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Hey, Camp Folks! 

It’s been interesting, going around the office here at Everything Summer Camp and asking what camp activities people would be most excited about if they had the opportunity to go to summer camp now, as an adult. I’ve talked with a handful of people so far including Anita, our Shipping manager, about going camping and our Vice President, Mark, about going up a mountain. Today we’ll go over the activities that Ed, the president of our company, would be most interested in. 

Ed’s immediate first answer hearkened back to his own summer camp experiences around the age of 13 when he and his camp friends were introduced to Capture-the-Flag. “We took it to new levels of strategy and trickery,” he smiled. 

Mountain Biking
Ed enjoys seeing the sights on a bike. He said he recently got the chance to ride an electric bike which was a really cool experience. Electric bikes assist the rider’s pedal-power, coming in extra handy for strenuous mountain biking excursions! 

Ed’s always been naturally drawn to woodworking as you may gather from his position at a factory that manufactures trunks. Ed himself has built a number of very cool pieces from wood like his live-edge table from a rough slab of wood. He plans to build his kids farm tables from trees felled on his own land. Pretty cool! 

While he didn’t have as much to say about other activities as he did Woodworking, Mountain Biking, and Capture-the-Flag, Ed also expressed interested in other common summer camp activities such as Horseback Riding, Gardening, and Trapshooting. 

Do you love the same camp activities as Ed? His picks are very essential summer camp experiences—likely to be found wherever you’re headed for camp! As always, thanks for reading and happy camping! 


- John


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