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Transform Your Bunk Area into a Cozy Retreat: Tips from Campers and Parents

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Get some tips on how to make your bunk the best at summer camp!



Hey, Camp Folks!

Once you’ve arrived at camp on Opening Day, unloaded your vehicle of all the camp gear you brought, and been assigned a cabin, it’s time to get your bunk area set up! When it comes to setting up your bunk area, a good game plan goes a long way. Make you camper’s bunk area feel like home-away-from-home! Just check out these great ideas for creating an inviting space in your camper’s cabin.


Pack Smart

Start by packing your trunk in reverse, with essentials like fitted sheets, sleeping bags, and pillows on top for easy access. This not only saves time but also gives you a cozy spot to sit and unpack.

Just Like Home

Stuffed animals, throws, and small pillows all add warmth and coziness to your bunk during lounge time or throughout bedtime. Don't forget to keep a box or container handy for storing books and activities.

This camper can quickly find daily essentials in his Bunk Organizer!

Clean and Organized

Keep your bunk area tidy by designating spots for essentials like laundry bags and garbage cans. Bringing an extra set of sheets allows for easy changes in the middle of camp. You can also put a fun Floor Mat down next to your bunk to help keep sand and dirt off the mattress.

This Time it’s Personal

Make your bunk feel like your own by adding touches of personality and comfort. Battery-operated string lights and fans create comfort. Decorate with family photos and mementos can help stave off homesickness and make your space feel more personal as well.


By following these tips, you can transform your bunk area into a cozy retreat where your camper can relax and recharge after a day of camp adventures. With a little creativity and preparation, your bunk can become your own slice of home away from home. Thanks for reading, Camp Folks! And, as always, Happy Camping!


- John


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