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Imani is Into...

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Returning each summer to create the great products in our Graphics Department here at Everything Summer Camp, Imani has been making Clothing Stamps, Name Labels, Nameplates, Patches, and plenty other personalized accessories for the past six years. When it comes to producing, picking, checking in, and shipping, Imani’s kind of a pro at this point! But we’re not talking work stuff today. 

Let me tell you what camp activities Imani would be interested in if she were given the opportunity to go to camp right now… 

Imani has loved taking pictures ever since she can recall. She loves having those ‘memories’ frozen in time. “When I was 17, I grew more interested in taking photos to capture the beauty of nature and people,” she told me. “I continued photography in college by taking courses based around photography and photo-editing.” 

As Imani pursued her passion for photography, she discovered along the way that she was developing an interest in video editing. It’s not a crazy jump since the art of photography is at the core of filmmaking. “I love putting clips together and editing them,” she said. 

Creative Writing
Another love of hers since an early age, Imani has been putting words to paper since she was about 11 or 12 years old. “I started out writing short stories and progressed into writing poems and even songs.” Imani loves how the written word allows her to express herself in a variety of ways and different depths. 

Are you passionate about any of the same interests as Imani? If it’s something you really love, hopefully you’ll be enjoying that activity come the summer season. Enjoy viewing the world through your artistic lens and, as always, thanks for reading! Till next time, Camp Fans. 


- John

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  • Imani has always been a very deep, people oriented person. She is also a very devout Christian. I have watched her develop into a very creative person, and her photography is outstanding! Keep up the good work “princess”!

    virginia Gipson on

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