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A Couple Camp Stories More

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Our ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest at Everything Summer Camp saw an excellent response last year with 60 entries! That’s why we’ve published each and every one right here on the Blog! We received a handful that weren’t long enough to qualify for our contest, but we thought we’d at least share them on the Blog. Check out these three accounts from excited campers!

First is this entry from Jake V. who attended NYJ Camps Round Lake:

I never get sick, ever. I go through the entire year, and I'm just fine. This was the third year in a row that I ended up in the Big I. I went to get checked out in the morning, and I was fine. No fever. Later, I went to get another dose of meds for the headache, and BAM, fever! THE CURSE OF CAMP STRIKES AGAIN!!! I wasn't really surprised. Or even angry. At least I got a day to rest.

Next up is a submission from Jacquelyn S. who wrote in to tell us about her boys’ time at Camp Kawaga!

My boys each spent their 4th and 5th summer up on the shores of Camp Kawaga this year. Summer after summer we see a change in them. More like growth! The entire staff at Kawaga teach more than independence. They teach them the importance of sportsmanship, the importance of helping and encouraging others, the ability to learn to let things go, and so much more. They have both formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. There is an “ideal” at Camp Kawaga. Many of the boys memorize and recite it. These boys are taught to live by this ideal. It is a place we are proud to send our boys, And it’s a place they call home!

Thanks for these submissions, Jake and Jacquelyn! Sorry this summer was a bit of a bust for you, Jake. Hopefully it’s a long, long time before you end up sick again—but especially not next year during camp! And thanks for sharing your family’s love for Camp Kawaga, Jacquelyn! It’s great to hear how much they love camp and how much camp has helped shape them to become the young men you see today!

If anybody else is interested in attending one of these camps, put some time aside and look into Camps Round Lake or look into Camp Kawaga for yourself! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Resolutions Resolved

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Hey, Camp People!

Employees around the office here at Everything Summer Camp had set goals for themselves going into 2019 when the year was new and I’d been keeping tabs on everybody. Some of us had lost sight of our resolutions and threw in the towel—myself being in that group as I’d disappointed myself with my stunted growth in being less judgmental toward others.

With a few others stepping down along the way, we still had four folks in the running nearly halfway into the year when I last checked in with everyone. However, along with summer weather and our hectic busy season here at work, folks have started slipping out of control.

In fact, our Resolution Check-ups are concluded after today’s post as we only have one person left in the running!

Congratulations, Diane!

Diane is still going strong with her resolution to do random acts of kindness for random people to do her part in making the world a better place! She’s done some pretty incredible things for folks and doesn’t skimp with her generosity; as she puts it, “It doesn’t count unless it hurts a little.”

To try and reciprocate her generosity, Diane came into work this week to the surprise of flowers sitting on her desk as a prize for her unending kindness!

As for Morgan, she is now a college-graduate who came out in the end with all A’s and one B. Just shy of her goal, but at this point, who cares?! She’s done with college! Congratulations, Morgan!

Summer seems to have brought irresistible temptations to for Amy with too many ice cream treats around and neighborhood barbecues.

The approaching summer season means things get super busy here at Everything Summer Camp which means Anita isn’t really thinking about her healthy habits right now as she is just focused on making things happen at work. We certainly appreciate that and are sure all of you do too!

A really good effort from everyone, I’m very proud of all of us for our attempts in bettering ourselves and the world around us! As always, thanks for reading!


- John

All Hail Trails Day!

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Hey, Intrepid Trail Trekkers!

Today is National Trails Day! Read this post and then lace up your trail shoes to get out in the beautiful outdoors! Nature trails offer an awesome venue for folks with all kinds of interests—from hiking to biking, to horse riding and ‘mocking! No matter what you’re into, there’s bound to be a nearby trail for you to enjoy Trails Day!

As opposed to the never-ending feel of summer camp, park trails give us miniature escapes from the bustling city life. The natural world offers us fresh air, exercise, and peace. I’ve been logging a good amount of miles lately. My brother Mark ( and I recently made a day out of visiting Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s local trails and altogether, we completed 20 miles!Get out there already and take a hike!

And, boy!—were our legs tired!

Each of these Park Trails are maintained by a volunteer-based organization called CORBA. Each park has its own distinct charm and natural character.

Otter Creek

Otter is the smallest of the parks, yet it offers the steepest climb—Feel the Burn. We used this park as our ‘warm up’ for the day. The ferns and canopy at Otter Creek create an isolated feel despite how smack-dab in the city it is. Mark and I caught the attention of a couple deer that morning and hiked about three miles there.

