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Hey, Art Fans!

Art is our Handyman and Maintenance guy at Everything Summer Camp. His position is a little difficult to hang a name on as his jobs range from repairing and maintaining equipment around the factory to electrical work to mowing the grass on company property.

I’ve previously posted on the Blog about how Art has enjoyed providing Everything Summer Camp with his services for the last ten years. Today we’re talking about what Art enjoys outside of work—specifically what kind of camp activities he’d like to participate in nowadays.

Without much hesitation, Art gave me two activities that he still loves and tries to get out for with some regularity: Trapshooting and Hunting/Hunter Safety.

Talkin’ Trap
Art’s been shooting trap since he was a strapping 19-year-old. All these years, he’s been developing his skills involved in the sport: patience, watchfulness, readiness, focus, leading accuracy, and more. Click here to read a post I wrote a while back about Trapshooting. You can read another post about a couple of the best Trap Shooters in Trapshooting history when you click right here.

Happy Hunting
Art’s father was a hunter and he taught Art from a young age how to practice Hunter Safety. If you know Art, you know he’s a ‘safety first’ kind of guy, so you know his dad did a good job! Art’s a good teacher himself and has assuredly taught the basics of hunter safety to his son. Art’s hunted a little bit of everything…ducks and quail and other poultry are his go-to game choices. Check out yet another previously written Blog post that covers Hunter Safety—click right here.

Art is sure to continue having fun with these activities. Do you enjoy learning hunter safety, going trapshooting, and going hunting? Let us know in the comments. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Fans. And happy camping!


- John


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