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Dish About Denzel

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Hey, Denzel Devotees!

I posted about Mr. Washington a number of years ago in which we covered his camp experience as a counselor and the YMCA camp Camp Sloane. And we also reviewed his education and his path through life that eventually brought him to the big screen and stardom! I thought we could revisit him in order to learn more about this famous and much-respected dramatic actor!

Catch these fun facts about Denzel that you probably didn’t know!

Doctor Denzel

Did you know that Denzel was named after his father? Maybe you did. But did you know that his father was named after the doctor who delivered him? He was Dr. Denzel. Knowing the source his name came from, he was inspired to be a doctor before he became passionate about acting.

Washington Got Game

Denzel flaunted a talent for basketball in the movie ‘He Got Game’, but it’s his son John David Washington who’s the true athlete in the family. Signed by the NFL's St. Louis Rams in 2006, John David has since moved on to portray a football player on the HBO show ‘Ballers’.

The Damaged Digit

Speaking of sports, Denzel played football when he was younger as well. And he’s got the injury to prove it. His pinky finger got all jammed up during a play and to this day it is visibly crooked! It may have been the reason that he never stuck with the football.

Thank goodness for that! I can’t imagine a world where Denzel Washington isn’t in some of my favorite movies. He’s one of those actors that I love to see and absolutely believe on the screen! Summer camp gave Denzel the idea to pursue an acting career. What will it give you? Thanks for reading, Campers!


- John


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