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A PackTowl Howl

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Hey, Camp Folks!

An absolute necessity at camp, you want your child to bring a towel they can dry off with quickly and thoroughly for the duration of their summer stay! Your natural instinct may be to go with an ordinary, bulky cotton towel (probably like the ones in your bathroom at home). And that will certainly get your camper by for their summer stay. But a towel like this has its disadvantages in the summer camp setting such as eating up space and not remaining the most fresh.

PackTowl, on the other hand, doesn’t make just any typical towel. THESE towels are anything but! Yes, they are higher-priced than your basic cotton towel, but you don’t want to skimp when it comes to your child’s camp stay. Read on to learn how PackTowl Towels are extraordinary products and worth every penny.

Did you know that, before the 1800s, towels were only found in the closets of the rich and royalty? They used to be much more expensive before the Industrial Revolution when they were all handwoven. The advent of large textile machines, however, brought the means of mass production in a short amount of time, making cotton towels much more affordable. They quickly became a part of our everyday lives and a commonplace item found in every household.

PackTowl is here to revolutionize the towel by making it out of an ultra-soft fabric that’s easy to wring out and dries unbelievably fast—70% faster than cotton. In fact, when hung out in the sun, it dries in just FIVE MINUTES. Perfect for camp! These towels are also lightweight and amazingly absorbent. Camp packing lists typically want you bringing four shower towels and two beach towels. PackTowl towels, however, dry so quickly that you could get away with bringing fewer along!

When your average towel comes back from camp, best case scenario: it becomes a rag towel. But PackTowl isn’t your average towel. It’s made with built-in sand and dirt-repellency; just a few good shakes and this towel shrugs it all off! It’s guaranteed to survive multiple camp outings from one season to the next for many years to come. Check out our PackTowl towels when you click right here. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks. And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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