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Hey, Camp Adventurers! 

Much like Archery and Horseback Riding, Zip Lining is something of a classic summer camp staple activity. It’s one of those iconic camp activities that kids look back on as a truly thrilling moment that they achieved because they dared to! 

Ziplines have been used for centuries to move people and goods rather quickly over hilly terrain, mountains, woods, lakes, rivers, canyons, etc. This rather ancient and innovative invention is still used today, but typically associated less nowadays as goods transportation and more so as fun!    

Here are some interesting facts about Zip Lining: 

Biology to the Max
Believe it or not, Zip Lines were popularized in the field of Biology. Scientists doing research in the Costa Rican rainforest were literally able to zip around to different areas and observe the surrounding nature without disturbing the animals or plant life! Pretty cool, huh? 

We used to Zip Line to School
There are some children in China who Zip Line to school over the Nujiang River. Talk about a morning wake-up call! You’d arrive at school wide awake and alert after your morning zip. 

A Long Zip Trip
Zip Lines are extraordinary fun and usually completed in about 20 seconds or less. The longest Zip Line in the world is the 1.3-mile Eye of the Tiger in Peru. That’s nearly 6500 feet! It takes longer than a minute to reach then end site. 

Do you plan to travel by zip this summer at camp? It takes a bit of courage and possibly fear-conquering to hang tight and soar across the land! But it’s sure to be a memory that will last. Let us know in the comments about any Zip Line experience you’ve had or hope to have in the coming camp season. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks. And happy camping! 


- John


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