Lowes Creek

This is the largest of the parks and sits on the edge of town. A magical escape, Lowes offers a variety of trees and settings. We both saw our first beavers that day—three of them. And we discovered our favorite trail of the park, Split Rock, where you walk rocky trail along a steady stream. We went roughly 13 miles there.

Northwest Park

Back in town, we finished our goal on trails with lots of roots, rocks, and other detail in the terrain out at Northwest Park. We know the trails at Northwest the best, so we tried to get in some “speed miles” and found that we really had to push ourselves by the last few miles. Our record time for completing a single mile was 13.5 minutes. It was a hard pace to keep up!

Immerse yourself in the scenic landscape of the natural world today and celebrate National Trails Day! Mark and I will both tell you that it feels great to exhaust yourself out in the Great Outdoors. Enjoy the therapeutic company of the wilderness around you and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Stories out of Camp

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Hey, Camp Folks!

The Everything Summer Camp ‘Share Your Camp Story’ drawing saw an excellent response last year with 60 entries! That’s why we’ve published each and every one right here on the Blog! We received a handful that weren’t long enough to qualify for our contest, but we thought we’d at least share them on the Blog. Check out these three accounts from excited campers!

Put some stock into Camp Rim Rock!First is this entry from Lily O. who attended Camp Rim Rock:

This was my first year at camp. My favorite part was riding horses and learning songs to sing at camp. My mom sent us bracelets with our cabin and year on them and my bunkmates loved them. I can't wait to be a returner next year and teach the songs to other campers. I loved getting letters from home. I cried a little in the beginning, but I was ok. I can't wait to go again!

Next up is a submission about Rylan C. and his time at Falling Creek Camp:

I went to camp for the 2nd year this summer and loved it! I had the best cabin EVER and my counselors were so cool. I did some horseback riding but spent most time doing archery. I hit the bullseye several times. I missed home last year but not this year. I want to go back next summer for even longer. Falling Creek Camp is so awesome and beautiful. My cabin overnight was great and the Make your stamp at Falling Creek Camp!campfires were so fun. I was sad when camp was over but I think about next summer everyday. I can't wait to see my friends and what cabin I will be in. I think next year I really want to work on kayaking and rock climbing. I hope I get to go to camp every summer because I get to be independent and make my own decisions.

Thanks for these submissions, Lily and Rylan! It sounds like the both of you have many years of summer camp ahead of you! If anybody else is interested in attending one of these camps, put some time aside and look into Camp Rim Rock or look into Falling Creek Camp for yourself! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Get No Itch from 'Squitos or Ticks!

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Don’t bug out this summer season! Keep those pesky, buzzing and crawly insects at bay with the proper insect repellent! We have lots available here at Everything Summer Camp from trusted brand names such as Repel and Cutter. Today, I’m highlighting a new bug protection from a brand that’s new to our camp shop: Ranger Ready Repellent.


This bug spray uses an active ingredient called Picaridin, a synthetic compound made from piperine which is a natural compound found in plants. Black pepper is made using it. Picaridin was first developed in 1980’s Germany in attempts to find a safe alternative to DEET with comparable effectiveness. Picaridin tested highly!

Mosquitos and ticks find this natural concoction offensive. Applying it to your skin makes it much harder for them to recognize you as a host. Ranger Ready is a convincing disguise to keep you protected and bite-free. 

Ticks have been projected to be worse in the coming years and you don’t want to be careless when it comes to your measures of tick bite prevention! Ticks carry germs that can cause Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and a number of other undesirable illnesses. Use Ranger Ready Repellent to significantly reduce your chances of being hit by a tick.

Avoid ticks and mosquitos for 12 hours per application as well as 8 hour protection from flies and very small insects like gnats and no-see-ums. There’s enough for 30 applications in this bottle! And this 3.4 ounce travel-sized spray bottle is TSA compliant.

Available in a few different scents, take your pick from the woodsy Amber-Wood, Night Sky which is reminiscent of Axe Body Spray, and Ranger Orange which has a faint citrusy scent. Smell nice and safely avoid the irritation of insect attacks!

This Spray is safe to use for children over a year old as well as pregnant women. But it’s not just nice to your skin. This spray is non-greasy and designed for fast drying ability to keep from damaging any clothing or camp gear so it really is the perfect spray for summer camp. Click here to order a bottle or two for yourself! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John