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Happy Times at Camp Half Moon

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Hey, Camp Folks!

Here on the Everything Summer Camp Blog, I like to give the awesome summer camps that we work with a little time for each one to shine in the summer camp spotlight that we’re shining! Today, get a glimpse of a great Massachusetts camp featured right here, right now! Today, we’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the east coast where we find Camp Half Moon.

Since 1922, Camp Half Moon has come to be known as ‘The Best Little Camp in the Berkshires’. Located in a beautiful wooded area on the shores of Lake Buel in Monterey, Massachusetts, Half Moon campers find themselves among the tall pines in the mountainous western region of the state.

While at Camp Half Moon, kids have fun in the water with activities like Recreational Swim, Sailing, Kayak and  Canoeing, Water Trampoline, Snorkeling, Waterskiing, and more! And on land, they’re busy building their skills in Archery, Batting Cages, Badminton, Basketball, Biking, Camping & Survival, Golf, Horseback Riding, LaCrosse, Nature Education, Ropes Course, Soccer, Skateboarding, Street Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball, and more.

And, offering a plethora of indoor activities too, campers have the opportunity to spend some time doing Arts & Crafts, Baking/Cooking,  Cake Decorating, Digital Photography,  Drawing/Painting, Drum Lessons, Electric Keyboard, Fashion, Guitar Lessons, Improv, Jewelry, Martial Arts, Newspaper, Pottery, Singing/Songwriting, Theater, Videography, and Yoga.

The camp’s small size and five-to-one camper-to-counselor ratio, helps to achieve this status. More individual attention geared toward each camper gets everyone feeling more comfortable and part of a tight-knit community in a very short span of time.

Camp Half Moon may very well be a great summer camp experience for you. Look into it for your next summer camp stay by checking out their website and, as always, thanks for reading, Summer Campers!


- John

Sealed with a Kiss

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Greetings, Greeting Card Lovers!

Who doesn’t love receiving a Greeting Card in the mail—especially one with an enclosed, heartwarming note written on a spectacularly printed piece of stationery?! And the special effort for correspondence of this caliber makes folks feel special themselves when it reaches them. It’s a treasured Christmastime tradition that people look forward to in that season, but it’s nice to surprise people with a nice note any time of the year when you have something special to say.

But how long have people been sending greeting cards and decorative paper to one another? It can’t be that old of a tradition, right?

Well…it’s only ancient. Despite being about 2000 years prior to the any kind of post office, exchanging greeting cards goes all the way back to a New Year custom in ancient China in which they sent messages of good will to one another. Around the same time, we see the early Egyptians creating elaborate designs on papyrus scrolls—producing the first stationery. Only the pharaohs and royal families were able to afford this decorated paper.

Through the Dark Ages, things remained essentially the same when it came to stationery. Greeting pretty much disappeared until the early 1400s. By that time, the Greeting Card custom had revived in Europe where they started making handmade greeting cards from paper to send Valentine’s messages.

But even then, Greeting Cards as we know them didn’t pick up beyond local exchanges for another 300 to 400 years when the U.S. Post Office became an official agency of the federal government.

Christmas cards became a big-time tradition markedly in 1843 as it was not only the same year that Charles Dickens published his timeless work ‘A Christmas Carol’ which solidified many Christmastime traditions, but it was also the year that one Sir Henry Cole from London hired John Horsley, a visual artist, to design holiday cards intended to send out to friends. And the tradition of the Christmas Card was birthed!

At Everything Summer Camp, we know what a big deal correspondence is to people especially when they’re away for their summer camp stay. That’s why we’re sure to have a great selection of Greeting Cards and Stationery as well as Postcards and even postage stamps for all your mailing fun! As always, thanks for reading, folks!


- John


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Bzzzzz Bzz—zzzz—Bzz!

That’s Honeybee for “Happy Honeybee Awareness Day!” Today we celebrate honeybees for all they do and the delicious honey they provide! started by beekeepers, Honeybee Awareness Day was started to develop awareness of the community about the facts and the benefits of honey. I covered it all pretty well last year. You can check out more details about the day itself by clicking here.

For this year, I thought we could discover some interesting facts about honeybees themselves. Let’s learn about these lovely insects!

Sleep with Four Eyes Open

Most creatures on the Earth have symmetrical faces with two ears, two nostrils, and two eyes. But bugs are very different creatures. Bees in particular don’t just have two eyes—not just three eyes and not just four eyes—but they have FIVE eyes!!! Interestingly, they’re able to see many shades of colors beyond our perception further down the spectrum than blue and indigo. They’re ability to pick up on shades of red, however, fails them.

