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Kamik Stomp Rainboot

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Greetings, Camp Lovers!

Summer camp comes but once a year so it’s important to make the best of it, rain or shine—regardless. And making the best of camp, rain or shine, means being prepared for rain or shine. So when you’re preparing for the rain, check out this reliable rainboot from Kamik that can really puddle it up.

It’s the Kamik Stomp. This rainboot’s best friend is a puddle! It’s 100% waterproof and 100% recyclable and it’s by far the best rainboot we’kamik_stomp_rainboot_navyve ever offered.

Sturdy, comfortable, and made of synthetic rubber, this boot’s got a removable foot bed for quick and thorough drying. The Stomp is also lightweight and waterproof, which altogether makes for very simple drying and care.

Of course, good traction is crucial to a good rainboot. Well, the Kamik Stomp Rainboot is far from lacking in that department. Its rubber sole has the sturdiest traction that will give your kid the perfect grip in the rainiest, most slippery conditions.

On that note, despite the sole’s exceptional traction, it won’t mark up the floor; you have no need to walk barefoot back to your bunk or wherever your shoes are.

The Kamik Stomp is a pull-on style boot which can sometimes be a challenging first-time fit. But after that, the boot is broken in. Every time you put on a pair you simply pull the boot on and you’re ready to go—no strings or lacing necessary.

Made of a rubber upper, synthetic lining, and a rubber sole, the Kamik Stomp Rainboot is as practical as it is attractive and it’s a very attractive. With these boots on your feet, you’ll love the rain so much you’ll be singing in it!

Put the stomp back in your rainy days with the Kamik Stomp and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

High Sierra Evolution Wheeled Duffel

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Hey, Camp Shoppers!

Quick question for you: What’s the easiest way to get camp gear from Point A to Point B?

Answer: The HigEL_ 203_Front 006h Sierra Evolution 28” Drop Bottom Wheeled Duffel. Yes, it’s a mouthful—but its name is the only complicated thing about it. This wheeled duffel is just what the doctor ordered. It makes for extremely easy travel and very convenient storage.

Parents, let me tell you why the Evolution is a smart decision.

First of all, The High Sierra Evolution Wheeled Duffel Bag was built to last. This duffel bag is made from mini diamond ripstop and mini weave Duralite fabrics—in other words, this is one durable duffel.

The Evolution is also made with a high-density foam structure that preserves the bag’s shape over a long period of time. Along with the shape of the duffel, the foam structure helps keep the bag lightweight. However, lightweight as it may be, this bag can hold a bundle!

That’s another reason to go with the Evolution. It’s amazing how much can be packed away in this bag!

The Drop Bottom compartment is large enough for you to fit your shoes or boots inside! And the duffel’s other compartments work great for storing folded clothes and making sure they stay folded despite your travels.

Also, the zippered divider panel between the upper and lower compartments can be rolled up, to leave just one, big compartment.

Pretty impressive, huh? Well, it’s not bad to look at either. It’s sharp and brightly colored.

And last but not least—in fact, probably most important—is the bag’s practicality, the bag does more than just hold a lot and look nice—it travels like a treat too! If you’ve ever navigated an airport with a clunky wheeled duffel that you basically had to drag all the way to the plane, then you’re really going to love the smooth roll of this duffel. It keeps up.

Made of nylon and polyester, the Evolution 28” Wheeled Duffel is built well, roomy, attractive, and excellent at making traveling easier. This duffel is perfect for camp. As always, thanks for reading, Camp Folks!


- John

Woolrich Fawn Grove Throw

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Hi, Camp Shoppers!

Moving along through March I’m sure that for many of you, summer camp preparations are starting to dwell heavier and heavier on your mind. There’s so much you need to get before camp starts, so let posts like these help give you a better idea of what you’re getting with our new products.

As hot as the days get at summer camp, the other fooWoolrich_fawngrove_throw_RRBt always falls and with it, so does the temperature. Chilly nights and rainy days are inevitable; so, Parents, make sure your kids are prepared with the Fawn Grove Throw from Woolrich.

This blanket takes the chill out of a chilly night. It is as amazing as they come. You’ll have absolutely no problems staying warm when you cover up with this throw.

The great thing about the Fawn Grove Throw is its weight distribution. It’s the perfect balance between a bulky blanket and a light throw. You’re sure to fall asleep as you fall in love with this single-ply, warm, wool blanket.

