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What gets Maria Movin'?

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Meet the latest addition to our Graphics Department here at Everything Summer Camp, Maria. Returning for a handful of years as temporary summer help, she joined us full time in 2021 as we saw enough business beyond the camp season to keep her busy year-round! Maria makes our Clothing Stamps, Name Labels, Nameplates, Patches, and plenty other fun, personalized accessories for our camp trunks and more. But that’s enough work talk for now. 

Today, let me tell you what camp activities she'd be interested in if she were given the opportunity to go to camp right now as an adult. 

Growing up on 40 acres, Maria was free to set up some targets and practice Archery whenever she wanted. She was fairly good, but always looking to improve. Throughout the years, she’s acquired five different bows and, from time to time, she will still head to her mother’s land to shoot bow and arrow (as recently as a few months back). 

Mountain Biking
Her family would make trips out to parks in surrounding areas and woodsy trails where they would cover ground at a fast pace on their mountain bikes. She recalls enjoying the exhilarating rush of beautiful scenery zipping past her. She hasn’t been out for a ride since she was a young girl—about eight or nine, but she’d love to get out again. 

While she’s never actually done any Fencing, Maria said she would jump at the opportunity to try her hand at it. Her attraction to Fencing was likely triggered from watching spectacular sword fights in movies like ‘The Princess Bride’, but really she would love to try it just for the chance to try something new and unique. 

For a couple bonus activities, she also told me she’d be interested in learning some Outdoor Skills as well as playing Capture-the-Flag. Are you passionate about any of the same interests as Maria? Hopefully you got to enjoy a passion or two of your own this summer season. Thanks for reading! Till next time, Camp Fans. 


- John


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