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Hey, Camp Fans!

We last talked about Mark Cuban almost five years ago on the Everything Summer Camp Blog. We discussed Emma Kaufmann Camp where he attended summer camp, we discussed his education, and we learned about his first job at 12 years old selling garbage bags in order to afford a pair of expensive sneakers that he had his eyes set on.

We’ll dig even deeper today to learn a bit more about this entrepreneur and moneyman!

Sleeves Rolled Up 
No stranger to hard work, Mark’s work ethic has always been there—evident from his 12-year-old business selling garbage bags. He’s one guy who worked his way to the top by rolling up his sleeves and putting in long hours! In fact, he once went seven years before taking a vacation. Throughout that time, he didn’t feel that he could sacrifice the time if he to be successful.

Cost of Free Speech
Most of us know Mark Cuban as the straight-talking shark from ‘Shark Tank’. You may also know him as the owner of the NBA Dallas Mavericks. What you may not know him for is how involved and outspoken he is concerning his NBA team as well as the referees and the league in general. Speaking his mind has actually gotten him in trouble with the NBA. He’s paid $1.7 million in NBA fines—pretty costly for exercising one’s right to free speech.

Family Man in Chief
Believe it or not, Mark’s talked a lot about running for president someday. He’s even gone as far as to hire his own personal pollster during the 2016 election. The idea of running was put to bed when he was voted down 4 to 1 by his family over whether or not he should run. Running for office is certainly strenuous on a candidate’s kids and spouse as well, so it was good of Mark to put off a presidential run for his family’s sake.

So hopefully that gives you a better idea of who this moneyman, Mark Cuban is. I hope you enjoyed learning more about this well-recognized and potentially political figure of our day. Check out his previous post to learn more. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John


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