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What's Brian Tryin'?

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Hey, Camp Folks! 

We all get great enjoyment out of a hard day’s work here at Everything Summer Camp but, just like all you, we want to have our fun in the sun as well. I’ve been asking people all around the workplace to see what kind of summer camp activities people would be most interested in returning to or trying out for the first time! I recently stopped by the office of our Operations Manager, Brian, to see what his pick would be for favorite camp activity! 

Without the need to deliberate on the question, Brian responded with Archery. This was the camp activity he was most excited for when he was a child headed to summer camp. But back then, he almost didn’t get the chance. He had been denied for being too young. 

The disappointment crushed him! Archery became that much more tantalizing now that it had made the move to forbidden fruit. To make matters worse, the alternative activity the camp had lined up for him was wallet-making. “I really didn’t want to make a wallet,” he told me. 

He had to do something about his situation and he had to act fast. In a frenzy, young Brian threw up his arms and made just as much of a temper tantrum as he had to before the counselors reassessed their stance on his eligibility for Archery. 

“I had fun,” Brian told me. It sounds like he wasn’t too bad a shot either, but—truth be told—I’m just glad he didn’t wound anybody! 

Will you be participating in Archery this summer like Brian wants to? If it’s something your heart is set on, don’t let anyone deny you the way Brian didn’t. Happy shooting. And, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans! Till next time. 


- John


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