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Which Face? The North Face!

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Hey, Summer Camp Folks!

I’m thrilled to announce a brand name that’s new to our online store but certainly not new to anybody! The North Face, is an outdoor product manufacturer that has a heavy focus on apparel and other essential camping items like backpacks and sleeping bags.

The North Face saw it’s beginning thanks to two hiking enthusiasts who wanted toFind the awesome brand name of The North Face right here at the Everything Summer Camp shop! find a profitable way to involve their passion in their lives. By 1966, they’d set up their own little mountaineering store, selling quality gear to outdoorsy folks much like themselves. They weren’t calling themselves The North Face just yet, but they would in another couple years.

Named after the most unmerciful side of a mountain, The North Face brand prides themselves on creating the high-performance sportswear that’s required for such harsh settings. Utilizing the latest advancements in performance wear technology, The North Face took their business from a small shop to a worldwide brand that operates out of over 50 retail stores in the USA alone!

The brand grew rapidly thanks to the quality they produced. Not only do they put their products through a series of grueling lab tests to see how much their equipment can withstand, they also send their gear and apparel along with a team of expedition athletes out into the wilderness to give their products the challenge of the real deal! Feedback from their athlete team allows them to fine-tune their manufacturing methods and processes.

Everything Summer Camp is proud to carry a wide selection of high-quality camping and travel gear as well as top of the line outdoor apparel from The North Face brand. Ensure that this summer is safe, comfortable, and stylish with selections from our great selection that you can check out on our . And, as always, thanks for reading, Folks!


- John

Have a S'well Summer!

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Hey, Swell People!

There’s a new brand name in our water bottle selection that we’re more-than-thrilled to now have on board—it’s the S’Well brand. Bringing incredible quality and thoughtful construction behind their product, we’re proud here at Everything Summer Camp to offer their fantastic water bottles.  

Constructed with three walls of high-grade vacuum-insulated stainless steel, the S'well 17oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle is given ThermaS’well™ technology to keep hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24! Boasting a condensation-free exterior, enjoy 17 ounces at a time in this handy, eco-friendly S’well Water Bottle.Swell choice in water bottles!

S’well was founded on quality construction of water bottles like the Insulated Water Bottle. This company was established nearly a decade ago in 2010 by entrepreneur Sarah Krauss.  

The mission: to save the world from continued production of disposable plastic water bottles. Sarah put her best effort forward to create a desired bottle, combining fashion and function with the intention that, with her quality bottle on the market, single-use plastic bottles could possibly be phased out worldwide. “It was an audacious goal, but I knew the world needed S’well,” Sarah says.

As of 2017, S’well has made a name for itself as the fastest growing woman-owned company in the country! Amazing in this day and age, S’well has built its huge fan base by means of word-of-mouth. We’re proud to help distribute the S’well brand and assist in their goal of helping to keep single-use plastic water bottles out of our landfills and waterways! “I am delighted every time I see a S’well in a purse, backpack or stroller,” Sarah says.

These bottles work great for a wide array of purposes—perfect for your time at summer camp. Check the 17oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle out by clicking right here and get one for your camp adventures! As always, thanks for reading, Campers!


- John

A New Kid's Headlamp!

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Hey, Light Fans!

One new brand name we’re more than thrilled to now have on board is Petzl. Bringing 20 lumens to the table with this kid’s TIKKID Headlamp, the Petzl brand is certainly serious about the service they supply through the quality of their equipment. That’s because a young Ferdinand Petzl explored places that required a product of a certain quality that wasn’t available to him in the 1930s.

Ferdinand was a cave explorer. His explorations grew into thousand-meter  by Get a good look at this great headlamp from Petzl.designing and creating solutions for ascending, descending, belaying, and seeing in the dark. And with his craftsmanship came the company. By 1970, the first ‘Fernand Petzl’ brand products were produced in a French workshop.

The current President of the company, Paul Petzl had this to say: “My father was an artisan and a speleologist [cave] explorer. From early childhood on, I was immersed in the thrill of discovery. The pleasure of designing and then perfecting objects drove my father, Fernand Petzl. The company revolutionized activities connected with lighting and verticality."

The Petzl company grew and it didn’t take long before it had developed into an international enterprise! Throughout this growth, the company strived and succeeded to remain mindful of keeping their passion and personal feel which was the foundation on which Petzl has been built.   

