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Hey, Sandler Fans!

The last time we talked about Adam Sandler (about five years back), we discussed Eisner Camp—part of the Union for Reform Judaism—the camp he attended, we discussed his SNL days, and we talked about his film career which includes ‘Bedtime Stories’, ‘Hotel Transylvania’, ‘Pixels’, countless other classic comedies, and almost the candyman himself in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'.

This time around, let’s dig a little deeper to see who this classic comedian is at his core!

No Joke
Adam Sandler has been performing as a Stand-up Comedian since he was 17 years old. And it’s certainly no putdown when I say that he’s rumored to have never written a joke. How can that be? Well, Sandler is the type of comedian who has a natural humor about him. He prefers not to have written or rehearsed material when he gets on stage. Instead he just sort of wings it while he’s up there.

Schmoozing Roomies
Before their names were known, Adam Sandler and Judd Appatow were roommates while they were new in L.A. and looking for work. Sandler slept on a mattress on the floor. It took them up until 2009 to make their first movie together.

Cool Cameos
Adam Sandler isn’t afraid to have some fun with the casting in his movies. In ‘Hotel Transylvania’, mentioned above, Sandler’s wife and daughter were recorded for the early appearances of Dracula’s wife and baby. Also mentioned above, the movie ‘Pixels’ had an arcade machine repair guy played by the creator of Pac-Man—Toru Iwatani.  

So hopefully that gives you a better idea of who Adam Sandler is, not as an actor, not as a comedian, but as a roommate. I hope you enjoyed learning more about this funny guy. Check out his previous post to learn more. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


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