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The Story of C&N Packing Cubes; Revolutionizing Camp Packing

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Hey, Camp Folks!

When you send your child off to summer camp, you want them to get the most out of every awesome minute they’re away—not wasting time frantically searching for bug spray as their cabin mates wait to go on their hike. Set your child up for success with C&N Packing Cubes and bring organization as well as form to their footlocker. Our Packing Cubes make things easier to find, save on valuable packing space, and keep clothes from wrinkling!

Living out of your camp trunk has never been easier than with C&N Packing Cubes.

We used to offer packing cubes from other manufacturers when we first added them to our trunk accessories. There was decent demand for them, but they wouldn't fit inside our trunks in any effective configuration, inevitably creating dead space in pockets of the trunk. We soon realized the limitations of these products and set out to create the best travel cubes for summer camp.

To do so, we really did our homework. We put together exhaustive research, customer feedback, and the best features of existing packing cubes on the market. After applying all our discoveries, we did much more than just optimize the way they fit inside our steel trunks and soft trunks; we gave them all the features needed to make packing and living out of your trunk as convenient as possible.

Create tidiness and organization in your child's camp trunk with C&N Packing Cubes.

What kind of features?

Our Cubes have mesh tops and labeling windows so campers know exactly what’s inside without having to break it open and dig through the contents. They also feature convenient grab handles so they offer easy grabbing, carrying, and hanging options.

On top of all that we recently started offering our new sizes so you can optimize the organization and storage space of our Packing Cube Sets. With various sizes and vibrant colors to choose from, these Packing Cubes ensure that campers stay organized and make the most of their summer camp experience.

Here at Everything Summer Camp, the home of C&N Footlockers, we’re the only trunk manufacturer to offer packing cube accessories for our trunks—sized optimally to fit specifically inside our steel trunks as well as our Pop Up Soft Trunk. We also offer more accessories for our trunks than any other manufacturer. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks. Happy packing and, as always, Happy Camping!


- John

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