Buzz Speed

Not quite the fastest flighted insect out there—that title belongs to dragonflies who can go zooming by at a whopping 35 miles per hour—bees can do a stunning 20 miles per hour! That’s nothing to sneeze at when considering that your body can’t transport itself much faster than five miles per hour without tuckering out before long.

Tight Quarters

If you think the city is overcrowded, then it’s a good thing you don’t live in a beehive! These structured nests made of secreted and chewed up beeswax house around 50,000 bees, on average. That’s a lot of bees. And the inside is filled with honeycomb cells which are used to store honey, pollen, and...BEE EGGS to hatch MORE BEES! When a hive is growing too big to support the colony’s numbers, a sizable chunk of the bees will literally break away in a swarm and travel elsewhere to start a new colony.

Bees are absolutely fascinating creatures. Their means of defense is a death sentence as they don’t live long after losing their stingers. And their pollinating routine is responsible for an entire third of the produce we enjoy in our grocery stores. To bees everywhere, we salute you. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Buzz on!


- John

Grand Ol' Osprey

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We here at Everything Summer Camp do everything we can to help you send your camper off fully prepared and ready to get the most out of the summer camp experience. While we pride ourselves greatly on the footlocker trunks that are expertly manufactured right here in our factory, we’re also proud of our awesome camping gear selection. Consisting of great brand names like Lewis N Clark, Outdoor Products, and Coghlan’s, you can find the best quality camping gear  right here.

Another company whose products we are pleased to have available on our website is Osprey. Named after a large bird of prey also known as a River or Fish Hawk, the Osprey brand plays off the ready-to-travel, lightweight, and sizable characteristics of the raptor itself to play up the features of their innovative packs! With a solid history, you can be sure that Osprey has perfected their methods throughout their past 45 years of business. The brand sprouted all those years ago from the desire of one person: Osprey’s founder—Mike Pfotenhauer. Back then Mike ran the show singlehandedly.

Nowadays, the company is made up of a collection of enthusiastic explorers, a detailed designing department, and skilled sewing operators who work together to bring some of the most functional and secure packs to the market! This team lives in the bountiful beauty of Cortez, Colorado.

Look no further than right here for Osprey Packs when it's your time to embark on your adventures. Be prepared for your summer camp outings with high quality packs you can depend on from Osprey! Make the best memories possible when you head off on your expeditions and check out our excellent selection of Osprey Packs right here at Everything Summer Camp by clicking here. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Kick off your Shoes and Relax your Chi

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Hey, Busy Boys and Girls!

As the summer heat begins to retreat, our minds start to shift from the hustle bustle of summer and we slowly focus more on the relaxing side of life. Summer certainly is a demanding season. Take today for a great break from the constant hecticness of always being on the go, always being engaged, and always occupying your mind. Today’s Relaxation Day. Take a note and do some non-doing! 

Wakeful relaxation is just as important as relaxing in your sleep! Some people call it meditation. Others say non-doing. It sounds counterproductive—sitting there doing nothing—but it actually increases your efficiency through everyday life with shocking effectiveness.

Check out the Benefits of Focusing on Doing Nothing:

Go With the Flow

Don’t think of it so much as ‘doing nothing’ but more like building your ability to go with the flow. By letting go of built-up tension from daily stresses, we strengthen our connectedness to living in the moment. We pay better attention to what we are doing, and our actions come with less effort.

Flexing Your Focus

Whether you were drawing a picture or making contact between the ball and your bat, have you ever felt so focused on something that you knew you would succeed? When you’re that tapped into the moment, time seems to slow down and we feel melded with whatever we are doing.

Lose the ‘Tude

A bad attitude affects everyone it encounters, but for your own sake if for no one else’s, ditching a crummy mood feels amazing! Often times, we choose to simply stay in the mode we’ve been in—a sort of emotional inertia—but taking the time to focus on nothing but deep breathing is more often than not just what you need to switch gears for a more positive demeanor.

Give yourself a break today. Take a relaxing bath, sit in a comfy chair, go lie in the grass—just try not to let your mind wander too much. Focus on enjoying the moment without any demands or problems to distract you. It’s not always so easy, but it’s incredibly refreshing when you make it happen. So, go ahead! Do yourself a favor, and find some time to really relax today! And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John