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We’ve Got You Covered-with Sunscreen Protection

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Hey there, Blog Buddies!

On today’s blog post, I’ll be discussing the importance of using some sort of sunblock when you’re out having fun in the sun this summer at camp. Protection against damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun is always a good idea; I’ll also be talking about what sort of harm such dangerous UV radiation can end up doing to your skin.

First of all, the use of some sort of sunscreen or sunblock is always a good idea. Any kind of lotion, spray, gel, or other type of topical cream that’s made to absorb or reflect UV rays is only going to do you good. Watch what you’re buying, though. You don’t want to mistake a tanning lotion for sunscreen. Indoor tanning lotions, like tanning oils are made to speed up the tanning process by intensifying UV rays. It’s very unhealthy for your skin and leaves you more susceptible to sun damage.

Your skin, among many other living things, can get a sunburn. That’s right, your skin is a living thing—a tissue to be specific—and when it gets sunburned, it’s suffering a form of radiation burn. When you get sunburned, your skin tends to grow reddish and hot to the touch. You may also undergo cases of general fatigue and slight dizziness.

Excessive and unprotected exposure to UV radiation is most definitely life-threatening. It takes a pretty extreme case, but even so, UV rays are no joke! Overexposure to UV radiation is the number one, leading cause of skin tumors and skin cancer!

Luckily, atcolumbia tee Everything Summer Camp, you can find a plethora of trustworthy sunblock—not misleading sun tan lotion—actual sunblock that offers the protection you’ll need for your stay at summer camp. We carry all sorts of lotions, sprays—even wipes, to make for a very easy application. We also have technical tees from Columbia that offer great UV protection.

So go have your fun in the sun this summer—just make sure you’re protected from harmful sun rays. That’s all for today, bloggers!


- John
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