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Adventure, Art, and Emma

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Hey, Camp Fans!  

Lending her hand to our Printing Department for this summer season, Emma has been a great help, picking the proper piece of apparel for orders and printing the appropriate design onto the garment. We’ve had one of our best years yet and we had A LOT of printed clothing orders to fulfill! But enough work talk! Today we’re talking about what camp activities Emma would pick for herself if she got the chance to go to camp right now.  

Without much deliberation, Emma gave me her top three choices. Here’s what she picked: 

An obvious choice for her first pick, Emma has been painting for about as long as she can remember. She’s continued to pursue this lifelong passion of hers into her college major. While she’s tried her hand at multiple styles, Impressionism is what speaks to her most—that’s visual art that attempts to incorporate changes in light and motion into a still image.    

Next up, Emma said she would go Spelunking. She’s been in the infamous Crystal Cave in western Wisconsin before. From stalagmites to stalactites and huge rooms of hanging bats, Emma loves the feeling of being surrounded by natural elements well below the ground! 

In the same vein of appreciating nature, Emma chose Conservation for her third pick. She enjoys planting trees, composting, picking up litter, and all-around learning about and doing good stuff for nature. 

With such interest in creativity and talent as well as adventures in the natural world, Emma’s been a great fit for our busy summer season getting you all geared up for your camp stay. Do you share any of the things Emma is interested in? If so, let us know by leaving a comment. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! 


- John


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