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Rookie Mellina

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Hey, Camp Folks!  

Staying hard at work with a myriad of personalized products waiting for a design to be embroidered on them, Mellina works in our Graphics Department. Well acquainted with our embroidery machines, Mellina has her area well-organized with stocked products and has the machines constantly plugging away on the next ordered design. But that’s enough work talk!  

More than work, today is about what Mellina would do if she got to go to summer camp right now as an adult. She gave me a well-rounded rundown of her favorite activities that she’d try, striking a decent balance between adventure and artistic skill. 

Mellina hasn’t had any experience in the activities she picked, which is why she picked them. She wanted to do something she’s never tried before. Check out the schedule she would make for herself:  

Stained Glass
A colorful first pick, Mellina has always been drawn to and intrigued by the look of Stained Glass. Mellina enjoys being crafty and so something with as much of a process to it as Stained Glass seems right up her alley. “It would be cool to make something,” she told me. “I like making stuff.” Indeed! Making stuff is what summer camp is all about! 

Ropes Course
While she’s never executed a ropes course before, but it sounds like a real thrill to her. She would love the opportunity with an elaborate course to truly challenge herself and find out what she’s capable of! 

Snorkeling is an experience that Mellina would love to have. She said she’d love to see such a foreign world that exists down there. That and she’d simply love to do something she’s never tried before. 

Pottery too was one that Mellina’s always had interest in and wanted to try. She’s simply never had the chance before. But it would definitely be found on her list of camp fun!  

Do you love any of the same camp activities as Mellina? Did you get to enjoy any of these essential summer camp experiences this summer? Comment below to let us know. And, as always, thanks for reading. Happy camping!  


- John

What gets Maria Movin'?

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Meet the latest addition to our Graphics Department here at Everything Summer Camp, Maria. Returning for a handful of years as temporary summer help, she joined us full time in 2021 as we saw enough business beyond the camp season to keep her busy year-round! Maria makes our Clothing Stamps, Name Labels, Nameplates, Patches, and plenty other fun, personalized accessories for our camp trunks and more. But that’s enough work talk for now. 

Today, let me tell you what camp activities she'd be interested in if she were given the opportunity to go to camp right now as an adult. 

Growing up on 40 acres, Maria was free to set up some targets and practice Archery whenever she wanted. She was fairly good, but always looking to improve. Throughout the years, she’s acquired five different bows and, from time to time, she will still head to her mother’s land to shoot bow and arrow (as recently as a few months back). 

Mountain Biking
Her family would make trips out to parks in surrounding areas and woodsy trails where they would cover ground at a fast pace on their mountain bikes. She recalls enjoying the exhilarating rush of beautiful scenery zipping past her. She hasn’t been out for a ride since she was a young girl—about eight or nine, but she’d love to get out again. 

While she’s never actually done any Fencing, Maria said she would jump at the opportunity to try her hand at it. Her attraction to Fencing was likely triggered from watching spectacular sword fights in movies like ‘The Princess Bride’, but really she would love to try it just for the chance to try something new and unique. 

For a couple bonus activities, she also told me she’d be interested in learning some Outdoor Skills as well as playing Capture-the-Flag. Are you passionate about any of the same interests as Maria? Hopefully you got to enjoy a passion or two of your own this summer season. Thanks for reading! Till next time, Camp Fans. 


- John

Imani is Into...

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Returning each summer to create the great products in our Graphics Department here at Everything Summer Camp, Imani has been making Clothing Stamps, Name Labels, Nameplates, Patches, and plenty other personalized accessories for the past six years. When it comes to producing, picking, checking in, and shipping, Imani’s kind of a pro at this point! But we’re not talking work stuff today. 

Let me tell you what camp activities Imani would be interested in if she were given the opportunity to go to camp right now… 

Imani has loved taking pictures ever since she can recall. She loves having those ‘memories’ frozen in time. “When I was 17, I grew more interested in taking photos to capture the beauty of nature and people,” she told me. “I continued photography in college by taking courses based around photography and photo-editing.” 

As Imani pursued her passion for photography, she discovered along the way that she was developing an interest in video editing. It’s not a crazy jump since the art of photography is at the core of filmmaking. “I love putting clips together and editing them,” she said. 

Creative Writing
Another love of hers since an early age, Imani has been putting words to paper since she was about 11 or 12 years old. “I started out writing short stories and progressed into writing poems and even songs.” Imani loves how the written word allows her to express herself in a variety of ways and different depths. 

Are you passionate about any of the same interests as Imani? If it’s something you really love, hopefully you’ll be enjoying that activity come the summer season. Enjoy viewing the world through your artistic lens and, as always, thanks for reading! Till next time, Camp Fans. 


- John

Nice Choices

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

A new addition to our hard-working Shipping Department this year, Natalie has brought her sunny demeanor and close attention to detail to the job! She’s been fantastic help this season, catching on quickly and getting lots of orders out the door and on their way to campers! But that’s enough work talk for today! Let’s shift our focus to the top summer camp activities that Natalie would want to try if she got to head to camp right now. 

It wasn’t too hard for her to figure out what she’d sign herself up for if she somehow got the opportunity to try out any camp activities now in her adulthood. 

Archery & Horseback Riding
They’re two of the most popular and iconic camp activities and Natalie has never gotten the chance to try her hand at them before, despite how much she would jump at the chance. “To this day they’re something I need to do,” she told me. 

Dance & Theater
Natalie has loved to dance ever since she can recall. From hip-hop to ballroom dancing, she’s a fan of all styles. While she has less experience with it, she also said she’d be interested in theater. Really, she just loves being on the stage. 

A love for Tennis is a more recent discovery for Natalie. She’s always had an interest in watching televised matches, but she randomly started playing it in the last couple years with great enjoyment.

Math Camp
Natalie teaches math to a range of grades from middle school to high school. Her favorite kind to teach is algebra. “I do math even when I’m not teaching it throughout the summer,” she told me. “I LOVE math.” A Math Camp fits right into the equation for Natalie’s camp activity picks! 

What have you had the opportunity to do at summer camp? Do you share any of Natalie’s interests? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Happy camping! 


- John

Adventure, Art, and Emma

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Hey, Camp Fans!  

Lending her hand to our Printing Department for this summer season, Emma has been a great help, picking the proper piece of apparel for orders and printing the appropriate design onto the garment. We’ve had one of our best years yet and we had A LOT of printed clothing orders to fulfill! But enough work talk! Today we’re talking about what camp activities Emma would pick for herself if she got the chance to go to camp right now.  

Without much deliberation, Emma gave me her top three choices. Here’s what she picked: 

An obvious choice for her first pick, Emma has been painting for about as long as she can remember. She’s continued to pursue this lifelong passion of hers into her college major. While she’s tried her hand at multiple styles, Impressionism is what speaks to her most—that’s visual art that attempts to incorporate changes in light and motion into a still image.    

Next up, Emma said she would go Spelunking. She’s been in the infamous Crystal Cave in western Wisconsin before. From stalagmites to stalactites and huge rooms of hanging bats, Emma loves the feeling of being surrounded by natural elements well below the ground! 

In the same vein of appreciating nature, Emma chose Conservation for her third pick. She enjoys planting trees, composting, picking up litter, and all-around learning about and doing good stuff for nature. 

With such interest in creativity and talent as well as adventures in the natural world, Emma’s been a great fit for our busy summer season getting you all geared up for your camp stay. Do you share any of the things Emma is interested in? If so, let us know by leaving a comment. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! 


- John