undergrad!


Pick the color for each surface panel of your Create-Your-Own Camp Trunk and get it for $20 less than the regular price!


These trunks are made with printing technology that embeds the image directly into the exterior metal of the trunk. And they’re currently $20 off their regular price as well!


Find select Trunk Accessories at a discount of 20% to sweeten our trunk deals too!

And that’s not all! This sale is site-wide, so shop around to find other great deals all over! We have O2 Cool USB Fans and the Printed CamelBak Chute Water Bottle at only $2.99 each. We also have our Everything Summer Camp Gear Bag that’s gone from $39.99to $9.99. Lastly, our Columbia Twin Falls Duffel Bag, regularly $109.99 is dropped down to $24.99!

Have fun finding these fantastic deals all over our shop! Enjoy yourself, but act fast and be sure to get your shopping in before midnight tomorrow! As always, thanks for reading!


- John