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Best Camp Activities for Bob

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Hey, Camp Fans! 

Bob’s been in our Shipping Department since 2018. Always ready to attack the workday, he goes through each order he ships with a careful eye and efficient consistency. He comes from a laundry list of experience, so he comes in pretty handy out in our warehouse—one of few at our company brave enough to drive the forklift. But enough work talk! Today we’re talking about what camp activities Bob would sign himself up for if he were to go to camp right now. 

Without much hesitation, Bob gave me two activities that he would try his hand at nowadays if given then opportunity: Zip Line and Snorkeling. 

Bob’s never zip lined before and it sounds like a real thrill to him. He had the chance to do it back when he was 14 but he opted out. When the time came that he had his own son, he watched him do a zip line and really regretted not doing it when he had the chance. From that point on he’s always regretted not having done a zip line. I happened to write a recent Blog post about zip lining that you can check out by clicking here

Bob went snorkeling in the Bahamas when he was 52 years old. He said he was absolutely astonished at all the cool sights to see like the coral reef, giant sea shells with sea creatures living inside, starfish, and an endless list of other foreign creatures and landscape. Bob was blown away by the abundance. “All this stuff LIVES down here?!!” he said, imitating his initial reaction. 

These were the only two activities that he had anything to say about, but he threw out some other activities he would sign up for like Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, Cooking, Gardening, and—of course—Baseball. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the summer! What camp activities are you excited for this season? Let us know in the comments and, as always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks! Happy camping! 


- John


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