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Hey, Camp Fans! 

A new addition to our hard-working Shipping Department this year, Natalie has brought her sunny demeanor and close attention to detail to the job! She’s been fantastic help this season, catching on quickly and getting lots of orders out the door and on their way to campers! But that’s enough work talk for today! Let’s shift our focus to the top summer camp activities that Natalie would want to try if she got to head to camp right now. 

It wasn’t too hard for her to figure out what she’d sign herself up for if she somehow got the opportunity to try out any camp activities now in her adulthood. 

Archery & Horseback Riding
They’re two of the most popular and iconic camp activities and Natalie has never gotten the chance to try her hand at them before, despite how much she would jump at the chance. “To this day they’re something I need to do,” she told me. 

Dance & Theater
Natalie has loved to dance ever since she can recall. From hip-hop to ballroom dancing, she’s a fan of all styles. While she has less experience with it, she also said she’d be interested in theater. Really, she just loves being on the stage. 

A love for Tennis is a more recent discovery for Natalie. She’s always had an interest in watching televised matches, but she randomly started playing it in the last couple years with great enjoyment.

Math Camp
Natalie teaches math to a range of grades from middle school to high school. Her favorite kind to teach is algebra. “I do math even when I’m not teaching it throughout the summer,” she told me. “I LOVE math.” A Math Camp fits right into the equation for Natalie’s camp activity picks! 

What have you had the opportunity to do at summer camp? Do you share any of Natalie’s interests? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Happy camping! 


- John


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