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Hey, Camp Folks! 

Staying hard at work with an assortment of responsibilities, Amy is our Graphic Artist—a role that keeps her very busy with creating graphics and managing them on our website, photography requests to show off our great products in clear detail, laying out emails as well as our brochure, and a laundry list more. But we’re not talking about work today! 

Today we’re going to find out what Amy would do if she got to go to summer camp right now as an adult. Amy couldn’t settle on any one camp activity so she gave me a laundry list of fun stuff. Check out the busy schedule she would make for herself: 

At the top of the list, Amy gave me Archery. “I’ve had archery experience though other camps/activities (girl scouts and high school gym class),” she told me. “I really enjoyed that.”  

A very close second was Softball. “I played in high school and bar leagues and miss it so much!” she said. “My dad spent many hours in the backyard teaching me all of the basic skills before joining the high school team.” 

Pottery was one that Amy’s always had interest in and wanted to try. She’s simply never had the chance before. It would definitely be on her list of camp fun. 

Fishing and Canoeing
“I’ve always loved to fish” Amy told me. “It’s always been a family activity – starting when I was about two years old! Every year our family vacation was spent fishing on a lake in Northern WI. We are hoping our kids enjoy it as well. We recently bought a canoe and I have found it very relaxing.” 

Knitting, Sewing, and Woodworking
“These are all skills my parents have and I’d like to learn more so I can pass those skills onto my own kids,” said Amy. “My mom taught me to sew but I really expanded my skills when I started at my first job in 2007 (at Nancy’s Notions). I’ve since taught my husband some basic sewing machine skills! I can do basic woodworking that I learned from my dad, but I have no knitting skills.” 

She’s off to learn and have a bunch of fun! Do you love any of the same camp activities as Amy? Will you be enjoying any of these essential summer camp experiences this coming summer! Comment below to let us know. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John


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