Surprisingly lightweight and soft for 100% wool, there is so much to admire about the Fawn Grove Throw:

At 54” wide and 70” long, this blanket is certainly big enough to snuggle up in or use for two to share, covering their legs.

Whether it’s the stitching around the borders of the throw—a subtle and impressive touch—or simply the soft, plaid design, these beautiful blankets will likely hold you spellbound. That’s how you know the quality is real and definitely made in the Woolrich Woolen Mills.

The Fawn Grove Throw is available in a variety of diverse, dreamy colors so make sure you know in which one your camper will want to wrap up.

For a sneak peek of what you’re buying, I’d suggest using the zoom feature on our site. It’ll allow you to get real up close and personal with these throws. I think you’ll be happy to find that even extremely close up, the Fawn Grove Throw is the perfect summer camp blanket.

Dry clean for best care and, as always, thanks for reading!


- John

WOW! – New Botanical Explosion Trunk

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Hello again, Camp Enthusiasts!

We’re here once more to go over another one of our new products for the coming camp season this summer.

Last time we took a close look at one of the new C&N camp trunks—The Hex Trunk. Today’s blog post will cover the alternative new footlocker we’re offering this camp season geared more toward girls, the NEW Botanical Explosion botanical explosion trunk

The NEW Botanical Explosion Camp Trunk bears an elegant design imagined and created by our own graphic designer, Meghan.

This trunk makes a colorful splash that’s as wild and pure as a real flower garden in your grandmother’s backyard. It’s fun, whimsical, and celebratory. This flowery footlocker just may be right for you.

We take Meghan’s summery design and have it specially printed on each of the ten panels of the trunk. This camp trunk is the same size as the popular Happy Camper but with a much more flair.

Despite its fragile appearance, The Botanical Explosion Trunk owns up to the same rugged C&N construction we give all our trunks. And the inside is lined with odorless, water and tear-resistant DuraWrap Liner.

The other day when we covered the NEW Hex Trunk, we went into what C&N construction means. In case you missed it, here was the gist:

When Everything Summer Camp first got started in 1987, all we sold were our footlockers. We weren’t called Everything Summer Camp; we were C&N Footlockers, named after the owners Craig and Nancy. Because we make our own trunks here in our facility, we still brand each one with the C&N Footlockers emblem.

Our camp footlockers have continuously outdone our competitors’ in terms of both quality and fashion. That’s why we stand behind and on top of our footlockers—because they’re the best.

Get the NEW Botanical Explosion Trunk this summer for your trip to camp. And, as always, thanks for reading!


- John


NEW – Hex Trunk

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Hey, Camp Fans!

This is the first blog post in which we’ll be showcasing one of the new products we now carry. Blog posts such as this one will not only update you on the new products we’re carrying but will also make your summer camp shopping easier.

The new product we’ll be talking about today is the NEW Hex Trunk. How do you arrive at summer camp sporting the coolest style and newest gear? Bring this trunk.

The Hex Trunk bears a brilliant motif created by our own graphic designer, Meghan. Shades of purple and green decorate this footlocker in clusters and strands of hexagons. It’s methodical, logical, yet cool. We take Meghan’s design and camp-footlocker-hex-trunkhave it specially printed on all ten trunk panels.

It’s one sharp sight to see!

The same size as the popular Happy Camper, the NEW Hex Trunk is as spacious as it is solid! Built to last with C&N quality, it’s lined inside with water-resistant, odorless, and virtually tear-proof liner. The Hex Trunk is magical!

We remain modest people here at Everything Summer Camp. But credit is deserved where credit is due and our camp trunks are simply the best you can find.

Now for a brief history of our business to fully understand what C&N quality means:

Before Everything Summer Camp sold everything you might need at summer camp, it only sold its trademark camp trunks and the accessories directly applied to the trunks. The company wasn’t called Everything Summer Camp back then; it was called C&N Footlockers, named after the owners Craig and Nancy.

Now that we’ve become so much more than just footlockers, we’ve changed our name to something that’s more inclusive and more indicative of what we sell. But since we construct every trunk that we sell right here in our own facility, we still brand each trunk with the C&N Footlockers emblem.

For the last 26 years our footlocker trunks have continued to outdo the competition in terms of both quality of construction and in style. That’s what we mean when we say our footlockers are built to last with durable and dependable C&N quality. That’s why our footlockers are the best.

Set the trends and go with the cool, NEW Hex Trunk for camp this summer!


- John