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The Art of Gardening

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Good times, Green Thumbs!

Gardening is an age-old skill that’s been passed down through the generations as something that’s always been and always will be an incredibly useful skill—essential to our survival! Understanding how to work alongside Nature to reap the nourishment of the Earth is an incredibly rewarding experience that teaches us patience, diligence, and responsibility.

Gardening seems to have first been not so much a result as much as the catalystHave you ever seen so much green? for the first steps away from nomadic living—giving way to the first settlements and cities. It was first practiced in forests where food-producing vines and trees were cultivated in groups. Eventually, the garden space was brought to more domestic means with a purpose more ornamental than nourishing. But its practical means returned within the Middle Ages which eventually led to personal plots in backyards.  

The Benefits of Gardening:

Good for the Mind

Simply being in these beautiful spots gives us quiet time to ourselves to think—or to not think! People will often grow gardens to have easy access to homegrown food, but gardens are enjoyable simply for the beautiful spots they occupy. It’s nice to walk among the new growth, appreciating the fresh sights and smells of plant life.

Good for the Body

Keeping a garden gives you the daily chore of care-taking after the life you’re growing. Tilling the soil, planting the seeds, weeding the area, and more—taking care of a garden is taxing, physical work! You’ll fit in some decent exercise just by taking care of your daily gardening chores!  

Good for the Soul

The plants have a way of bringing peace close to us. Cultivate a calm within yourself to put your soul at ease. Watering your plants and coming out to harvest them when your efforts have come to fruition is a fantastic feeling that goes beyond the senses!

If you’re passionate about Gardening, then I recommend you look into a summer camp that offers it as an activity to boost your familiarity with the skillset. If you already have a camp in mind, call them up to ask about their program. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John

Summer Brees

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Hey, Football Fans!

Who doesn’t love a nice Brees? Drew Brees, that is! We definitely do, here at Everything Summer Camp—after all, Drew was a summer camper himself back in the day! I posted about this beloved quarterback and how he attended Camp Champions in Marble Falls. I disclosed that information on the last Blog post I wrote about him from a number of years ago. A serious winner, get a load of Mr. Drew Brees here and learn a thing or two or three about him!

You can read the previous Blog post I wrote about him by clicking right here. But, since it’s been so long since his last post, I thought we could revisit Drew to get to know him a little bit better.

Brees-y, You Were Born This Way!

When he was a young boy, Drew was teased because of a birthmark he had on his right cheek. He was given the option to have his mark removed, but he decided—despite the adversity it brought—to keep his mark. It’s brought him adversity, yes—but it also brought him a sense of individuality and character.

Born to Quarterback!

Brees’ success in football seems to track the generations in his family. His mother’s brother, Uncle Marty Akins, was a quarterback with the Texas Longhorns and his grandfather from his mother’s side, Ray Akins, was a Texas High School football coach. And both of Drew’s parents were interested in athleticism to a certain degree as well and encouraged Drew’s investment in the world of sports.

Determination Does You Good

By his second year playing as high school quarterback at Westlake School, Brees wanted to quit football because he didn’t have faith in his skills as an athlete. Baseball was a passion of his as well and he thought he had a better shot in Baseball than he did Football. His friends and family encouraged him to stick with football and he ended up earning varsity letterman in basketball, football, AND baseball! And look at him now!

We love the true-to-self style of Drew and I hope these facts were new for all of you about this fantastic football player and former summer camper. If you have interest in checking out his old stomping grounds at Camp Champions, give them a closer look some time. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Rebecca C. and her Twins' Camp Stay

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Hey, Camp Fans!

We’ve got extreme excitement to share the submissions we received for our 2018 ‘Share Your Camp Story’ Contest in which we ask campers and parents alike to write in about how the summer camp experience went. I’m happy to say that the turnout we received was so great that we’re still sharing them this far into 2019! Here is another installment to our contest collection!

Today’s submission comes from Rebecca C. who sent in her submission about her twin campers’ time at Camp Hilltop! Check it out:Go to Hilltop to see what the fun times are like up there!

The hubs and I have 11-year-old twins, a boy and a girl. The last few years of our family adventures were chaotic . . . and that’s putting it mildly. We moved twice – big moves, Virginia to Texas and then back east to Carolina. The kids switched schools 3 times in 3 years – and we were so happy to finally feel settled again in June of 2018, new house – jobs were great – kids had a great school year – they were going to Middle School with all of their friends for the first time in 4 years we had consistency. Long intro to – let’s go to camp for 3 weeks!

