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Wonderful Wool!

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Hey, Cool Kids!

It’s especially cool this time of year here in Northwest Wisconsin. One might even say it’s downright cold! It’s the perfect season to curl up with a big, woolly blanket and keep warm. In fact, nearly the whole country was affected just a few weeks back when many states saw the coldest Christmas we’ve seen in decades with wind chill readings reaching as low as forty below.

A common misconception about blankets is that blankets themselves are warm. Unless you’re talking about an electric blanket, they don’t actually provide you with any heat. Where’s the heat coming from? Your own internal furnace! A blanket is only trapping in and surrounding your body with your own body heat that you give off.  

Northwest Woolen Mills knows this about blankets. They’ve been manufacturing wool and synthetic blankets for over 68 years! Located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, this mill of the Brickle Group has made a living by providing comfort and warmth through their army blankets and emergency relief blankets.

Stay snug when the temperature drops with the Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blanket, available right here at Everything Summer Camp. This bulky blanket is 60% wool with a cozy plaid design. Whether you’re wrapping up at home to stay warm in winter or draping yourself for added warmth around a campfire, it’s sure to keep you toasty and pleased.

But even more important than cold days and campfires, it’s a good idea to have blankets around for emergency situations. Have extra blankets around so you’re prepared to stay warm in extreme circumstances like a power outage. It’s also a good idea extra blankets in the trunk of your family vehicle.

Blankets are invaluable supplies when people don’t have gas or electric heat to keep them warm. Imparting humanitarian relief all over the world, Northwest Woolen Mills proudly provides blankets wherever they are needed. “Wherever there is a natural disaster or political strife,” they assert, “There is a good chance our blankets are there!”

Use the zoom feature when you hover over the main image of the product page on our site. It’ll allow you to get real up close and personal and see the fibers of this fantastic blanket. Naturally flame-retardant and easy to care for; just machine wash on a gentle cycle, add fabric softener to the final rinse, and tumble-dry on low heat. Get the Bunkhouse Plaid Wool Blanket and wrap up in this wool!


- John


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