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Hey, Camp Families!

Summer’s on its way! And as the season approaches, the question must soon be answered—what camp will you be attending? Take a look at the summer camps we’ve previously featured on the Everything Summer Camp Blog and enjoy reading about another one today! We’re shining our summer camp spotlight over to the easternmost state of the country: Maine.

Situated on 50 acres of Maine woodland, Med-O-Lark is immersed in natural surroundings of the peaceful Maine woods. Here, campers are treated to a setting that’s ripe for uplifting their mind and their spirit. Camp Med-O-Lark is located on a pleasant lakefront property where you’ll find a historic farm and a magical village that’s truly like nowhere you’ve ever been before.

Since 1946, campers have been enjoying summer fun at Med-O-Lark. They have Circus Activities like Juggling, Trapeze, and Tightrope. They have Fine Arts like Ceramics, Painting, Woodcarving, Stained Glass, and more. You can learn culinary skills and make a pizza or a cinnamon roll. They offer Performing Arts like Dance, Music, and Theater. You can participate in plenty of sports like Archery, Mountain Biking, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Fencing, Horseback Riding, and so much more! Lastly, waterfront activities are abundant in the crystal clear, three mile Med-O- Lark lake!

The beautiful wood cabins accommodate the campers as well as a couple cabin leaders. They offer comfortable bunk beds, separate-stall hot water showers, toilets, and sinks. They have closed faced dresser drawers to hold campers’ clothing and personal items. The cabins are hooked up with electricity and are maintained with great care each year.

With a gorgeous campus and great facilities that complement the natural beauty surrounding the camp, give Camp Med-O-Lark a closer look for yourself. Take a look at their website when you click right here and maybe you’ll find yourself there one day for your own summer camp stay. Till next time, Camp Fans. As always, thanks for reading and happy camping!


- John


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