Manufacturing rope ascenders and descenders in the 60s, it was 1973 when Petzl put out its first mountaineering headlamp. Mastering their craft along the way, Petzl eventually produced a children’s headlamp—a product that’s easy-to-use and kid-friendly: the TIKKID Petzl Headlamp.

This lamp will light the night, casting 20 lumens onto your path. Boasting a flood beam for easy-reading and three different lighting modes, get this headlamp for your upcoming camp adventure. Check out this awesome Petzl Headlamp by clicking here and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

Makers of Mad Libs!

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Hello, _______ Fans!

We’re proud of the selection of books we have to offer here at our Everything Summer Camp online shop. We have a sizable collection of installments from the Camp Confidential Series as well as an excellent assortment of the famed ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books. But nothing beats the classic and undeniably brilliant, fill-in-the-________, word game known as Mad Libs. Get laugh after laugh until your face hurts with these simple stories with blanks for you to fill in!

The perfect fun activity around the campfire or hanging out in the cabin before it’s time for ‘lights out’, Mad Libs requests random parts-of-speech with a different, random noun, verb, adjective, etc., turning the simple story into a ridiculous riot.

So, how did this brand name begin? Well, the concept for Mad Libs was born one fateful night back in 1953 when their co-creator, Leonard Stern was looking for the right adjective in a script he’d been writing. After he had struggled in the search for half an hour on this single word, his best friend Roger Price walked in. Evident to Roger that his friend was in deep frustration, he asked what he could do.

Leonard told his friend about his struggle with the elusive adjective he’d been trying to pin for the previous 30 minutes. He asked for help to which his friend Roger blurted out “clumsy and naked” which, as incorrect as it was, at least made Leonard laugh. The pair almost immediately recognized the potential behind this hilarious description of somebody’s nose (as Leonard’s script had been calling for).

Leonard commenced to leave the script where it was for the rest of the night and went to work with his friend Roger writing short, page-long write-ups with key words missing. You can find awesome, camp-themed Mad Libs and other fun ones right here when you shop our website! Enjoy laughin’ it up with your friends with Mad Libs and, as always, thanks for reading.

Create hysterical memories with your camp friends and find awesome Camp Mad Libs as well as full Box Sets when you get your Mad Libs.  Full of holes, these hilarious stories are not only hilarious, but educational too, flexing your grammar muscle and identifying the eight different parts of speech to play.

A very welcome addition to the fun and entertaining, camp-oriented activity books, games, and other supplies, Mad Libs holds a special place in our hearts as well as our funny bones! We salute these brilliantly interactive stories and, as always, thanks for ________, Camp Folks!


- John

Supreme Locks for Safe Skies

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Hey, Lockers!

At Everything Summer Camp we pride ourselves in the quality of the summer camp gear we offer. And because of that fact, we love shining our spotlight on the wonderful suppliers who manufacture the products we offer on our site.

Look into Safe Skies for your luggage security!One solid brand name among our selection is Safe Skies. The makers of Luggage Locks, these guys are essential to our selection of trunk accessories. Perfect for long distance travelers who are flying to camp, get a good look at our Safe Skies products by clicking here.

Travel Security Agents at the airport are equipped with tools for unlocking and re-locking certain accepted brand name locks so yours doesn’t need to meet its doom by getting clipped as it goes through security.  

Safe Skies LLC is the exclusive manufacturer of Luggage Locks that baggage screeners can open without clipping. If you have a Safe Skies Lock on your luggage, TSA will not need to destroy it! The distinct Safe Skies logo of a burning torch indicates that screeners can open these locks for luggage inspection when necessary and then re-lock afterwards.

Your Safe Skies™ TSA Luggage Lock will not be clipped—Safe Skies all but guarantees it. TSA screeners have been extensively trained on how to open Safe Skies™ luggage locks without clipping them. Yet, in the highly unlikely scenario that your Safe Skies™ TSA lock does get clipped, Safe Skies is ready to replace your lock free of charge.

Always looking to carry the best of the best, we here at Everything Summer Camp know this is brand to be of great standards as they display the commitment to their quality and their coordination with the TSA program to offer the absolute convenience for their customers through their product. We appreciate you, Safe Skies™. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans!


- John