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'Tis the Season to be Chocolatey

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Hey, Winter Warriors!

No matter where you go, this season whether it’s out on shopping excursions or long trips to a relative’s home, you’ll want to make sure you stay in the Spirit of the Season. And the best way to do that is with an endless supply of hot chocolate! Keep that creamy drink coming and make sure it stays piping hot in the proper container. We offer plenty of bottles that are insulated so your hot drinks stay hot for hours on end. Check out the selection we have here at Everything Summer Camp:

Insulated Bottles
Made of durable pro-grade stainless steel with Hydro Flask’s TempShield™ Insulation. The 24oz Standard Mouth Flex Cap Water Bottle maintains temperature for up to six hours for a hot drink. The 32oz Wide Mouth Bottle can do up to 12 hours.

Given similar construction with durable pro-grade stainless steel and their trademark TempShield Insulation, Hydro Flask’s 20oz All Around™ Tumbler as well as the 22oz Tumbler are capable of keeping your hot drink hot for as long as six hours.

Coffee Mug
Built with the same sturdy and insulated production, the 12oz Coffee Mug from Hydro Flask is provided with a closeable, press-in lid and its exterior offers a soft-to-the-touch finish that feels good in your hand as any good mug should. This Mug keeps drinks hot for hours.

Outside the Hydro Flask brand we have a few other options like the S'well 17oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle which can keep drinks hot for up to 12 hours as well as the S'well 25oz Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle which keeps drinks hot for up to 24! We also offer the Camelbak Horizon 12oz Insulated Camp Mug that maintains temperature for hours.

So enjoy staying warm from the inside-out when you leave your home this winter with the proper hot drink for the season in hand! Shop these great options and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

I Have the MPOWERD!!!

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Hey, Powerful People! 

We pride ourselves in offering the best in child-friendly camping gear so it’s no wonder that a leading brand in lighting gear such as MPOWERD is available here at Everything Summer Camp. This brand combines brilliant quality with a design that’s easy for kids to use. On top of that, they’re conscious of the impact they have on the environment! Always fans of sustainable methods, we knew MPOWERD was an obvious fit for our collection of flashlights and other lighting sources in our camping gear selection. 

Take a gander at the lighting options we have from MPOWERD

Solar String Lights + Mobile Charger
It might be a stretch to say MPOWERD hung the moon, but what they did do is make it so you can hang these warm Solar Lights that they've strung together. With 10 points that shine 2 LEDs each along an 18ft cord which winds up into a compact unit, Luci Solar String Lights pack 100 Lumens. This Light String Unit is ready for mobile charging capabilities and gives you 50 hours from a single charge. 

MPOWERD Luci Connect Inflatable Solar Light + Mobile Charger
The Luci Connect is the first smart light to be released from the MPOWERD brand that can be paired with your phone! Enabled for use by app with no WiFi necessary, your phone can turn the light on and off, create light from unlimited color options, select preset colors, control brightness, categorize colors, set schedules, and show you the battery level. Waterproof and lightweight, yet virtually indestructible, the Luci Connect is ready for whatever your adventures bring! 

MPOWERD Build Your Own Luci: Solar Light Kit
The BYOL (Build-Your-Own-Luci) Solar Light Kit from MPOWERD comes with three modular disks, a transparent cover, two USB cables, a booklet of activities, and a whole bunch of LEDs. Start by simply connecting the solar panel and battery disks by the USB cables. The customizable LED lightboard will light up! 

Get a better look at these incredibly practical products by clicking right here and order the lighting sources you’ll want along for your nightly navigation throughout your camping experience! Stay bright and, as always, thanks for reading! 


- John

Horseriding Helmets

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Hey, Riders!

If you’re passionate about horseback riding, then you’re probably already aware of our fantastic selection of riding gear from leading brand names like Equi-Star, Ovation, and Troxel Performance Headgear. Each of these brands has their own niche in the world of riding accessories. And today, I’m talking about Troxel Riding Helmets. We carry their Spirit Riding Helmet, Sport Riding Helmet, as well as the Dakota Horse Riding Helmet for your choice in riding protection.

The world’s frontrunner in ASTM/SEI certified equestrian helmets is Troxel. And they’re able to make this claim because Troxel has done their homework. With helmets that have involved physicians on the developing team, you can rest assured that your rider is well protected when they wear a Troxel helmet.

