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Fourth Family Fun in Preparation for Summer Camp

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Happy Fourth of July, Campers!

The Fourth of July is here, marking the peak of summer and the beginning of a season filled with adventure and excitement. Many people celebrate with parades, grill outs, marshmallow roasting, and fireworks! And, for summer camp enthusiasts, this holiday holds a special significance—it's the closest one to the summer camp season! In fact, some campers may already be off on their camp adventure right now!

Kids and adults alike love to go on nature hikes!

If your camper hasn't left just yet, however, enjoy the festivities of the holiday together! After your celebration, you can focus on preparing your camper for their upcoming stay and get them into the summer camp spirit (though they probably already are)! Here are some ideas you can put into action:


Hiking Adventure

Suggest you and your child lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails for an outdoor adventure. Explore some local trails, nature reserves, or foothills around your area if you have them! Hiking is a fantastic way to connect with nature and build endurance for the adventures that await your child at summer camp. Don't forget to pack plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen for your journey!

Camping Gear Familiarizing

Take some time to review your child’s camping gear, ensuring they understand how to properly use and care for each item. Show them how to load batteries, operate flashlights and lanterns, and set up tents or sleeping bags. Their gear doesn’t do much good unless they know how to use it. This hands-on practice will help them feel more confident and prepared for their summer camp adventure.

Fire building skills are some of the most important in the wilderness!

Practice Campfire Building with Your Parents

Enjoy an evening around the fire pit and show your child fire building skills like arranging tinder, kindling, and firewood to create a safe and efficient campfire. You can also teach them proper safety techniques, such as putting out the fire completely before leaving the area.

Read a good story about kids at summer camp and put yourself in those shoes!

Overnight Camping Trips

Extend the Fourth of July celebration with a family camping trip. Gather your camping gear, pitch a tent, and spend a night under the stars in the great outdoors. Use this night to have a great time with your child before they leave for their camp stay and talk to them about any thoughts or concerns they might have about the upcoming experience.

Camp-Themed Reading

Encourage your child to dive into some summer camp-themed books to further ignite their excitement for the upcoming adventure. Look for titles that capture the magic and spirit of summer camp, whether it's through stories of friendship, outdoor adventures, or overcoming challenges. Reading about the camp experience can help ease any pre-camp jitters and provide valuable insights into what to expect.


Incorporate these activities into your Fourth of July celebration and you'll kick off the summer camp season for your camper with confidence and excitement, all while creating your own quality time together before they leave for their camp stay! Happy Fourth of July, Everyone! And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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