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Why Joe Would Go...

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Hey, Camp Folks!

At Everything Summer Camp, we’re passionate about making your camping experience a memorable one and having the right gear is essential for a successful stay at overnight camp. That’s why you can find a wide range of summer camp gear and camping supplies to meet your every need. However, our flagship product is undoubtedly our camp trunks. Our C&N Footlockers are second to none in quality and we stand behind (and on top of) our trunks with a lifetime guarantee.

Joe is one of our longtime Production workers, putting his expert skill level to your service every day, crafting our high quality camp trunks. Given the opportunity to go to summer camp nowadays, as an adult, he could think of several ways he would spend his time. Check out his top choices in summer camp activities that he would sign up for today…

Go-Kart Racing
Though he’s never actually raced on a track, Joe bought a go-kart for his kids to ride around in the backyard. Of course, he had to test-drive it for the kids to make sure it was safe, he told me with a laugh. He obviously had a good time in it for his own sake too. He wanted to put it to the test and see how fast he could go, but never put the pedal to the floor to hard with his children chasing all around after him. If he ever found himself in a go-kart on a track, he’d love to rev it up and GO!

Next up, Joe said he would try Paintball. He’s never gone Paintballing either, though he’s been shot with one before! He told me about a night around a campfire a number of years back with a friend who had acquired a paintball gun. They were inspecting the new purchase and getting curious about how it would feel to be hit with a paintball. “Only one way to find out,” his friend told him before letting Joe have it. That night, Joe found out—it HURTS! Perhaps Joe would get his friend to join him in a game today, looking to get a little payback!

For a third pick of another activity that he’s never had a chance to do before, Joe decided he would take a ride in a canoe. “It sounds like it would be an awesome way to see all the scenery and Mother Nature…and things you wouldn’t see from the land,” he told me. On top of all that he said it just sounds like a great way to relax for an afternoon, gliding along on the water and taking it all in.

Do any of Joe’s picks of camp activities sound fun to you? Maybe you’ll enjoy one or more of these come your time away at camp. Find out if your camp offers them or perhaps you can find your own means of having the experience. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John


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