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Hey there, Camp Preppers!

Summer camp means spending your days running around outside, going for nature walks, hiking through rough trails, sitting around a campfire, and sleeping under the stars; all that time outside means that you’re going to need some protection from all the various, biting and clawing insects that make claim to the outdoors this time of year.

It’s not just the bugs that you want to protect yourself against in the summertime, it’s what they could be carrying that you really want to avoid. With just one bite from the wrong mosquito you could end up with West Nile Virus. Ticks are pretty difficult to avoid as well, which can carry Lyme Disease—a very unpleasant illness when it remains untreated.

For this summer’s buggy season, arrive at summer camp prepared with trusty bug repellent from Everything Summer Camp. We have you covered with Repel® 100% DEET, Repel® Insect Repellent Gear Smart Formula™ , Repel® Insect Repellent Family, Repel 100% DEET Insect Repellentand Cutters Backwoods. From ticks, mosquitos, chiggers, and gnats, to fleas, and any other bothersome bugs out there, this repellent should keep the bugs around you in check.

Unlike some other bug repellents, Everything Summer Camp’s Repel and Cutters products provide a powerful protection that doesn’t have to be reapplied every few hours. These bug repellents keep the bugs away for at least ten hours at a time.

So don’t allow yourself to become an easy victim of serious illnesses carried by random mosquitos, ticks, and other irritating insects. Get yourself a few bug repellents and stay safe during your summer camp experience. Don’t spend your summer inside, scratching at bites, and sick in bed! Get Repel or Cutters repellents from Everything Summer Camp and enjoy your summer to its fullest!


- John
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