They were all in – we were all in. I don’t know who was more nervous at drop off (likely mom). I sent the first box of things I wish I had not listened to the kids and packed anyway as soon as I got back to the grandparent’s house, scheduled for overnight delivery!

At 11pm we’d log on to see the pictures of the day that are posted by the amazing camp staff – and to our parental delight – big toothy grins as they waterskied – rock climbed – high roped – taught alpaca tricks (yep, alpaca), boating – go carts . . . on and on. We sent requests for adult or family weeks that we could join in the summer fun.

It took a few days after pick up for the stories to trickle out – the hikes to overnight campsites – the camp wide spirit day – winners and bonus movies for that cabin – the friends and the sense of adventure – and the independence that was gained in those few weeks will last a lifetime – we have already completed the paperwork for next year.

This family can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for these very happy campers!

Thanks for your submission, Rebecca! It’s interesting to get the other end of the experience than what we’re used to hearing. The camp stay through the eyes of the parents is a very different time—all the curiosity, patience, and a little hint of jealousy! I sincerely hope you guys get your wish in the future for family weeks. Summer camp is too much fun to leave the whole experience to the kids! Haha! For anybody else interested in Camp Hilltop, check them out sometime. And, as always, thanks for reading!

- John

Resolution Evolution

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Hey, Camp Fans!

And then there were four. Resolutions can be hard to stick by. I’m proud of those who have stuck to theirs and wish well upon those who couldn’t keep it up. But while some of us have lost sight of our resolutions, others are doing better than ever.

Check out who’s still going strong!

Amy, who’s eating better, reported that the Easter Bunny gave her a challenge over the Sunday holiday a few weeks ago, but she’s happy to be back to healthier habits! Keep it up, Amy!

Anita made her resolution to be more mindful of her overall health. She was proud to report that her healthy habits have been in full swing and continue so as we move into May. Nice job, Anita!

Diane has been doing her best to help people out more. In April, Diane was excited to report that she’s outdone herself from last month. Awesome job, Diane!

Morgan resolved to get straight A’s in her last semester of college. She’s looking at a single B at this point, but the semester isn’t over yet! Keep up the good work, Morgan! You got this! The April showers are sure to bring May flowers!As for the resolutions put out for themselves by Nate and Matt, it’s not goodbye—it’s just see you later. While Matt may not feel too good about his weightwatching currently and Nate’s family time has seen a dip in the busier summer season, these guys still plan to return to these good habits as soon as they can.

Resolutions are challenging and the year is long! Don’t let the setbacks hold you back! Amy, Anita, Diane, and Morgan are doing excellent (and Bob who resolved not to change a bit has remained just the way he likes himself—the same. Good job, Bob)! Keep up the good work with your own resolutions for 2019, Everyone. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

National Nurse Day

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Hey, Camp Fans!

Like all other junctures in life, summer camp stays are not immune to unfortunate illnesses or mild wounds. That’s why summer camps are sure to have a nurse on hand throughout their summer sessions. Well-versed with tummy aches, bee stings, and all other inopportune ailments that may befall you, camp nurses are the nicest people on the planet.

Always sure to treat their patients with the utmost care and empathy no matter what’s wrong with them, camp nurses—and nurses in general—deserve a dedicatory day. Which is why they have one—TODAY! May 6th is National Nurse Day. A great day to show your appreciation toward the many nurses of the world, this day actually stretches outward a week and ends on May 12th, the birthday of Florence Nightingale.

Even if you don’t know who Florence Nightingale is, you’ve likely heard of her before (and who could forget a name like that?). Ms. Nightingale was born back in 1820. Considered the founder of modern nursing, Florence became recognized while tending to the injured soldiers of the Crimean War between France and Russia in the 1850s.

With increasing popularity, soldiers started referencing Florence as ‘The Lady with the Lamp’ since she would regularly make her rounds at night. And now her birthday is honored every year as National Nurse Week comes to a close.

When you head off to summer camp, be sure to thank your camp nurse for her assurance of your well-being and her ever-kind manner. On behalf of Everything Summer Camp, we’d like to send out a giant thank you to camp nurses, school nurses, clinical nurses, emergency room nurses, and all other kinds. You truly help people on a daily basis!

Be sure to show your appreciation for the nurses in your life today and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John