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Hey, Summer Campers!

Since this Blog began back in February of 2013, I’ve been posting about celebrities who either attended summer camp when they were little or have given to summer camps in a significant way. I’ve covered nearly 50 celebrities—some of whom are more involved in the summer camp community than others. I thought it’d be good to review some of those famous folks who have REALLY got involved.  Lisa Camp

First, and possibly foremost, to get a second look is Lisa Loeb. Her awesome contributions to summer camps are easily her most notable claim to fame. And my post about her from two years ago only covered half the story. I talked about her time at Camp Champions, just outside Austin Texas, as well as her career which sprouted from her summer camp experience.

What I didn’t tell you about is the Camp Lisa Foundation that she started. Its mission: to help kids, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to, attend summer camp. “Summer camp was a huge part of my childhood,” Lisa has said, “Something I looked forward to, and a relief from the very demanding 11 years of all-girls school…” It’s clear that, after all these, years, Lisa has never forgotten what an impact camp played in her life.

Here’s how it works:
Lisa Loeb's camp album to help less fortunate kids to attend summer camp.
Released in 2008, Lisa’s awesome ‘Camp Lisa’ album—containing twenty-one songs, both camp classics as well as originals performed by Lisa, along with famous guest performers—is all part of the Camp Lisa Foundation. All the proceeds from ‘Camp Lisa’ benefit the foundation that she created, giving underprivileged kids the chance to go to summer camp.

Always pushing for greater awareness of the wonders camp works in youth development through having fun in natural settings, friends, activities, and becoming part of a community, the Camp Lisa Foundation is a fantastic achievement! Check out the album when you get a chance and, as always, thanks for reading.


- John


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