Having provided over three million helmets to equestrians across the world, Troxel saw that other horseback riding gear providers didn’t offer an alternative to their English Riding accessories. This left an incredible amount of western riders unprotected as well as a gaping, untapped market in the Riding Helmet business. Troxel is the first and only helmet manufacturer to provide safety helmets to both disciplines of horseback riding.

Troxel has been celebrated worldwide not only for its physician-developed research or its all-inclusive construction, but for its original design as well. Ever since it was first established in 1898, Troxel has given the horseback riding community confidence when they go riding. Troxel’s helmet designs reduce the risk of serious injury by 80% effectiveness.

Be prepared in the case of an accident and get a Troxel Riding Helmet for your rider. The world’s leading provider for certified equestrian riding helmets, Troxel is the right brand for reassurance when your rider takes off into the sunset. Check out these protective riding helmets from Troxel by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading.


- John

Like a Rhinestone Camper

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Howdy, Little Cowboys and Cowgirls. 

We love being able to offer some of the coolest and cutest products from iScream here at Everything Summer Camp. This place always has the most unique, colorful, and hilarious camp stuff that are great additions to your comfort collection like pillows, socks, robes, and plenty more! What else? Take a look at the Rhinestone Decal collection from iScream we have available here on our online shop. 

These colorful, shimmering stickers are safe on surfaces, constructed with a hard rhinestone face with an adhesive back that can be removed and reused in case you change your mind on where it goes. Personalize your world and let iScream help! We have a plethora of pretty, popping options to choose from. 

Starring a bunch of cute characters, you can pick from the Watermelon, Mermazing, Pandacorn, Pizza, Pinata, Rainbow and Clouds, Narwhal, Eye, Cactus-Cutie, Emoji Fries, Slice of Cake, Rainbow Poop, TV, and more. These Decals are available in a small size as well as a large with varying dimensions. Check out our available small options right here. Or browse the large options by clicking here

Bedeck your belongings with these beautiful gems on your clipboards, toiletry bags, notebooks, bedroom, and more. These Rhinestone Decal stickers from iScream are a great touch for decorating your things. Sparkling at subtly different angles for a mesmerizing show, these colorful decals are perfectly appealing to the eye and add a little bit of pop to your surroundings! 

iScream is synonymous with comfort. Get your lounge on with these awesome pillows, awesome socks, along with plenty of other cozy products from iScream here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out their entire selection we have available when you click right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Ready. Set. Rhinestone! 


- John

Platypus Hydration

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

Staying hydrated is an absolutely essential part of staying healthy—especially in the summer when you’re running around on hot days! Creating convenience for kids to take an easy swig in the middle of whatever activity they’re engaged in, Platypus is one brand name that we’re happy to offer here at Everything Summer Camp. Check out the several water-themed and innovative products we provide from this excellent brand. 

Platypus Big Zip EVO Reservoir
Carry a couple liters of clean water on your person during your camp adventures. With a self-sealing bite valve and wide tubing, this Reservoir delivers a fast, refreshing flow rate. Between the bite valve and leakproof shutoff valve it's pretty much impossible for water to escape the Platypus unless you're drinking it! It features a high-mount drink tube that provides a quick-disconnect so it's super-fast and super easy to load and unload the reservoir. 

Platypus QuickDraw Filter
This drinking filter gives adventurers the peace of mind of having a drink of water wherever water is available. The easy-to-use QuickDraw filter cartridge is made of hollow fibers which are responsible for transforming pond water into healthy drinking water. It weighs just over two ounces and filters as much as three liters per minute! 

Platypus DuoLock SoftBottle Water Bottle - .75 Liter and 1 Liter
Designed to stay upright on its own whether it's full or empty and is shaped for easy gripping, sipping, and pouring! Easily flattened after use, the SoftBottle, when empty, will roll right up for compact packing. It's easy to carry with its gate handle. A wide mouth means great flow rate so you can get the satisfactory slug of water you need. 

No matter how you choose to fill your days at camp and all the days until then, it's important you keep your water bottle filled and stay hydrated. Peruse our excellent hydration products from Platypus by clicking right here. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! 


- John