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Rise and Shine—Where We Came up with the Line

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Where does this phrase come from?

Hey, Light Beams!

The sun announces another morning at summer camp as it peeks over the horizon and casts its golden rays across the stunning sky and landscape. The campers stretch their arms and wipe their eyes as they greet the new day with a smile. A sense of excitement bubbling within, the entire cabin wakes up with the sunrise as everyone naturally wants to get as much out of their camp days as possible!

At summer camp, the old saying "Rise and Shine" makes the promise of early morning hikes through the forest and exhilarating water sports on the lake. Starting each morning with a positive attitude and a readiness to seize the day, campers set the tone for unforgettable adventures and lasting memories.

But how did this phrase come about?

Well, ‘Rise and Shine’ has long been used as a wake-up call for soldiers and sailors—frequently following the playful phrase ‘Wakey wakey’. Over time, however, the phrase moved beyond the military origins and become a cheerful way of waking someone up.

The roots of the phrase reach a little further back than that, though—as far back as The Bible. The Book of Isaiah, Chapter 60, Verse 1, reads:

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you."

Here, the call to ‘arise’ and ‘shine’ symbolizes a call to action, urging individuals to spiritually awaken and embrace the divine light surrounding them. Over the years, the phrase has come to be used in a much more everyday sense and humorously applied to those who were forced to wake up early (such as soldiers on duty).  

Let your personality shine from start to finish each day!

If you're reading this post bright and early in the morning, it's time for you to "Rise and Shine"! Embrace today with great enthusiasm and energy. With a positive attitude and a willingness to embrace each new opportunity, you're sure to have a day filled with brightness and joy. Here's to rising and shining, and to making the most of every moment! Thanks for reading and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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